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Fave Crafts Blog Hop-Finished on the 15th, May

May already?

Seems like I have been saying that every month when the 15th of the month rolls around.

Ready or not here it is!

Welcome all to the Fave Crafts Blog Hop, Finished on the 15th, May!

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I am excited to share this technique. I have been playing with it for a couple of years and love what I get out of it.

See that textured burgundy shiny stuff in the middle of this brooch?

It is aluminum foil. I used Pinata Ink to color it.

I have tons of tools and I like to find other uses for them besides just for clay.

You will need:

Clay machine

Makin’s Texture plates

Sheet wrap foam for packaging (it is very thin, not bubble wrap)

Aluminum foil

Golden Gel Medium heavy gel

Popsicle stick

Pinata Ink 6015 Sangria

3/4′ or 1/2″ flat soft brush

This background is the textured foil on a board. Covers like paper, nice!

I have used Lumiere Copper metallic paint on this textured foil to color it.

Here is what I use for the brooch. Once that foil “paper” is dry it can be cut with scissors.

And then it can be colored with Pinatas or Alcohol ink.

I use a piece of felt to apply the ink to the texture foil.

I blanked out the label because I have ancient bottles of the inks and that label has changed. It is good to know that as long as that cap is tight, they will last a very long time, years!

These are different textures that I have made. Some of the plates work better than others.

Here is the back of the foil, the dull part. You can use both sides of the foil and the dull one might be nice for some projects.

Another example.

Cut the foam to the width of your clay machine or a little smaller.

Place the foil over it.

Place the texture sheet on top.

How you place the foil in depends on how the texture turns out too.

Shiny side close to the foam will give me a great beehive print when I press the texture plate in to the dull side.

For this texture plate I ran it through the machine on the 3rd thickest setting. Each texture plate demands a different setting on the clay machine. You want to put it through tightly with out breaking or smashing the design in the texture plate.

This is a better shot so you can see the texture plate.

This is run through the clay machine.

I turned the foil over to the dull side and I gently brush on some of the gel medium. I am generous with the gel medium. Go slow and gently, you can take out the design if you are too aggressive. 

Let that dry over night.

I make several sheets and dry them over night.

Then when it is dry, you pile up some gel medium on one side of the sheet and gently use the Popsicle stick to squeegee it over the surface again, like spreading grout or cheese ;-D.

Do all of the sheets and let them dry over night.

Till dry.

You can attach this to boxes, paper mache, cardboard, raw polymer clay, frames, and shrines, and I bet a ton more things too, with a coat of gel medium on the surface of the object you are covering.

I really love this one, the texture and the color, I used Baja Blue Pinata.


Fave Crafts Blog Hop- March 15th, National Craft Month

Spring is here in Southern California, birds are singing, the sun is shining, the sky is a lovely blue and the breeze is breezy.A lovely month for crafts.

Welcome to my piece of the craft world, I hope you like your visit and will consider coming back here again.

Be sure and click on the favecrafts logo above to take you to see all of the other wonderful crafters that hang out with Fave or here

This month I started a series of how to articles based on the African trade beads that are made out of glass.


“Trade beads are usually associated with West Africa where they are usually found, but they were originally created in Venice, Bohemia, and Holland. The history of trade beads dates back to the end of the fifteenth century when Portuguese trading ships arrived on the coast of West Africa to exploit its many resources, including gold, slaves, ivory, and palm oil. In those days, beads were a major component of the currency exchanged for people and products. Over the four centuries that followed, millions of beads were traded to Africa, and by the nineteenth century, European bead makers were producing a wide variety of designs specifically for the African trade, such as millefiori, chevrons, striped melons, feather, and eye beads.” Full article at Beadopedia,

You can find the second installment here

I plan on having several more canes and posts to go with these so you might want to check back when you have a little time.

Thank you for coming by this month.

Your time is much appreciated here.


Fave Crafts Blog Hop- February 15th , already???

Finished on the 15th, Fave Crafts Blog hop happens on the 15th of every month. Like clock work.

Click to go to all the other Hoppers.

I was not prepared for it all to happen on the 15th of this month, I mean everything that is happening is happening on this day!! LOL.

Not quite, but it seems like it to me right now.

So I have really finished nothing this month.

SO……….. I decided to show you a quick acrylic paint wash easy background for a collage.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great time crafting.

Clean canvas- I used a stretch canvas

Lumiere gold-true gold #550

Ne-Opaque Brown-#592

flat soft 1/2″ brush

Cotton printable paper

Silk printable paper

Flowable extender- just ask Howard for it, we have it.

This was for a friend for Christmas. It is my friend Jodi’s hubby, he is something of a wild west fan and historian.

He tells great stories and studies profusely.

I had the chance to blow this every step of the way (finding the wrong information or pictures) and I am making this on the 23rd of December.

I look for trivia and anything I could find on Wyatt Earp and Nelson Story two of his favorites in old west history.

Now this was fun and I took a chance with the stuff I used it could have all big propaganda and lies, but I went with it and I loved reading about these guys the myth, legend, and the lies. I wasn’t there, it is all propaganda to me. I know how stories get twisted in families. Everybody does it.

I printed the pictures I was going to use on the cotton paper. It is sheet of paper with fabric attached to it so you can run it through your Ink Jet Printer (I am having so much fun with this stuff).

I printed the dates and words on a sheet of the silk paper. I used the silk for this because when I used the flowable extender the silk tends to fade away and the words are just left. This works with encaustic collage too!

I do these first to give the ink a chance to dry before I use it. Otherwise it gets on my hands and comes off in my brush too!

