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Mrs. B is giving away one of my cup cake pendants



Mrs B is giving away one of my bat cup cake pendant necklaces on her blog here.

It closes on October 25th at 12 noon EST.

Comment on Mrs.B’s blog, not here, for a chance.

She has several ways to win.

Good Luck!!

Happy Halloween from both of us!!!



Monday Updates- Happy Monday

Happy Monday to you all.

Welcome to all my new followers. Blessings all over you all.

I am honored to have you here.

Congratulations to the Rune set winner Silver Moon!

Thank you Mrs. B for a fabulous 31 days of Halloween so far!

If any of you haven’t been there yet, her link is on the right of my blog.

I have to take Madi to the Doctors today, well baby stuff. So no post!

I will be back soon though.

Have a wonderful Monday all of you, enjoy the fall… or the spring if you are on the south side of the equator.

It has been chilly and drizzly here. So nice though and wet.

Probably be 90 in December. LOL!

Tomorrow I pick the winner for the bat necklace. If you haven’t entered yet, enter here.

Comment on that post! 

I got featured in a couple new Treasuries if you would like to check it out.

Check out all the ghostly goodies and my newest snapshot bead.


Some Slightly spooky goodies

And this orange and black beauty

And another Treasury of the sacred

TTFN my pretties,



Mrs B is having a giveaway and one of them is me!

Today Mrs. B is having a giveaway with me (Art from my Heart), Brat Boutique, and Dancing Goddess Dolls for the 31 days of Halloween.

Mrs. B and I are giving away a Rambling Rune Set.

It is a travelling divination set.

Click on the picture to take you there.

It is only for today, Saturday the 16th 2010, for this rune set anyway. There are giveaways and guests everyday till the 31st of Halloween.

It also closes around 9 pm edt.

Get over there, Mrs.B has the best giveaways and it is perfect to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Do not comment here for the Rune set.

On the 14th of October I was the guest Blogger at Mrs B’s Blog for the 31 days of Halloween. I had a bat tutorial up there. You can find it here.

I thought I would join in on the fun and have a giveaway here… for the Bat… or one of them anyway.

This one →                

But if you do not win, you can always make your own.

Leave a comment (known on my blog as a word of wisdom, click on that to reply).

I also have the comment moderation on and I will be gone tomorrow, so you will not see the reply right away.

I will close this giveaway on the 19th at 6pm PDT.

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