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My little Foofa!

Madi did Halloween as Foofa! She was so cute.

Foofa is a character from Yogabbagabba, one of her favorite shows on TV.

We sing all of the songs and even I, know most of them by heart.

My little Foofa patiently waiting to go!

We visited some scary places.

Met some scary people!

Loved this house.

I loved this fence.

Cool, Huh?

Another great place!

This house was the best and the people very nice!

Madi said “can I come in?” LOL!

My little Foofa was quite a trooper and walked the couple of miles by herself.

She got lots of goodies and was only scared once by a talking skull, as long as they do not talk she was fine with them, LOL!!


Happy Birthday my friend!

I am posting this late because I just finished it last night, the pictures are not that great, but I won’t have it shortly,  and I don’t want my friend to see it before she gets it.

I will see her soon and I will give it to her for her birthday.

I love this piece and I think I am going to make more.

Very fun, but I have a lot to work out yet.

This friend will not mind that it is rough.

She will have the first one.

We like the same things and I am so glad to have her in my life.

Happy Birthday Dear one! I hope you like it.

If not give it back!! ;-D


So Dark So Donna

My friend Donna from the So Dark So Donna does so many cute things, but they are slightly macabre.

In a good way to me. I got these two in the mail last week.

What sweet little girl!!

She doesn’t scare me a bit.

I love her.

She is going on my tree this year.

I also got this great necklace.

These may be considered dark or scary, but how can they be bad, when they bring such a smile to my heart.

I love the detail on this sweet little face and the smell of it too.

It has fur for hair.

I am known to walk in to leather stores too, just for the smell!

Now I don’t have to.

Donna, you may be so dark, but baby you got style and I love your style.

Visit Donna’s blog store



Day of the dead kind of day

I made some new day of the dead earrings and listed them in my store.

This holiday is one of my favorites.

I adore making bright flowers and I adore making skulls, it is so perfect.

I also met a glass artist named Amy.

She has some beautiful work and a shop at Etsy

Amy’s glass is so richly beautiful and so well crafted it makes my heart sing.

Even the holes are smooth and clean, I love that.

Please stop by and take a look at her work. 

Nice Glass!!


To antique or not to antique… part 2

You can click on this picture for a larger view.

Well, it seems that more people prefer the antiquing than not and I agree most of the time.

 This is last post

and here  

I am liking this one though, very much. I have the brightness that is so typical of wonderful Mexican art, but my little skulls pop right off the piece.


The 12th giveaway- you are sacred- update 2


Here are the 3 hearts I am giving away in the 12th giveaway.

Comment at the link above only.

Closes on the 5th of May, 2010 at 6 pm PDT, 3 winners will be picked.

Just a little reminder, I have a giveaway page with a tab underneath the banner that you can click on to find out what the current giveaway is.

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