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Cleaning Bottles for Bottles of Hope

My friend Sky works at a place where he can get bottles for my guild for Bottles of Hope.

We are so lucky, bottles are hard to come by now days without paying for them.

He saves us the safe ones.

He told me something I thought I would share.

He uses a bottle opener to take off the tops of the bottles.

Boy that was huge duh for me.

I have been using a pair of wire cutters.

I would end up with cut hands.

What ever is in the bottles all over my hands.

If you turn the opener over completely you can move it and the top of the bottle right to the trash.

It took forever.

Well, no longer, thanks to the brilliant Sky.

About 10 minutes.

He also said to clean them with ammonia instead of bleach.

I am going to fill this tub up with water, add a cup of ammonia and clean and soak off the labels.

I now no longer mind doing this at all.

So now I am much better and smarter because of a brilliant friend.

Thanks Sky.


Something else I got side tracked on

Halloween cupcakes!
I was making molds and had to try some of them out.

I got stuck here for a while, I made one for everyone on the Sandy Camp committee. I really appreciate all of these ladies.

No wonder I do not have enough time for everything.

I keep adding stuff to my list. ;-D

Do you do this?

Are you having a wonderful start to your fall or spring?

I am loving our weather.

The light is changing.

The sky is so beautiful.

What a planet!

We are so lucky to be here.

Go outside and wiggle your toes in the grass before it is gone and too cold to do it.

My favorite time of year.

May 2020

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