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I was featured in the Etsy Blog by Mary and Kate from Reverie Magazine

I was featured, well my goldfish in the Hoarders Closet were featured, along with other Etsy sellers and their products, in a blog by Mary and Kate from Reverie magazine.

Thank you, Mary and Kate, so much!!

You can read Reverie Magazine here:

Every thing for the bride, photographed with style, written with love, and all the latest for your Wedding Reverie.

And here is the blog post, where I and many lucky others, were featured on The Etsy Blog.

Handmade Weddings: Inspired by a City 

Reverie Magazine is a quarterly online wedding magazine created in London, England. Mary and Kate hope to spread their love of wedding design and ideas to brides on both sides of the pond. The next issue of Reverie Magazine will go live on April 12; you can also find daily wedding inspiration on the Reverie Blog.

I learned about my fish and weddings too, from Kate.

The tables would be decorated with wild flowers in mismatched glass bottles, and each guest’s place setting would have spiky air plants and napkins tied with gold fish charms (said by the ancient Greeks to enhance good luck in marriage and relationships).

Thank you again Mary and Kate! and thank you Etsy for having them blog!!


Wednesday updates

I am still not feeling up to snuff, but better. Madi and I lay around a lot. There is just something about having a cold during hot weather, it doesn’t feel right. It is supposed to be cold and rainy so you can drink chicken soup and get better. You know the whole bathrobe wrapped up to your neck, thermometer hanging out of the side of your mouth, droopy eyes, slippers and blankies all over you. 

Not this cold, not this time.

So no Wednesday Wonders again 😦

I wanted to remind you I have a piece I am giving away on the Mary’s Graces Blog

The giveaway is over on Friday 08/18/11, you might want to go check it out if your are interested.

Since I had to stay home this weekend and not go play at Jodi’s house, I brought out the paper and started to play.

I have always wanted to learn Coptic book binding, I did.

I did OK too.

My friend Meredith makes wonderful books, Coptic binding is one of her specialties. I have always admired them, it is a neat technique and she does a great job. 

You can see her book and paper art gallery here

She also teaches in the Seattle area and will teach a class for it if you get enough people together.

I will take a picture of my little book and load it up here later.

I went to google and did a search for Coptic bookbinding and up pops,

This one is for Coptic bookbinding with hard covers. There are other wonderful videos under the same search for doing different covers, images, and a plethora of info to keep you or me busy for days ;-D

I am going to do this again.

I have also listed tons(OK, lots) of stuff in both of my stores.

Also I don’t know if you know about this web page and group, but if you are an Etsy seller of handmade or vintage, this might be a wonderful source for you.

It is called Etsy Lush

They also have a team on Etsy, you can check it out here.

It is totally run by volunteers, donating what I am sure is massive hours of time, to promote sellers on Etsy

Thank you guys!!

They also started doing individual pages for the people who get their things listed.

Here is my page

It also helps me keep track of what I have submitted already ;-D

That kind of tool always helps me. It is also nice to be able to share it too.

Thank you guys, again.

I hope you have a great day.

Be well and it is almost Friday ;-D


Monday Updates on Tuesday!

I have been missing in action pretty much for the last week. I tried to post things that I thought interesting, but there was no person behind the post most of the time. Love that scheduling the posts thing.

I had two classes over the weekend.


Last week it was down to the wire and I forget how much time it takes to raise a child, I forget that I am older and do not have quite the unlimited fountain of youth at my back to stay up all hours of the night and keep going for days on end, while taking care of my grand-daughter, cooking food, doing dishes and laundry, I did skip the cleaning though ;-D, feeding the animals, meetings, emails, writing, editing, and planning, and all of the other things that is takes to make sure every one is happy in my classes and happy at home!

Well, I did do most everything I needed to do while going to bed at a decent hour, taking care of family, the blog, taking care of Madi, and everything else my life has become.

All of them are important to me so there was no ignoring them.

Being self-employed is wonderful and I only have to work half day, any twelve hours will do!

A couple of things were not completed or forgotten, but all in all I had a wonderful time at my classes with wonderful people.

The pictures that I have, show them either in deep concentration or laughing and that I figure is a pretty good sign.

I am thanking out loud Kelly and Howard for being an awesome support team and helping when I needed it most.

Thank you so much to all of the people who travelled to take my class. I really enjoyed myself and it is a pleasure to have gotten to know you all a little better.


To my Blog Buddies, Thank you for your comments while I was away and I missed you all.

I hope to get around to some of the blogs this week. Hope you all had a great Memorial day here in the U.S.

Have a great week this week. Blessings all over you all.


I am listing  the Rodrigo Borgia Switch plate now.



