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Ana Belchi does it again! Another tutorial for you!

Nothing makes me happier than to share another artist’s work in Cernit, but to have that also be a dear friend, that, makes my day complete. ❤️

Life can be simply amazing… when we look for the little things…they become big things!

Meet Ana,

Ana’s Flickr page

Ana’s Facebook page

Ana’s Curriculum Vitae

And here is the tutorial link!


Ana and Marie


Here is the first of the Mezzaluna series of earrings for sale

Thanks for looking everyone, have a great Monday. Be nice and share your smile with someone today.

This is the first listing from the new earrings in the Mezzaluna series, hopefully more today and tomorrow.




New listing in my Etsy Shop again!

New listing in my shop. I love these starfish! I love making them. Trying different colors ways. As always thank you for looking! Have a wonderful weekend.❤️


Blog is still broken

My blog is still broken.

I appreciate all of you giving me your opinions on Chrome. Thank you.

I also figured out that it is a IE 9 and Blogger conflict.

On my daughters computer she hasn’t updated to IE 9 and it works fine on hers.

I do not care for Google following me where ever I go and mapping out my destinations.

What is your opinion on that?

But since I can only publish first time blogs without any trouble, I will do that and hope they get the problem fixed.

I think that I am supposed to be taking a break though. I have been resting since yesterday when my back went out again yesterday. ;-D

You think someone is trying to tell me something?

A look at one of my new hearts!

This is fun.

The last red balloon!

Up and Away!

It is in my Etsy store

Have a great weekend everyone.

And Happy August.


Something new

It is hot hot hot here and humid, it is gross. How do you guys in the east handle this for day after day after day during the summer? I know, air conditioning, I don’t have it! Yuck.

I have been creating through the sopping wet heat. I do it with a fan pointed right on me! Every minute of the day ;-D and night.

I want to share a couple of new designs. Unzipped Hearts, but with new things in them.

First is Frankie





I am gearing up for Halloween, at least that makes me smile when I am hot.

Fall nights, crisp air, and trick or treating, YAY!



And the Unzipped Monkey, at my daughters suggestion. She loves monkeys.



A sock monkey, I love him. Isn’t he cute?

Thanks kid!


Have a great day, stay cool, and extend kindness to someone who is not.


A new unzipped heart- the king and I

OK it is Friday, I am still away.

I do though have another favor to ask.

Be kind to someone you normally wouldn’t give the time of day today.

You will know who it is.

Bring yourself to full attention and be there for that person.

Present with all of your senses in their presence.

Take a moment to be there all the way.

Forget what is going on for you just for a bit, second, moment, minute, or ten minutes.

Your gift to them.

You are an important part of this world.
Thank you.

Now this is the King Unzipped heart.

He is wise and kind.

He rules with grace.

He is loving and caring.

Unzipped Heart- The King and I


A new unzipped heart- It is good to bee queen

Happy Thursday!

Today, for me, be good to yourself!

Take time for you.

Do not talk negative to yourself.

Take a bubble bath.

Hug yourself.

A new unzipped heart, the one is to remind you that you are a queen, to take care of yourself, and to love yourself.

Bee the queen that you are!

Unzipped Heart It is good to be queen!

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