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Here is the first of the Mezzaluna series of earrings for sale

Thanks for looking everyone, have a great Monday. Be nice and share your smile with someone today.

This is the first listing from the new earrings in the Mezzaluna series, hopefully more today and tomorrow.




Wednesday Wonder- Wheat Weaving

I had no idea that when I went to research this weeks Wednesday Wonder that I would be opening a window in to a wild world of wheat weavers and associations. Weally, I mean Weally??? ;-D

Osburn Butterfly, © 1998 Marje Shook, Photo by Marje Shook


I found the picture above on the National Association of Wheat Weavers site, I did say National Association. This is a big deal, at least it appears to be. The are having



The 2012 NAWW Convention


Portland, Oregon

April 11th – 15th


Their website is here:

They have a gallery here:

It is kind of hard to believe this is wheat straw.




“Even for the earliest civilizations success of a harvest has always been critical to survival. In the ancient mythology of many cultures there are tales of harvest celebrations and by the 1500s in Great Britain there are accounts of sheaves being decorated to represent the spirit of the harvest. By the late 1800s the making of harvest tokens seems to have been quite widespread throughout Europe.” From the history page at the National site History


These are buttons. Photo by Karen Bell and Nan Rohan

Colorful punched shapes of marquetry are appliqued onto wood in pleasing designs and then lacquered for protection. I love these.



Dale Scoot owns a little company called “Wheatweaving company” and will teach classes, sells kits, and has free projects up there and links for buying wheat too.

The gallery is on the home page.


Here is a beginning project for weaving a heart called a Mordiford from Dale’s site:


“Wheat is the symbol of goodness, prosperity, and life itself, and wheat weaving is a fine craft that has been practiced throughout the world for centuries.” from Rocky Rothschiller’s site

Rocky Rothschiller is quite adept at Wheatweaving and also incorporates yucca, suede, and feathers.

Amazing and contemporary.

Rocky’s Corazon with Feathers 21″x 18″ from his site “Wheat Weavers”



Even Illinois has an Association of Wheat Weavers



Amazon even has a book on Wheatweaving and Strawcraft


There is so much more and I feel that this is a very good sampling to peruse of Wheat weaving.

I also found out that this is a very old traditional medium that has become a non-traditional medium.

I am thrilled that is being kept alive by the associations above that I have listed. It is beautiful, natural, and steeped with meaning.



Wednesday Wonder- Hair today

This is Kerry Howley, this is one of her human hair necklaces and it is amazing. Go see the others.

You can read a nice blog post about her here:

a wonderful place called OddityCentral, gotta know this place is going to be interesting.

A friend sent me this picture and that is what started this. This is a piece of work that blows my mind, really. I love it, it is beautiful, and it is amazing.

I guess I could say that this is a continuing edition of body part art that I did for Wednesday Wonder a while back. It elicited a strong response from my self and you too. You can read that stimulating ;-D piece of journalism here:

This from Dooplicity on Etsy

Human hair and other body parts, she also has some wonderful panels that you should really look at.

That is art, something that makes you think, respond, and react. Yes, even if it is a so-called bad reaction.

Most art is art to us because it makes us feel good. I prefer that kind, myself.

Some art though, makes you go, Damn… that is interesting. I like that kind too.

Even the Bone art Wednesday wonder here:

This is about hair, I skipped that one. LOL!!

There is even a Society, it is called the Victorian Hairwork Society

You have got to check this out, they even have embroidery done with human hair. Jenn’s blog is here

And we can not do a body part art with out our dear friend of belly button lint bears and fingernail sculpts, Betty Rae Case

So, I leave you again with another hair-raising thought to ponder. What is traditional art mediums and why do we have to use them?

We don’t.

The artists make the art, not the medium. They bring their hearts, their minds, and their hands and they all come together to form ART!

Now go make some. Use anything you want!


Do not forget that I have a giveaway going on now for what I make and call my art.

You can find that here:


Wednesday Wonder- I love duct tape

In the early 80’s we were driving to a how in Orange county and we saw a car
that had duct tape all over it. Everything on this car was duct taped together.
As we got closer there was a bumper sticker and it said “I love duct tape”. I
thought it was awesome. It was creatively done and even the bumper was taped

My youngest daughter, who has always been a trendsetter, duct taped her whole
back pack, it looked great.

