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Wednesday Wonder- time out

I am still taking a time out. I have been taking it easy and doing a lot of resting, just hanging out, and taking care of Madi.

At the end of the day I am all out. I have a hard time thinking of anything to say that is uplifting or happy.

I am working on clay though and playing.

I listed a new unzipped heart in a color instead of the ivory looking ones I do.



I think I like it. Soft and romantic, eh? I might try some more of these.


I also did a light antiquing on the Seagull statue.

Let me know what you think of it. I am happy.


Brings that smirk on his face out.


I like the antiquing.




I do think he is just fine.

You can see it with out the antiquing here

Thanks for your help with this!

Have a great day.


20th Giveaway- the winner

Hi Everybody!

How ya all doing?

I am feeling better thank you so much for sending me your thoughts and healing energy, it worked.

I am so glad, still coughing a little and sleeping a lot to catch up.



Remember these? I finally finished the earrings and now just need to put on wires or clips.

Up to the winner though.

I wrote all of the names out on my favorite green post-it note pad.

There 37 entries at Blogger and one here on my WordPress site.

38 total.

I cut them all apart and folded them a bunch of times all the same way, in half, and then in half, and then in half, and then in half again.


Mixed them all up several times.



Waved my hand over them a couple of times and went for the pick.



You lucky duck Janine, send me your address and decide if you want clips or wires and these lovely goodies are yours.

You do though have to claim them before 3 days has passed which will be the 29th of July at 6pm PST.

If you don’t they will go to another lucky duck. ;-D

Have a great week everyone.

I will try to post again, having poopy problems with blogger right now. Hope it is over tomorrow.

I have another Black and White cane coming. Wooooooooooooooo Whooooooooooo.



Happy Sunday- Under the Sea

I have some new work for the summer, the “Under the Sea series”

Oh, I am having a blast with this one.

The piece above is an example of the style and design

This is another one. Dolphin Love! I am listing today.

And this one has found a home with a friend!

This one is already listed in my shop.

This is another version where I have used the metallic acrylic, Lumiere, to accent the designs.

I like this too but I think I like the ones above better. What do you think?

These pieces also have patterns on the backs of them.

Have a great week everyone and do not forget my 20th Giveaway here.

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