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Monday updates 3

I hope your Easter holidays or whatever you celebrate spring with were filled with love and family and that it was eggciting and sunny.

We had a very eggciting day. Everything was just ducky until about 4 pm when the house felt like it was on the ocean and we were going to sail away.

After I get over the “WTF?” feeling that first comes with a major earthquake, I start to smile. I know it is sick but I love the energy pulse that I get from them. As long as I am here where I live, I feel pretty safe.

First thing that runs through my mind is please protect every one involved. Then I just sit back and feel it. When they are happening there is nothing you can do to stop them so I just might as well go with what is happening. Haven’t felt a quake like this since the Northridge Quake.

We have been shaking ever since too. We can feel some, but most of them we can not. Since yesterday we have had over 400 earthquakes. Here is a great place to check it out!  scroll down and click on the southern California area of the US map.

Happy Monday and may you all be on solid ground. ;-D


Mrs. B is having a giveaway-

“Today starts a new giveaway, and this one is from Starrlight Jewelry! The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate towards the item/s of their choice!”


Teddy also has her weekly treat giveaway at Jaz’s October Farms

Wow, I love these candle sticks.

Jan at Laughing Dog Arts is having her first giveaway ever and it is a good one too!!

Well done Jan!

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