It was amazing how many kids started doing stuff like that to their school

I loved it and her back pack was indestructible and almost waterproof, saved
me money too!

Now there are all colors and prints in duct tape. I so want to buy them all
every time I see them.

There are even How to books totally devoted to duct tape.

This my friend is a non-traditional art medium.

There are also all kinds art being made with duct tape

Duct Tape Art Winners: Melissa Walker (left) and
Mariah Walton earned first prize in Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s first
Duct Tape Art Contest with their beautiful replication of �The Scream� painting
— all from strands of colored duct

This is a contest from the Rose-Hulman
Institute of Technology

“Getting the creative juices flowing was a Duct Tape Art Contest in early
January, organized by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and
sponsored by the 3-M Corporation”

The Duct Tape
even have a Duct Tape Gallery (this is great!)

You can even submit your own duct tape creations.

From the Duct tape guys Gallery. Tim fashioned this
sportcoat for Red Green. He promptly said it was “the ugliest thing he had ever
seen” and auctioned it off at a public television fund raiser. It brought $1000.
(Heck, it was worth at least $2000!)
Also from the Duct Tape Guy’s Gallery. I adore this. Duct Tape Art from students at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.
Created for the
Duct Tape Ball silent auction

These guys have a wonderful page and there is even a duct tape Jesus and a
Wedding Dress.

You have to check out their store

And visit their refrigerator that
is the index page for all of this. There is trivia and info and free stuff. The
art is amazing!!

Here is a whole page of duct tape crafts at

You just have to go look at Mona Superhero and her duct tape creations, she
is the queen of the tape!!

From Mona’s website

Here is Mona’s Blog

Jeremy Tubbs is also a duct tape artist and he has a blog, he does some
wonderful photographic images

From Jeremy’s blog.

WOW!! Here is Jeremy’s Website another great place
to visit!!

Here is a story about a freshman on his was to being a duct tape artist
extraordinaire from the Winona Daily News.

His name is Ricky Becher

Go Ricky, go!!

Need a wallet? ;-D

Here is the Mother lode of Duct tape videos from “All stuff duct tape” on you

And finally… but in no way the end of the pages and pages of duct tape

Duct tape Fashion pages.


Wednesday Wonder- Sticks and Stones can break your bones but this art will only bring beauty

One of the ladies at the retreat collects stones and sticks from all over the
world. I am so inspired by her art.

She has little twigs that are beautiful and she is very selective.

Thank you Nina for your heart-felt and spoken inspiration.

I loved the concept and have always been attracted to unusual stones of any
kind. I collect them wherever I go. Even on this trip too.

In my search for sticks and stone art this morning up popped Andy Goldsworthy
who is making stone art on the island of  Alderney.

There is a great article from Kevin Rushby about Andy Goldsworthy and Antony
Gormley in the act of transforming the open spaces of the Alderney and Helm in
an art project to draw the Channels Islands together.


I love Andy’s giant earth balls.


This photo is credited to Chris George and from the same



What he has found is plenty of human and natural debris to bury within the
earth globes, “the stones” as he calls them. And these things will gradually be
revealed as the “stones” are eroded.



Quoted from Rushby’s article in the travel



This is a photo from the author Kevin Rushby from a piece by Antony

It is so funny, on the way home from the retreat I played trivia on the
plane and the island of Alderney was one of the answers. ;-O


Here are some wonderful sticks that have been made in to hair sticks.

Artists Stacey and Kimi create wonders of wood and antler in sticks for the
hair. They function as art and utility and are meant to be seen.




Carlos Moseley makes some art that rocks.

Carlos can focus on the artistic inspirations formed from the art studio….
surrounded by rocks, stones and pebbles that are waiting to be discovered. These
popular rock art creations are displayed in galleries and shown throughout Texas
and various other states. From Carlos’ website


Visit his art gallery here

He has Shadow boxes here



Here is a great article from Art
on the wall
about sticks and stones, twigs and leaves installations


Here are some great projects at  AHC-Artists helping Children,
OMG, I love this site!

I see stuff there I can play with too!!

Scroll down past the commercials.

How about a walnut instrument



Or how to build a twig bird house





If you have time, take a trip over to

David N. Stehly makes some gorgeous walking art sticks,


Here is a place where Stone Art rocks the world.


Kok Hooi’s painted rocks make a statement.