I am also putting up a new listing of some vintage chain in the Hoarders Closet, this is a small delicate chain that comes in gold and silver and is in 25 meter spools. I have never had this one up there before. This chain will work well with 24 gauge non-tarnish silver and non-tarnish gold artistic wire, the wire will fit in to the little loops too!




Lots of info- saturday catch up!

Well, I think the shock of me putting up a new picture broke blogger ;-D

Thank you so much for your sweet comments, I really appreciate them.

I lost all of the comments on the last post, I think, and most on the one before.

All of the comments I made are gone.

I also have arrows in my tags in the last post instead of commas. Weird.

Did any of you have the same thing happen?

It was strange not to have access to blogger also.

I felt disconnected from you all.

Well, since blogger was down I had to find something else to do ;-D

I am getting ready to teach a 2 day workshop at Quilter’s Paradise on Memorial weekend.

That is where our guild has its classes. A lovely space and a nice place to have our classes.

If you are interested, you can find out here left sidebar, click on classes.

I am working on the supply list right now.

After being sick for so many weeks my brain is moving slowly.

I also get distracted, LOL!! Like now.

Madi and I also colored on friday. She has a very hard time staying on the paper.

We have Giant post it notes and she can attach them all over the house.

I have colored-on walls, drawers, and cupboards, and I am trying to prevent that in the future.

I uploaded some more things in to the Hoarders Closet.

I put up some Sacred Heart molds from original sculpts. They are a set and they are mirrors of each other, and tiny, great for earrings and embellishments. They can also be used for food, chocolate, precious metal clay and of course, polymer clay.

My friend the Woodwife has used them on some of her pieces and the links are on the listing.

Tomorrow is Fave Crafts finished on the 15th Blog hop!

I have a great tutorial for tomorrow. Those of you that are mixed media artists, shrine makers, frame embellishers, and painters are going to love it. At least I think you will. I do.

Tomorrow is also the first day of a going out of business sale by a wonderful stamp on line store, Scroll Works. They have beautiful stamps and they are going to be starting with 40% off all their inventory. They have 50% off sale going right now that is pretty amazing already!

Always remember to click on their links

so you can see the stamps without the frames too!

From the Scroll Works site and you will not believe the price on this stamp.

Check it out

It is a progressive sale and the discount gets bigger and bigger till the 15th of July when the virtual doors close.

It saddens me to see another business bite the dust.

I did more, but I am rambling. so I shall go now.

So, until tomorrow my pretties, I am wishing a glorious weekend with all the magic life can bring you!


How are you all doing out there?

How are you all doing?

I myself have been travelling on the OWOH flight trying to visit all the blogs and meeting new people, artists and bloggers here.

Whether you have a blog or not it is a great list of blogs and people that are participating this year and you never know you may even want to try this out too, you still have till the 12th of February. This is the last year for this blog social for Lisa Swifka. This is also a big gift from Lisa with as much work that goes into this.

Thank you again Lisa for all the years you have done this. Thank you so much for this year.

I did make some little tiny scrapbooks that fit in the palm of your hand, with Jodi and my daughters, OMG, they are so cute and you can just whip them out. They are from Laura Denison’s page, Following the Paper Trail!

This one is mine. Spider web border oh yah!

This is my youngest made this one.


And this is Jodi’s, she always does a great job.

I have been also recuperating from going to CHA and taking it pretty easy last week I have some videos from there.

I have the Makin’s clay Interview Video loaded up on my YouTube channel now.

My YouTube channel.

Also I went to see Madi’s last soccer game over the weekend. It was so cute, I mean to tell you, so cute. These little guys are under two years old and playing soccer, well kind of. 

I took some videos, but I have to edit them. I hope to have that up soon.

I have been putting a lot of time in to taking pictures and loading up my new Etsy Store, the Hoarders Closet. I have added a link to the right side on this blog.

Handmademom made a steampunk brooch from one of my findings and let me use the picture on my listing, YAY!

Check this out

Thank you Handmademom for being so talented, you make the findings look great!!

I appreciate all that have bought and looked, Thank you so much!

I am going to ask you all again to pray for another dear blogger friend of mine. She is going to have surgery on the 25th of February and I need your help to keep her lifted up in the light.

Thank you!!
I know that there is big, big magic and love here in blogland and this lady is very dear to me!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and hug one of your family, a tree, a friend, your pet, anything to make you feel connected here.

You are loved!


Monday Updates- I have opened another Etsy store



I have opened another Etsy store.

I am not crazy enough. ;-D

Please come take a look. Click on the banner or the link.

Thank you so much for looking.

Happy Monday, blessings all over you all.

Start the week believing miracles can happen and then go out and look for them.

You are perfect.

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