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A new tutorial for you!

The Cernit company has been sending me tutorials to share with you!

Here is another one, with napkin transfers.

These are great tutorials, not a lot of words, just pictures and fun!

For your enjoyment!

Love ya,



I made this! Halloween Album, part 2

I hope you all had a great weekend and I wish you all an even better week ahead.

This is continued from part 1 here

And this is the rest of the album I made.

I forgot to show the inside front cover and 1st page.

The skull pulls out and can be written on and a picture added.

This is another page and I got to use one of the all over punches that Martha Stewart makes. They are very cool and work really, really well.

The card behind is red and the spider and web is the punched out black paper.

Ravens marching along the bottom of the page.

Another skeleton page. This is one of my favorite punches, Jodi and I call this iron gate, probably not the name but we like it.

This is a great page and the colors are standard Halloween. I love it. A photo will fit under the moon and bats on the right page.

This one is a favorite. I love the whole book. The vampire and the moon are printed on plastic. The tombstone is also.

Two paper is silver and gray are for photos and writing.

This is another favorite. The witch is one of the best pre made decorations I have seen for Halloween. The cloak is velvety.

How about that spider web and spider border? Another Martha! She rocks on these punches in my opinion.

And the final page is back to the raven theme again.

The book is full and it was so fun to do. I mean how much better can it get when you go hang out with a dear, dear friend and make something awesome that makes you smile too!!

Lucky me!

Have a good week.


I made this! Halloween Album




Here is the Halloween book I told you about, from when Jodi and I got together a few weeks ago. I took some of the skills I have learned from Jodi and combined them with the Coptic book binding I taught myself and some new ideas to make this Halloween scrap-book.

I love the holiday and I finally got to make something for it in the paper area.

Jodi would not let me put bats all over the houses we made at Christmas for my family. I know there is good reason behind this, she always has those.

I just have a hard time seeing that from my point of view. I mean, don’t you think that everything should have skellies, bats, and wicked cool fences and ghosts and pumpkins, candy corn and witches all over it, all of the time?

See, I knew there would be tons of you that agreed with me. After all, the colors for Halloween are just divine, right?

I can see Jodi in my mind, shaking her head right now and not in that up and down “yes” fashion either. ;-P


I used this monster colored green paper with crows(ravens) all over and spider webs too for the covers.

I used my thin chip board but double-sided taped 3 pieces together.

This is quarter sheet of paper book, 4 1/4″ by 5 1/2″. I then covered with that awesome green paper.


Like so.


Double sided tape to adhere.


Covers done on the outside. Chose very cool raven paper for the inside.


I used Distress ink to age the edges of the outside and the inside of the covers.

Gives it that spooky feel!



This is a full sheet 8 1/2″ by 11″ of card stock scored down the length in the middle.



And then scored down the middle of it the other way! Jodi learned and shared with me about the ball stylus on the score board. It works great, better than my bone folder. Howard carries these in the  of all sizes. We have double-sided, like this one shown, and single sided too.



It is folded and holes are poked in the middle fold. This is the page opened up here. This is one signature in the book. I did this to make pockets to hold things.


I used the Big Bite to punch the holes in  the covers for the eyelets.

I make a template to make the holes 1/4″ in from the edge on the cover where I am going to make the holes.

I lay the template on my score board and make the scores evenly spaced so I can see them.

I will have to make one later so you can see how I mark and place the holes.

Another tutorial!


Here the holes are punched in the cover.


Here you can see the eyelets and the binding. The pages are in.

Here is a different look at them.


I glued two pages together either on the side or on the top and made pockets to put things in. I made the page on the right a diagonal pocket.

And the one on the left a side pocket. I glued another piece of paper to the front on the left to make another pocket for the Happy Halloween tag.

The pocket on the left is a top loader and I glued the side together to do that. The pocket on the right is a top loader too and then I used another piece of paper to make another pocket on the front. With the tag in it.

I am going to stop here because Blogger is throwing a tizzy, too much going on for its poor little brain to handle. I write there and copy here.