Remember doing this??

Maybe it is time to start again. ;-D


WOW, this

has been a good Wednesday Wonder day, sorry for the delay, but I am still
getting back in to the swing of things.

This one was fun, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I also learned that sticks and stones are a very traditional medium in human history, more so than paints and brushes.


Wednesday Wonder- I have bone to pick with my little stick

Oh my.. this just keeps getting better and better. I sit down to write and think *Wednesday wonder* and an image pops in to my head.

This time it was Popsicle sticks. My daughter, when she was younger made me some candle glass holders completely out of Popsicle sticks. I love these things, they are colorful, beautiful and simple in design.  Hard to clean if you live in a dusty place (which I do), but the look is marvelous and complicated. She made them out of colored craft sticks which are Popsicle sticks really.



Then I ran a search, and there before my eyes popped up all of these links to sticks- tooth picks, Popsicle sticks, matchsticks, and tongue depressors, I have hit the little wooden stick mother lode.


The first one to come up was,


David Hrobowski makes furniture out of popsicle sticks — thousands of them, glued together one by one to construct spiraling 3-foot-tall table legs, lampshades finished in the most improbable fringe, or as pictured here, a room divider with Japanese flair, its red-dyed sticks arranged like cherry blossoms. The 56-year-old antiques dealer calls them “riffsticks” — each stick like a short melodic note repeated over and over. – from the L.A times,0,4008394.photogallery

The man makes gorgeous, with a capital “G”, lamps, and tables, chairs and screens and a couple of mirrors too.

these two pictures come from the L.A. Times article

and the link to see more is above

David’s website is here and from there I found some more talent in the form of little  wooden sticks.


Brad Griffith- craftstick bending video, great info and some skill that might be very useful for crafts. Build your skills.


Stephen Guman- Aspiring World Record Breaker-  too much time on his hands. Popsicle stick addictions gone wild.


Steven J. Backman-The essence of patience- full of patience and tooth picks, the things people in western culture will do to skip meditation ;-D


Chang’s Art- I really love the eggs and the airplanes.


Jack Hall the matchstick man-  Jack’s claim to fame is the beautiful instraments that he crafted out of used match sticks. Gorgeous music.


Robert C. Haifley- 6 foot tall sculpture of toothpicks


Wayne Kusy- Ships of Picks


Franceska Mc Cullough- the sculptor of toothpicks



Wednesday Wonder- Not just any ordinary bean

This one is fun and I love Jelly Belly’s, so it is really perfect. I am trying to eliminate sugar from my diet so I thought I would write about them instead. Jelly Belly’s are not the first things that pop in my mind when I think about art, but I am staring to change my ways.

from the Jelly Belly site. A-maizing!

Click on the picture to go to the recipe at Jelly Belly’s site

Jodi and I have used Jelly Belly’s when we were playing with our food to make cupcakes from the Hello Cupcake book written by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. The book is full of cute, no darling, cupcake designs that are made using candies and one of those candies is Jelly Belly’s. Well, I bet you never thought that someone would use Jelly belly’s for the colorants of a painting… or maybe you would.

The Jelly Belly company itself is having a contest to decorate cupcakes with their product and they will even give money for the best one. It is possible to win 10000 beans, I mean dollars, for it.

Hurry the contest ends soon. Contest begins at 12:00:01 am PT on 11/15/10 and ends at 11:59:59 pm PT on 7/10/11

I know the more I do these Wednesday Wonders the more I find nothing surprises me anymore and all that I look forward to now is how creative people can get.

I know that when I see others doing things out of the usual, it opens my mind to being and going outside of the usual. Long live the imagination of man.

Artist: Kristen Cumings 4’x4′

Watch this! I think this is so cool! 170 hours of work Geesh!

I can bear-ly believe this is candy and a little kidney shaped sugar delight at that.

these are from the Jelly Belly site and I think they just might be my favorites.

Simple yet so perfect, even down to the metal cupcake papers.

Click on the picture to go to the recipe. 

 If you would like to see some more Belly art you can find it here

Malcom West made this.

Impressive, very impressive.

You can read about the conception of the art of the bean by Pete Rocha here

You can see more UK bean art here

OK, now Belly up to the bar and admit this is cool art, yes art.

Belly, Belly, nice art.

And from Australia  

May 2020

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