Flowable extender is a gel medium and if you want a thicker one you can use the Jacquard Silk screen flowable extender. The one for the Lumiere and the Ne-opaque is thinner and is nice for thinning the Ne-opaque and Lumiere and for using as a standalone product too. I like this as a thinner more than water, even though water does work also.

I took the canvas and thinned the Brown Ne-opaque with the flowable extender and slapped it haphazardly on to the canvas. That means quickly and with no deliberation, Just do it.

Roughly looks best and you can scrub it on in places and add it on like painting a coat of paint too.

I even painted the sides of the canvas too!

That way they can be hung right away while looking for the perfect frames.

Some one should really clean up my area. LOL!

While the brown was still wet and workable and added the Gold Lumiere. In patches according to taste. I did not want the whole thing goldy, but for it to have highlights of gold in different light.

I took these pictures about midnight. Sorry for the bad lighting. You kind of see the gold in there. It is really yummy though.

Can you see it yet?

How about now?

I messed around with the placement of the pictures before I started “gluing” them on with the flowable extender. 

Here is another look at it.

You can see he was a very good-looking man. I am getting a pretty good idea of what I want to go where now.

I had some scraps of the fabric paper left over so I thought I would use a fine point Tee-juice pen and see if I could draw on the paper fairly well and you can and I am probably going to pursue this one later on.

Just think Zentangle quilts, wall hangings, or fabric collage!!! I am thinking too I could draw my own stuff, heat set it, and then use it in the encaustic. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

It was so easy because of the paper backing and the tee-juice pen is juicy and keeps on flowing, I loved that. It was just like drawing on a piece of paper. Sorry, side tracked. Pretty, shiny thing.

First thing you want to do when starting to use the paper is get the backing off of the fabric.

I use my scissors for this and stick the end under the fabric and pull it back from the paper. Sorry for the black nails ;-D

I lift it up around it and then get a big piece of it and pull away! If your scissors are really sharp be careful of cutting yourself and the fabric. 

I paint the back and the front of the fabric with flowable extender and then paint the canvas where I want my fabric to go. I then lay the fabric picture on the canvas. I then brush more extender on and brush out any air bubbles underneath the fabric picture.

Add more pictures overlapping them, this same way.

I don’t have the finished piece pictures I will have to get you one next time I am up at Jodi’s. I did a good job on these and when I gave them to her husband I found out that I didn’t do too bad in my choice of pictures.

I added the dates of his birth and death and Wyatt’s name in a great font and also added some more scrolly painting and highlighting with the gold paint, I have to admit I really like them and may even do some more of these.

I can also see how some of the techniques I used here could carry over in to other aspects of my art play.

Thanks for visiting.

Have a great blog hop!

My friend Anne at El Milagro studios has just done a bang up series in Gel mediums and I think you would really enjoy them you can find them here.








For January’s Fave Crafts Blog Hop: video’s with complete tutorial for Cernit polymer clay hearts

For December’s Fave Crafts Blog Hop: there are some great links here if you are interested and a complete tutorial.


Fave Crafts 4th of July ebook

Every once in a while I write something for Fave Crafts It is a wonderful website and community of crafters, bloggers, talented people, and a helpful and busy editorial staff. I enjoy working and playing in this community and they are very nice to me!!

Always love that.

So this is a shout out to them and their new 4th of July ebook, click on the image of the book to take you to the pdf.

Explore a new collection of 4th of July crafts created by some of our favorite craft bloggers. You will find 21 different July 4th craft ideas from 21 different bloggers, including easy craft projects using recycled materials from around the house. Find crochet, knitting and simple sewing crafts, fourth of July centerpieces and much more in this patriotic eBook. Here is the link to the blog.

 Bloggers in the eBook:

1.4th of July Wooden Stick Flags by Terri O. of Super Simple Crafts

2.Felt Star Napkin Rings by Kathy Beymer of Merriment Design

3.Firecracker Centerpiece by Heather of Small Fry & Co.

4.Fourth of July Chalkboard Labels by Lindsay of Living with Lindsay

5.Grand Old Flag by Becca Rowberry of Naptime Journal

6.Independence Day Crochet Kitty by Armina Parnagian of Armina’s Animals

7.July 4th Candleholders by Heidi Borchers of Eco-Heidi

8.July 4th Clay Pot Bell by Vicki O’Dell of Creative Goddess

9.July 4th Party Poppers by Little Birdie Secrets

10.July 4th Utensil Bundles by Molly Kozera of Bit O’Shine

11.Paper Star Fourth of July Centerpieces by Rachel Theall of Happay Scraps

12.Patriotic Crochet Bow Tie by Emi Harrington of Hectanooga

13.Proud to be American Wall Art by Terri Sproul of Terri Sproul Blog

14.Star Spangled Banner by Chasity Gordon of Belle and Burger

15.4th of July Road Strip Quilt Design by Benita Skinner of Victoriana Quilt Designs

16.American Clay Hearts by Marie Segal of Art from my Heart

17.American Flag Loom Knit Hat: Version 2 by Michael Sellick of Mikeyssmail

18.Patriotic Cloth Napkins by June Scroggin of Junie Moon

19.Patriotic Star Pinwheel by Sheila of Cheeky Magpie

20.Picnic Helpers Tutorial by Rachel Griffith of P.S. I Quilt

21.Independence Day Scrapbook Layout by Einat Kessler of Scrappin’ It

There are live links to all the bloggers at the Fave crafts blog post above.

Thank you Favecrafts.

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