I will continue this in the next post!

You can see though, I am having big fun! You can also see how a lot of techniques come together for even more fun for unique twist. I love when that happens.

Have a great weekend yall’


Finished on the 15th- the Fave Crafts Blog Hop

Welcome all you Fave Craft Blog hoppers. My name is Marie Segal and I am a craftaholic, no no I am a polymerholic, no, I am just a holic.

I love working with my hands and this is my brain is on crafts and arts. I can not help my self, I must play with Clay, beads, wire, paper, paint, pearl-ex, air dry clay, clay, clay, and clay, card stock, gel mediums (all of them), glass, recycled goods, found objects, cameras, computers, punches, stamps, gold leaf, foils, eyelets and brads, scissors, paper cutters, words, gardening, food, cakes, fondant, book making, scrap books, albums, canvas, score pads… I think you are probably starting to get the idea.

Nothing is off-limits and everything is fair game and fodder for my mind, my heart and hands.

I have been doing this craziness for 45+ years now as much as I can and as long as I can and with as many products as I can.

I do love clay though and it is probably the thing I do most often and the longest. You will find much of that and all of the above and even the stuff I forgot in this space, with little tales from my life, opinions, and pictures, with circles and arrows ;-D.

So get your self some refreshments, and stay for a spell while I incite a riot in your mind. After all I need some company in this journey. ;-P

We will laugh and cry, but mostly laugh. I mean it couldn’t hurt, right? It is just about the only thing I trust in this day and age and it does help me stay out of trouble… mostly.

This thing I do has brought me through so many trying times and it has also helped me find solutions in life and friends along the way. It keeps me sane when I am stressed (well.. it keeps me out of trouble, mostly).

I am on a life long process of building skills.

You can click on the blog hop button above and go back to Fave Crafts blog to see other artists and their things that they have finished this month.

Here are some of the things I have finished from the last 15 to this 15th.

Last 15th I did a tutorial on making Millefiori canes influenced by Atomic age designs.

Here is the last one

I finished this with all of those canes I made.

The tutorial for it is here

I made a book.

Here is another book

And here is the one above

I made this tiny book

You can find it here

I made this book with clay covers.

I made this skeleton key. It is in my Etsy store

I made this Coptic bound photo Album for a wedding.

You can see all of those items above here

And lastly but not leastly.

I made this Tin Can Box from a recycled 4 ounce Ortega green chili can

You can see it here

Thank you for stopping by and spending some of your precious time with me. I am so honored to have you here.

Come back again.

Be well!


My Coptic bound book

I told you guys I was making a book. I wanted to show you what I did.

This one is the first one I did. It has a nice cover. I learned a lot.

I used chipboard for the covers. I only have thin stuff, so I taped three sheets together to make it more like a real book.

This is some hand-made paper I’ve had forever.

I love the way the covers turned out.

I used some scrap paper I had for the inside cover.

I had this colored card stock that I rarely use so I made the inside papers out of it. There are some orange petals in the paper on the cover and I thought it would look better than it does ;-D

It looks OK with the back inside cover.

Another piece of scrap.

Here is the stitching that I used per the YouTube instructions.

I think that the heavy-duty thread I used is not heavy enough for this job.

Down by my thumb I pulled the thread too hard and ripped one of the pages (called stations by the man who was teaching it).

Now this one is my second attempt and I took my time and went through things thoroughly. I liked doing it enough the first to try again.

I really like learning old school things that may one day become a lost art. Plus I believe that building your body of knowledge or skills will only help you in the long-term.

It also given me a great appreciation of modern conveniences and technology.

This is the spine of the 2nd book. I used a much thicker cord, it is waxed linen I have had for an age, I knew it would come in handy one day.

Worked beautifully. I also used curved upholstery needle this time. What a difference a needle can make.

I used a creamy yellow card stock for the pages this time.

I used the great green sage paper with leaves and stems painted on them. This is the inside back and front cover.

My stitching looks so much better with this waxed linen and it stays in place when you pull it there. It also does not seem to bind, knot, or tangle as much as the other thread.

