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My classes at Cabin Fever and a update

I am in Florida visiting my parents. Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I have been having so much fun and I left almost immediately after Cabin Fever Clay Festival, so it was very hard to get a blog in.

Here is what I started before I left.

I miss you all.

Love and huge hugs,


I must say that I am thrilled with my classes at Cabin Fever. I am tired, but thrilled.

Judging by what my students did, the classes went very well.

These are creative vibrant women and they learned so fast.

These are from the AM class.

The top row second from left is a heart that is antiqued but not finished with Lumiere.

The two hearts in the bottom row on the right side that are neutral are what the hearts look like not having the antiquing or the Lumiere.

The others have been painted and finished all the way.

They did well didn’t they?


Something new

It is hot hot hot here and humid, it is gross. How do you guys in the east handle this for day after day after day during the summer? I know, air conditioning, I don’t have it! Yuck.

I have been creating through the sopping wet heat. I do it with a fan pointed right on me! Every minute of the day ;-D and night.

I want to share a couple of new designs. Unzipped Hearts, but with new things in them.

First is Frankie





I am gearing up for Halloween, at least that makes me smile when I am hot.

Fall nights, crisp air, and trick or treating, YAY!



And the Unzipped Monkey, at my daughters suggestion. She loves monkeys.



A sock monkey, I love him. Isn’t he cute?

Thanks kid!


Have a great day, stay cool, and extend kindness to someone who is not.


I have new listings in my shops

Art from my Heart Shop

A new Sea life pendant,

The whole piece has been antiqued or washed with brown acrylic paint to give
a feel of antiquity to it.

The Crab, seahorse, barnacles, and star fish are washed with gold. The zipper
has been highlighted with silver acrylic.

There are two stars, one on each side of the top of the zipper holding it in

There are words stamped in the background on the heart.

And from the Hoarders Closet- 2 new cutter sets

7 small 3/4”, 5/8”, 1/2”, 7/16”, 3/8”, 5/16” and 3/16” teardrop cutters


5 round cutters
in 1 1/2”, 1 1/4”, 1”, 3/4”, and 1/2” sizes.

Thanks so much for looking. I appreciate you!

Have a great day!!


Boo is up too!


A new unzipped heart- the king and I

OK it is Friday, I am still away.

I do though have another favor to ask.

Be kind to someone you normally wouldn’t give the time of day today.

You will know who it is.

Bring yourself to full attention and be there for that person.

Present with all of your senses in their presence.

Take a moment to be there all the way.

Forget what is going on for you just for a bit, second, moment, minute, or ten minutes.

Your gift to them.

You are an important part of this world.
Thank you.

Now this is the King Unzipped heart.

He is wise and kind.

He rules with grace.

He is loving and caring.

Unzipped Heart- The King and I


A new unzipped heart- It is good to bee queen

Happy Thursday!

Today, for me, be good to yourself!

Take time for you.

Do not talk negative to yourself.

Take a bubble bath.

Hug yourself.

A new unzipped heart, the one is to remind you that you are a queen, to take care of yourself, and to love yourself.

Bee the queen that you are!

Unzipped Heart It is good to be queen!


A new unzipped heart design- Boo

It is Tuesday in my land, I hope yours is a wonderful one.

Tell yourself you are a perfect piece of the world, every time negative thoughts pop up in your head.

I am a perfect piece of the world now!

I am wonderful!

I am good!

I am love!

And now a new unzipped heart- BOO!

He is telling you that it is getting close to that time of the year again.

Time to find your costume, time to take off this one.

Time to have a party.

Time be something you have always wanted to be but were afraid of what someone would think.

Unzipped heart Boo!


A new unzipped heart, again-Squawk

Happy Monday all of you!

Make this the best week of your life. Do me a favor, look for the good in every situation that passes your way this week.

I thought since I am away I would show you some more new designs.











This is the version of the unzipped heart that you carry with you to remember your love for the Tropics or the jungle.



Unzipped heart- Squawk


14th giveaway- Unzipped heart with a bee

As I promised, this is the 14th give away.

Unzipped heart with a bee. The piece of lint that you see has been removed ;-}

What is in your heart?

Unzip it to find the busyness inside you.

This polymer clay heart is an intention pendant to remind you that Busyness is not all there is to life. 

The pendant has handmade bee and it is hidden slightly behind the silver zipper.

We could all use a little reminder now and then that busyness is not all there is to life.

There are two gold stars “screwed” to the sides of the larger ivory heart. It is washed or antiqued with brown acrylic paint to give the appearance of an older relic.

There is a large copper ring in the top of the heart from which hangs a 36” piece of brown satin cord. It will hang about 16-17 inches. The cord is easily removable if you wish to add your own chain or cord.

The heart is 2 3/4” high by 1 3/4”wide and 1/2” thick.

It will come signed and dated on the back. If you wish to pass it on as a gift, I can even add a small sentiment if you wish.

1. Reply to this post only. (This is the only thing you really have to do to get an entry.)

For extra entries:

2. If you blog about it and provide the link in a comment, I will give you another entry.

You have to let me know.

3. If you put one of the small pics in your side bar and tell your friends and leave it here in another comment, I will give you another entry. You have to let me know and comment.

If you go to my Etsy shop and tell me which piece you like best and why in another comment, I will give you another entry.

My shop addy is

That is 4 entries that are available. 

This is open to all, even international readers.

This giveaway will close on August 8th, 2010, Good luck my pretties.

I adore you and you are perfect!


Some days I feel like this…

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