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I am well, I have missed you, and I am coming back on the blog I think ;)

I just wanted to visit and say that I am going to be posting again! I have written a book, been taking care of myself, and tending to my life. My health was not the best (fat and run down) and I have been changing that. I want to be healthy.

Tired of being tired, I wanna grow old like my parents, they live a full life and they are my idols and still dancing and loving life at 76. My mother looks more like my sister now!

My grand-daughter is getting big, she is 4 and a wonderful child. I don’t see her as much as I used to, but will be starting to watch her time full again this week. Her mother is going after her dream and I am so proud of the changes my “little girl” has made in her life. Going back for her high school equivalency at 30, damn, I am so proud of my girls, such wonderful women, my gifts.

She is now going to continue her education for the next 11 months.

I am going to post things that are more general here, about me, my life, my family and what I do to create.

It has been a long time and I need to get familiar with the program again.

I have missed you!

Here is the first tip of the day.

I save the lids from canned frozen juice, (Oh hell, why lie? I save everything.)
I love their perfect circle-ness. I just knew there were things I could do with them. I love to recycle when ever I can, I think we should, and I have been saving these for a while. They are just hanging out and falling in front of me all of the time. LOL!

I am going to share this once in a while so you can expect that.

Do you save them?

Have you got a good application for them?

Have they never even crossed you mind?

Will they now??


Here is one.

I use them to mix small batches of epoxy


Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

May the spirit of Christmas bless you with love, abundance, joy, and peace in your heart!

Wishing you all the very happiest of Holidays with your family and friends.

May your New Year be better than 2011 ever was.

Relax. It is all good.


Santa Can Christmas 2011

Marie Segal


Another tin can box, “Taco” inspired by Ortega 4 ounce

I had to do it.

The Ortega can.

Everything you would need for a taco dinner.

Onions, tomatoes, and shells.

Olives, avocados, and red peppers.

Beans, Cheese, and green peepers.

Lid off.

The whole thing has a taco shell finish.

Taco feet, ;-D

This has got to be one of my all time favorites and it makes me hungry.



Tin can pumpkin box part 1- DIY

I thought you would like to see how I make the can boxes.

Never throw another can away again.


You will need:

4 ounce Ortega chili can (You can use any can size but the cutters I am using are for the 4 ounce size can) to find the right circle cutters, put a cutter inside the lid top to see which cutter will work and then use the nest size up for lid top.

Cernit Clay in


Light Green



Opaque white


Poppy red


Large block of Biscuit

1/2″ Oval Kemper cutter

3/16″ round Kemper cutter

1 1/8″ round cutter

2″ round cutter

2 1/2″ round cutter

2 3/4″ round cutter

Clay slicing blade

Knitting needle or bic stic pen

I mix all of my colors equally with the same amount of biscuit.

Condition to one color.

Cut off top of can with a side cutting can opener.

Put a thin layer of the Ultimate glue on the lid and the bottom of the inside of the can bottom and the top.

Roll out orange on the thickest setting.

Cut out 2 circles that fit in the top and the bottom of the can and the lid.

Place Orange clay circles in to the bottom and the top and start pressing gently in the center of the circles and working your way out to the edges to press out air bubbles. It will also push clay to the edges if you have a little bit smaller clay circle.

Now use the next cutter size up from the one you used to fill the top and the bottom and cut out one of those.

Place on top of the lid.

Press into the clay already in the lid and fold over the edge just slightly.

Roll out a strip of orange clay on the 3rd thickest setting and cut off the bottom for a straight edge.

Make sure it will wrap around the whole can. I forgot to measure it. ;-D

Place a layer of glue on to the surface of the can with your finger.

Cover the sides and the bottom edge.

Wrap around can and over leading edge to make a slight mark so you know where to cut the strip.

Press out air as you wrap around.

Cut just inside the line close to the can.

Match edges together and smooth with finger or tool.

Hold blade at an angle and trim around the top of the can.

See how blade is angled down and rotate the can and trim.

Even out the edge and press to the top of the can side.

Turn the can over and press the side clay to the bottom of the can clay.

I use a 1/8″ metal rod to make indents in the side of the can like the indents in the side of the pumpkin.

I make 3 close together for registrations marks.

Like so. Some of the lines do not have to go from the top to the bottom and can be just marks on the top side or the bottom side.

Using the rod again, place the lid on the can and mark from the side of the lid where a top mark on the can starts to…

The middle of the can.

You can see my three lines for registration already marked on the top of the lid.

All the top side marks continued on the top of the lid to the center of the lid.

Place you blade in to the side of the lid and gently pop off the can.

Take a 1″ ball of Opaque white and mix with a 1/2″ ball of caramel till one color.

Pinch off enough for a 1″ ball and roll till smooth.

Roll into a kind of bowling pin shape.