Pretty neat all the way across the spine.

The book opens nicely and will lay flat on the table too.

This is the back inside cover.

Book laying flat.

I used a great craft paper for the outside covers. I am so very happy with the way this came out, I am making another one ;-D


Wednesday updates

I am still not feeling up to snuff, but better. Madi and I lay around a lot. There is just something about having a cold during hot weather, it doesn’t feel right. It is supposed to be cold and rainy so you can drink chicken soup and get better. You know the whole bathrobe wrapped up to your neck, thermometer hanging out of the side of your mouth, droopy eyes, slippers and blankies all over you. 

Not this cold, not this time.

So no Wednesday Wonders again 😦

I wanted to remind you I have a piece I am giving away on the Mary’s Graces Blog

The giveaway is over on Friday 08/18/11, you might want to go check it out if your are interested.

Since I had to stay home this weekend and not go play at Jodi’s house, I brought out the paper and started to play.

I have always wanted to learn Coptic book binding, I did.

I did OK too.

My friend Meredith makes wonderful books, Coptic binding is one of her specialties. I have always admired them, it is a neat technique and she does a great job. 

You can see her book and paper art gallery here

She also teaches in the Seattle area and will teach a class for it if you get enough people together.

I will take a picture of my little book and load it up here later.

I went to google and did a search for Coptic bookbinding and up pops,

This one is for Coptic bookbinding with hard covers. There are other wonderful videos under the same search for doing different covers, images, and a plethora of info to keep you or me busy for days ;-D

I am going to do this again.

I have also listed tons(OK, lots) of stuff in both of my stores.

Also I don’t know if you know about this web page and group, but if you are an Etsy seller of handmade or vintage, this might be a wonderful source for you.

It is called Etsy Lush

They also have a team on Etsy, you can check it out here.

It is totally run by volunteers, donating what I am sure is massive hours of time, to promote sellers on Etsy

Thank you guys!!

They also started doing individual pages for the people who get their things listed.

Here is my page

It also helps me keep track of what I have submitted already ;-D

That kind of tool always helps me. It is also nice to be able to share it too.

Thank you guys, again.

I hope you have a great day.

Be well and it is almost Friday ;-D


More of the scrapbook!

Yesterday, I slept all day.

I told you about the cold I had before. Well, It came back with a vengeance.

Knocked me down and continued to flog me for a few days.

We have what we call in Southern California , Santa Ana weather conditions. These have not helped by drying me out, as I would imagine they would, they have made me feel awful.

It is so dry that I have had nose bleeds all day yesterday. This just sucks.

My head hurts so bad.

Anyway… whining over, here are the other pictures to the scrapbook! You can find the first part here

After this I am going back to sleep!

Another lovely paper, flap closed.

Flap open tags inside.

Tag out so you can see behind.

I though the paper with the alphabets was too big, but I think it looks good.

Flap closed and pages facing each other. This is how the pages will look when you open the book.

These pages have a slightly green cast to them.

Next 2 pages and these have a slightly blue tint to the pages. I do adore domino’s, so this paper is perfect for me!

You can also see how the tag fits in the top flap and in to the small flap on the right of the left page.

Hard to believe I wrote that with this cotton covered head.

The right page with the tag in the bag, but no tag in the flap or little pocket next to the rivets

 and along the bottom.

Another awesome paper, I love the music sheet.

No tags for this one yet!

Writing happens to be one of my favorites too and with this brown fabric looking paper I wish I would have put this is the front of the book. The part of the paper that has the darker pattern over the top of it is glossy, nice contrast to the matt paper.

Here is the last page, it is the same as the front page facing the cover or I should say it matches that one.

Here you can see it with the inside cover of the album.

Binding this one was not working for Jodi or I. We used rings and then cables and it was just not opening right.

I had bought some wire cable necklaces from a gem fair I went to and tried those on the book.

The book opens nicely and the pages fall flat when you open them.

I think they are going to work. This is the bottom of the front cover.

Tah Dah!


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