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Holiday update and aftermath

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in the US.

This time of year is starting to be a very interesting time and I feel that with a pair of fresh eyes (Madi, 2 years old), I am starting to see things in a new way again.

She sees things in such a lovely way, everything is brighter, everything is new, and we “ring around the rosy” everyday.

Last night we went and looked at a wondrous sight. Christmas on Knob Hill. Wow, it is so much better to look at something like this with the eyes of a two-year old.

Thank you dear Madi for bringing a fresh outlook to my life, you rock, baby!!

Sorry not to be around lately, I have been feeling a little out of sorts the last couple of days and now I have a bad kink in my neck.

I have listed some new things in the Hoarders Closet.

Diamond shaped clip back earrings.

There are 14 pieces, 7 pairs, you can see them here

Necklace Chains with the clasp, split ring, jump rings, and extension chain.

Everything you need, except your art, to make a necklace.You can see them here

Oval Pendant Drops or earring drops

Great pieces for adding polymer clay or for working with resin,you can see them here

As always, thank you so much for looking.

On Sunday I am going to be, with my friend Tina, at small craft fair in the area.

It is at Poway High School.

Come on by and say HI!


Wednesday Wonder- next time

It is official- teething sucks.

Madi is now sick with a cold from lowered resistance from teething. At least that is what her doctor says.

She also bit her tongue really bad. 

It is even suckier that I can not really do anything for her.

I get it. This is why they say two-year olds are so rotten.


She says she wants something to drink and I bring it to her and she tells me no! No she screams at me.

I have no time to leisurely browse the Internet to look for non traditional medium for Wednesday wonders.

I did make this last week though and it is now listed in my shop.


I love these hearts of stone. This is probably one of my most favorites and it is now listed in my Etsy store.

If you go look, thank you so much!!











I also made these. This is Frida and her friend. They are focal beads.

They are larger.















I love them.

They are also listed in my store.

I may have to make more of these, depends on the response though.


I still find time to make things and work, even if I have to stay up till midnight.

I take naps when Madi does. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

I am so lucky to be able to be with my grand-daughter and I am so lucky to be able to feed my creative soul.


But this week and last… I am wondering if work might be a better choice. ;-D

The weekend is almost here. I may have to leave town.

Have a great hump day you all.


How ya all doing? Are you having a good week so far?

I worked all weekend so I missed Monday’s post. When I woke up at the key board at midnight, I figured I should go to bed. I am so sorry, sometimes you just have to give in or give up. I tried, I gave up.

It is raining here again, a really wet year for us. It is supposed to rain tomorrow too. I like it. It makes the weeds grow faster though.

The birds are singing in the morning early, it is so good to wake up to the chirpy little voices.

I think spring is sneaking in.

The white egret that has been coming to our place for at least 15 years has come back, he (or she) spends a lot of time here. He used to have a mate until the coyotes got her, so now he comes alone. A couple of times in different years he has brought another couple here, I haven’t seen them yet!

I was looking for a picture of him but I can not find it.

I found this picture though.

You could call this pond scum, but look how beautiful this is!

Click on the picture for a bigger version too.

Look at that color, I love that green!

Madi and I just hung out and stayed warm, watched some cartoons, took a nap and nourished our souls today. I feel guilty, like I should do something, edgy almost, have you been feeling this way too?

Madi likes days like this, she uses gramma for a sofa and sits on me, lies on me, lays against me, puts her feet on me, and her head.

You’ve heard of people being close talkers, Madi is a close sitter. It is cute though.

I hope you all have a magical week, one that is filled with wonderful surprises and good health.

I just wanted to let you know that my friend is doing very well in the hospital. She should be coming home soon. I am thrilled.

Have a Fat Tuesday!!


Madi plays! Happy St. Valentine’s day!

I know I am her grandmother. I know I am so prejudice. I know.

But Geesh, this girl is cute!