Flatten around the top edge on the smallest side of the “bowling pin”.

Put a Little dip in there.

Now flatten out the bottom.

Pull out little pinches of the bottom and roll between your fingers to lengthen.

I made five little fingers in the bottom all of varying lengths.

Place in the center of the lid and use the metal rod to mark up the sides of the stem.

I start in the dips between the little fingers and go up the side of the stem.

Stay tuned for part 2…


Tin can box

This is something I have been working on lately too.

It is made from a diced green chili can.


I like how it is hard to find the can.

It is also very busy, I like busy like this.

It has little feet on the bottom and they have angels in front of them.


You can see how big it is when I hold it in my hand.

Perfect for special treasures.


I am liking this very much. It was fun to make. It is using recycled materials.


You can see the can now!

Have a great Tuesday.

Create a new way today.


Wednesday Wonder- pallet palaces

I will show you my other pressie from OWOH tomorrow.

I want to show you something today that really blows my mind. There is a blog on-line that my friend Pörrö turned me on to about recycled art.

It is called, oddly enough, Recyclart ;-D or

There are all these pages and pages of art using recycled materials for art, functional and aesthetic purposes both. I spent an hour on there this afternoon and have been going back on and off since then.

Pretty impressive with my attention span, oh look pretty shiny thing! LOL!

Someone once told me that if I was from the animal kingdom I would be a magpie or a crow. And you know what? I can totally relate to that. It is truly amazing that I get as much done as I do.

Anyway… LOL! This place kept my attention for a long time and I think if you love art and you love recycling that you will love this website.

There are tons of DIY projects and lots of eye candy and reasons to recycle. Not only that, when I saw some of the things up there, it made me think, “man, that took a lot of bottle caps” or “geesh, that takes tons of bottles to do that” and the reality of all the waste we have on this planet slammed me right in the face.  

Now, I am a good girl, I recycle a lot. I save the strangest things, and I get ridiculed often by my children about the behavior of saving some things, not using paper plates, and bitching about doing dishes, wearing clothes until they are full of holes, sewing my socks up when they have holes, not dying my hair anymore, and on and on and on. I am also on a very tight budget and this helps a lot too.

I like to eat fast food once in a while, but because of budget constraints, I can not. I see now how much waste is involved with eating fast food. And they(fast food joints of America) have huge dumpsters out side of their establishments and they are full all of the time.

Those dumpsters do though provide food for the homeless around here, so I am glad for that!

Anyway… speaking of homeless, if I ever lose my house, I could live in this. see the rest of the pictures. Amazing cost 500$

Sit in these chairs PDF to make these is only 5$ and the link is above. Check it out!

Sit on this sofa, looks comfy right?

Have this for a coffee table see the rest of the pictures. God save the Queen!

I could have this for my office.

Madi could sleep in this. have to admit, this is very cute!


Maybe this could be my addition, this is better than my house, check out the picture at night.


Queen of heart coffee table, no way, I am switching with the other coffee table and putting the other one in the guest house! just love that I can roll this around! Go see the other ones.

Wait, maybe this house is much better. have to go see the other pictures. Take a coffee/tea with you! You can see the rest of the details there.

I think you are getting the pallet picture here. I could keep going, there are tons more of these pallet recycles, but the other recycle projects that are up there are worth taking a gander at.

Oh, I almost forgot, I would like to have you all over for a barbecue, heck invite the whole world! pictures from Recyclart website here

Thank you!

This is waste. It is beautiful.

Take a coffee/tea and some of your valuable and precious time and open your mind to changing the world. You and I can do it!

My many thanks to all of the people with the brilliant minds who came up with all of this beauty and for opening my mind.

All of the info and people involved can be found by following the links given.

My sincere and profound gratitude to Recyclart for taking the time to do this and Pörrö for taking the time to share this with me.

You are all lights in my life!


Wednesday Wonder-Gum Wrapper Chain to Arm Candy

OK, I used to make gum wrapper chains, fun, everyone did it when I was in school. I just made long chains though.

Not as long as this guy though. Gary Duschl

Damn Gary, that is a lot of gum!

photo from Gary’s website, click on his pic to go there.

My daughter has a frame that someone made her while he was in jail. I think it is most beautiful and quite inventive, considering it is all gum wrappers.

Gum wrapper art is not just Jail house fare any more though.

Oh wow, gum wrapper wear has become ultra chic and very cool. I love this Tootsie roll bag from Nahui Ollin. You have got to check this out. These bags are nice, very nice.

The detailing and finishing on them is wonderful and they are quirky, I like quirky.

Photo courtesy of Nahui Ollin

I mean seriously folks, this is a nice bag! And way to recycle kids.

Here is the  Junior Mint line, I wonder if it is minty fresh too?

Photo courtesy of Nahui Ollin

Here is a great tutorial and information from

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