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How are you all doing out there?

How are you all doing?

I myself have been travelling on the OWOH flight trying to visit all the blogs and meeting new people, artists and bloggers here.

Whether you have a blog or not it is a great list of blogs and people that are participating this year and you never know you may even want to try this out too, you still have till the 12th of February. This is the last year for this blog social for Lisa Swifka. This is also a big gift from Lisa with as much work that goes into this.

Thank you again Lisa for all the years you have done this. Thank you so much for this year.

I did make some little tiny scrapbooks that fit in the palm of your hand, with Jodi and my daughters, OMG, they are so cute and you can just whip them out. They are from Laura Denison’s page, Following the Paper Trail!

This one is mine. Spider web border oh yah!

This is my youngest made this one.


And this is Jodi’s, she always does a great job.

I have been also recuperating from going to CHA and taking it pretty easy last week I have some videos from there.

I have the Makin’s clay Interview Video loaded up on my YouTube channel now.

My YouTube channel.

Also I went to see Madi’s last soccer game over the weekend. It was so cute, I mean to tell you, so cute. These little guys are under two years old and playing soccer, well kind of. 

I took some videos, but I have to edit them. I hope to have that up soon.

I have been putting a lot of time in to taking pictures and loading up my new Etsy Store, the Hoarders Closet. I have added a link to the right side on this blog.

Handmademom made a steampunk brooch from one of my findings and let me use the picture on my listing, YAY!

Check this out

Thank you Handmademom for being so talented, you make the findings look great!!

I appreciate all that have bought and looked, Thank you so much!

I am going to ask you all again to pray for another dear blogger friend of mine. She is going to have surgery on the 25th of February and I need your help to keep her lifted up in the light.

Thank you!!
I know that there is big, big magic and love here in blogland and this lady is very dear to me!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and hug one of your family, a tree, a friend, your pet, anything to make you feel connected here.

You are loved!


Happy Dia De Los Muertos

I built this altar to honor our dead. Please feel free to leave your loved one’s names on this post.

Blessings all over them. May they be safe and well.

Rosalie, Renee, Clay, Mary, Julie, Jill, Vivian, James, Annie, Chuck, Ila, Marlene, Butter, Gail, Poppy, Irv, Harlan, Herby, Stan, Menasha, Goldie, Sid, Morrie, Fred, Evie, Bazoo


No, Donna you do not have to make another one, and more catch up

I am still having trouble with my back. My friend (sister like buddy) Meredith at (also comedian artist, tool junkie for people with bad hands, an amazing travel companion, artists in business advocate, and oh yea, Sharkie Sharks mom) suggested that I use ice for 15 minutes and then heat for 15 minutes.

A couple of times a day.

I had been trying both but not together in sequence. To my amazement, it is working, YAY!! Now that is a HUGE YAY!!! since I have been pretty much on my back for days. Hard to do when you have to chase a crazy and full of energy 17 month old around all day.

Not to mention that it does nothing for my I gotta make something all day long every day or go insane attitude on life. I have felt like a slovenly pig for days now.

Yesterday though, after one day with this regimen, I can move a little again and even type.

So if you have a back ache that feels like someone opened your back at the spine area and is rubbing aluminum wire (Think foil on teeth, yup, that is the feeling) over your spinal nerves and no matter what you do to get comfortable there is no position known to man that you can find to relax for more than a couple of seconds, you might want to try this.

Meredith, I love you and thank you.

It also gives me the chance to be able to connect with all of you again and even sit here and type something out. YAY Again!!! I have missed you all so much!

Able to even do a little shuffle like dance! Wooo whoooooooooo.

Life is incredibly good most of the time, isn’t it?


I traded with Donna at So Dark, so cute a unzipped bat winged girl for an orphan.

I wanted it made out of polymer clay and she willingly obliged me.

Even though, she said she couldn’t do it (HAHA!!)

I am thoroughly in love with my orphan and feel that I got the better end of this deal.

The texture and mottled look of the skin is wonderful and I adore the forlorn look on this girls face, Click on the picture for a larger view.

This is a pendant and she used my favorite colors, green, purple, and orange together.

Isn’t she charming? Pretty darn good for some one that couldn’t work with polymer clay, huh?

No, Donna you do not have to make another orphan (even though you should). I got mine. She is awesome and I LOVE her.

Donna also has a blog store on line. You want to see it, it is So Dark, So Donna Shop. Slightly macabre, slightly off center, and Oh so Donna!!

Thank you so much Donna for making my dreams come true!!

Also, I was lucky enough to win something from another wonderful blog buddy, Mother Moon.

I have traded with Mother Moon too! Her Jams and Jellies are unbelievable.

Homemade jams and jellies are something I have always wanted to do and learn.

I also enjoy them and love them, the taste is sooooo divine.

My grandmother used to do this and I love that time in my life, so it also brings warm fuzzies to my heart and mind. I would have taken a picture, lol, but those are long gone!

I love Mother Moon’s wisdom too, she is an earth mother with a planet consciousness I admire deeply and would love to emulate more fully.

I received a sand dollar, and beach in a bottle with a beautiful box with beachy things on it.

So beautifully crafted with a thoughtful feeling to it also. This giveaway was celebrating her blog being a year old. Congratulations and I wish you many many more.

I am putting this next to my computer so I can go to the beach whenever I want and smell the salt air and feel the sand between my toes.

Thanks to all of you, my dear ones, in this week of unending back pain and crabby attitude that came with it. I smiled hard when these came in the mail and email.

Have a great weekend, my pretties, go out and get a little sun and see the beauty that surrounds you, feel the love that is in your hearts, and create something with no limits.

Play, dance, and hug yourself for me.

All is well, you are perfect.


The Wish

The wish below was sent to me by a friend who recommended I send it on to 12 other women who are important to me. I thought the wish is so well worded and is something we should all try to live by that I thought I would send it to you.

“May today there be peace within you. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.”

Why stop at twelve!

Love and hugs my pretties.

Check out Season Art 1031, she is a member of the Magical Holiday Artists on Etsy at, me too!

Thanks for the addition to your wonderful treasury, I am so honored to be with such a great group of people.

Remember treasuries only last for a couple of days.

Thanks again for the great and warm welcome.

Post #300 on my other blog, look for a giveaway soon.


Happy Birthday my loves

Today is my mother in laws Birthday. She would have been 80 years old. She died from breast cancer on February 2nd, 2010.

My MIL was smart, a strong and loving woman, and a little psychic.

My MIL was also blatantly honest and expressed her opinion, whether you liked it or not.


Today is Renee Kahn’s  Birthday. She would have been 54 years old and she also died from breast cancer on March 9th, 2010.

Renee was strong, a smart and loving woman, and a little psychic.

Renee was also blatantly honest and expressed her opinion, whether you liked it or not.

Thank you ladies for your time and friendship, you are loved and dearly missed.

Happy Birthday!

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