Happy Monday to all of you. May your week be full of wonderful surprises and blessings.

May all of your hearts be filled with Valentine’s like this.

Happy Birthday, Howard. I love you very much.



Halloween- Madi’s second

It was Halloween night.

One little girl was getting ready to go door to door.

 Madi got dressed reluctantly.

She doesn’t like anything on her head.

It only lasts a second.

I do not want it.

Well, maybe!

No Hat!! hahahahaha.

I got it off!

Cute Eyes!

I think I’ll eat it!

I’ll do it myself.

I’m happy.

We went trick or treating with Mario and Luigi.

And Princess Peach.


My angels inside and my words of wisdom- update on the 15th giveaway

I am going to need one more day to get all of the entries figured out and counted. It is hard to get things done fast when Madi is getting all 4 canines at once. Plus, I want to re-read everything again.

I will post the winner to the 15th giveaway tomorrow 09/10/10

I have also decided to add two more angel pieces to the giveaway, one will be a Heart of Stone and the other will be an Unzipped Heart in the Ivory or bone color (on the left). Update on that later.

So there will be 3 winners in all.

Thank you all so much for the great response to this giveaway! A very warm and loving welcome to my new followers.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your words of wisdom. I am so glad you all kept it up.

It is really amazing we only had a couple repeats and so many different ones. I have so many new words of wisdom to add to my list. Thank you!

And also, thank you so much for honoring us all with your stories and your angels inside.

To all of you that are suffering “and this too shall pass.”

To all of you that have lost someone special “They will always be in your heart and that makes them closer than ever.”

And your baby does know your mom! They met before you met your baby.

To all of you blessed by angels, both human and otherwise, Lucky you!! Help others see them.

To Stacie at, thank you for noticing.

Check out this site, there is so much Craft goodness there just waiting to be discovered by you.

Now for the angels in my heart!

1. My family and friends,

2. All of you, for reading and following, and sharing your unique selves with me

3. My creative life

But two special others that are angels in my heart, one is Renee Kahn who passed away from breast cancer this year. Oh, how I miss this angel.

And my dear, sweet, beautiful grand-daughter Madi, who has light in her eyes and heart as well as her smile, what a gift. What I didn’t get with my kids, I am getting to review again with Madi.

And now for the words of wisdom my angel Renee asked me to post on my blog a year ago. This is for you Renee. Sorry I took so long.

Surviving the Times

We are not alone, and love is all there is. Everything else is illusion and not supported by the universe, the higher mind, the all that is, or god (Whatever fits your protocol). We signed up for this, we are exactly right where we are supposed to be, and everything is unfolding in its right time. We may have just forgotten we signed up for this beautiful and juicy time.

I feel this so much and yet I have had the hardest time right now remembering that this is true. Under all of the emotion and panic, when I quiet my mind, I find an underlying sense of calm and peace and knowing that IT IS ALL GOOD!!!

We are finding out how resourceful and resilient we truly are.

We are all in this together, reach out and love!

I try not to project too much into the future and just take one moment as it comes, little baby steps.

Choose the positive side and view it. Choose joy!

You can not go back, now is not the way that it was.

Live to Love, Love to Create, and Create to Connect.

Onward and upward,


Talk to you all tomorrow.

Blessings all over all ya all.


Update and apology!

I am so sorry to leave you all hanging.

I was in a creative blizzard. I could not stop making things. I adore that!


This is a new heart. I am deep in to this series, I call them “hearts of stone”.

I am also in to making quite a few sacred hearts right now.

I did a new steampunk unzipped heart with an angel, I absolutely love this one.

There is more too.

We were training a new employee


She is quite friendly.


And so willing to be helpful.

Training this new employee is taking up most of my time and she is very busy and wants to know everything.

The only problem is no one understands her on the phone!

I love this picture of Madi, she would rarely play with this adding machine until we plugged it in. Now she loves it.

I made a couple of trades with people and have been working on those. I can’t show you pictures because they haven’t gotten them yet.

One is another version of… HEARTS, go figure.

I don’t need to get smacked with a 2 by 4 to know I deep in to this heart thing.

I have also gotten addicted to Etsy Treasuries, I love making them. I love looking at them and I love talking to people afterwards. Who would have thunk it?

Here they are to look at.

I really want to do this all day but I finally had to put the computer down.

There is so much talent out there and some really interesting things, it just amazes me.

I am trying to do an hour each day for clutter clearing and getting rid of things, reorganizing the house, cleaning and making things easier around home. I usually start with an hour and then find I am doing way more than that.

I have a very hard time with deciding which to let go of.

Like how many cheese graters do I really need, could I use them for an art thing, I will think of something to do with this tomorrow and then I do, my recycling heart says don’t you dare get rid of that. LOL!! you see my dilemma don’t you? And is it really clutter clearing if you move it from your house to your studio?

Life is just expanding and I have a hard time managing everything.

I am cutting back trees and bushes, trying to get rid of the extra there too. I haven’t done much gardening this year and it feels good to get outside.

We have been so very lucky here to have wonderful and mild weather and I am just loving it. I am so grateful and I hope it continues.

I have my own personal summer wherever I go, so any extra is just to much.

It is actually cool and nice. We might be the only place that is though from what I hear!

Stay cool all of you!

We do though have a mockingbird that thinks it is still night in the morning with the june and july gloom. He never shuts up. He must be exhausted.

My life has been busy, but my blog friends are never far from my mind.

I do get to stop by once in a while and sometimes even leave a brief comment, but when I look at the calender I realize I haven’t commented in a long time. I do read the blogs a lot when I have the time in the morning when Madi is down for a little nap (very little). I also have to cram so many other things in that time too.

What I want to know is “how did I do this before?”

I have finally figured out why you should not have children at this time of your life.

I was beating my self up for not reading all of the blogs and visiting, but I was also finding that I needed to sleep. Not just my usual 6 hours, but sometimes 8 or 9. I am just plain tired when I finally go to sleep and boy do I sleep well. So the sleepless nights from menopause are somewhat eliminated with watching this child.

I apologise for my absence, and thank you for sticking with me in my vacancy, I will be back!

I want to welcome all of my new followers, thank you!

Love and hugs to you all my pretties!!


Happy Mother’s Day

I have a different view than most about Mother’s day. I believe that all women are mothers. We  mother others, our pets, our husbands, our wives, our neighbors, our parents, our boyfriends, our girlfriends, our children, our grandchildren, our ideas, our dreams, our coworkers, our friends, our art and our lives. We give birth on a daily basis and it is not always human children.

Happy Mother’s day to all of you!

Give birth to love, caring, and joy, we need some in this world.

Madi wants to say Happy Mother’s day to you all too, especially to her mother. 

She is trying very hard to get into this tiny box.

This is for you Anne, you said you would like to see a different light switch plate and in my spare time I whipped one out for you.

I antiqued it with the black Ne-opaque, but it got darker than I wanted it to.

So I made another so you could see the before the black antiquing.


I like them both.

I am going to antique the little skulls only on this one.

Almost hard to believe I used the same colors on both of them.

Have a wonderful weekend all.


11th giveaway- speaking of Buddha- the winner

I wrote every ones name on a very small piece of paper. There were 32 of you, with no duplicates.

I folded all the names in half and then in half again and placed them in to one of Madi’s little food containers. These things are very nice for holding beads too(recycling tip of the day). They also stack very nicely.

Must save everything… I might use it in the next 20 years. LOL


I then recruited my trusty sidekick to help me.

Look! She is doing what I asked and only picked one. OK, take note please, this is probably the last time I will ever see this. I have the camera ready because I am telling her not to put it in her mouth and I think she is going to that too.

See how she minds, my beautiful little grand child.

Luckily, I wrestled it from her quick enough that the paper did not turn in to a slobbery mess.

Awwwwwwww, no wonder, Sweet sweet Bella , nom nom nom!

Buddha is coming to live with you Bella. Please get me your address.

You have 5 days to get back to me or Madi will eat, I mean pick, another person.

“What we think, we become”

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. ”

“He is able who thinks he is able.”

“An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”





Gautama Buddha is said to be born around 563 BCE and had died around

483 BCE., most modern scholars agree on these dates.

In Buddhist tradition Gautama Buddha’s birth name was Siddhartha Gautama, this was changed after he went on a quest for the truth behind life and death. After reaching enlightenment while sitting beneath a tree, Siddhartha Gautama was able to claim the name of Buddha. Gautama Buddha is the historical founder of Buddhism.

All information taken from the Ascension Gateway website

And from the Brainy Quote web site

Both of these websites have wonderful information and quotes of all kinds.


Monday- weekend update

I have been trying to post everyday this month(harder than I thought) and I got a post up yesterday, but not until late in the day, it is good though and about my sister friend Ces’ gift to Madi for her first birthday, please go see, some visual eye candy there .

I slept till 8 am on Sunday, that is like noon now days. Went to see a friend, Lindly about 12:30pm, she was teaching a class here, at Quilter’s Paradise the owners let our guild SDPCG, the San Diego Polymer clay guild  reserve the classroom for visiting teachers when they come. A wonderful classroom and very nice people are there and if you love to quilt or work with fabric and you live around here, this is the place to go!!  A gorgeous, clean, and huge store.

It was great to see Lindly, she looks good, age doesn’t seem to be affecting her as bad as moi. We have known each other for a very long time. She lives on the other side of the US though, and I am glad I got to see her again, it has been too long.

Also so good to see all of my guild buddies again too! We have a great guild and awesome people here in San Diego, we are very lucky!

On Saturday, I went to play with a friend. I very rarely get away to play and I needed to. Tina is fun, she has a wicked sense of humor and is a very sweet person. She took me to a place called Summers Past Farms  oh, what a fun day we had, I got a little sun, walked a craft show there (we had no idea it was going to be there, pleasant surprise)  with Tina and her darling daughter N, some people were playing live music and it was good. Bought a lemon geranium with Tina, her dad is going to make some cuttings for me. Oh geesh, does it smell divine! Smells more like key lime pie than lemons to me.

They have a soap making shop there with all kinds of goodies and soaps that they make right there. I bought a patchouli and orange bar, heavy on the orange and light on the patchouli, just perfect, yum. Little too old to be smelling like a hippie now days. LOL!! But just enough to make me feel grounded and good! 

They have a sweet pea maze, that was awesome, there were llamas walking around, I had a coffee, yum! I haven’t been drinking it because it makes me crazy and mean. I love it though.

We did some clay, I made these. I love them. Tina had some wire she had bent, making all kinds of shapes and I found one, the turquoise one and used it on the heart on the left. I wanted to make more so I bent some more. I made them a little bigger and thought they were just what I was looking for, I like when the bail becomes an integral part of the design. I love sacred hearts and I find myself making them all of the time. I see these beads hanging from the longest loop! Thank you Tina, for the great piece of wire.

We went to Sombrero’s  I think they have they best veggie burritos for a fast food place. There are 14 locations in San Diego area. Another yum!

I am feeling so indulged! Whew, I needed that!
Do not forget the Buddha shrine giveaway, I have added a giveaway permanent page to the top of the blog under the new banner up there so I don’t have to worry about somebody missing it, it is called CURRENT GIVEAWAY. Check that for updates all of the time.

I had a great weekend it was just a little short, I have so much more to do!! LOL!

Living with a one year old is a blessing, but man are they fast!

Have a great week everyone! Blessings and magic all over all you all.

Love and hugs.

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