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If the Borgia’s had light switch plates, part 2

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on the last switch plate. You all made my day.

It was very nice to have people love something that I love too!

This is not always the case.

Have you ever made something and thought this is the best thing I have done, EVER?

Then had no one take the least bit of interest or even the slightest look at a piece you think is just the best thing you have ever done.

Don’t you just hate that?

I know hate is a strong word, but I really don’t like that a lot.

So thank you again for agreeing with me. I love that switch plate, but…

this one is my all time favorite now!

Don’t know why, just is. I do think it is the color though. It is a little brighter and lighter than the last one.

Maybe because the individual components stand out more against the background.

Rodrigo Borgia was pope at the end of the 15th century, he was a womanizer and he used his papal seat to elevate his family to new heights of wealth and prestige.

There are also opinions of the opposite too.

“His pontificate is frequently characterized in extremities – he is often said to have been the worst of all Popes. But there are also positive opinions and legends about Rodrigo, mostly strengthened by the recent discovery of various historical documents. The era in which Alexander VI held supreme papal power was full of scandals, infringements and signs of moral offense among the highest authorities of the Latin Church, and whether he did any worse than many of his predecessors and successors has been questioned.”

Pope Alexander VI


He served from 11 August 1492– 18 August 1503

11 years and 7 days

But 17 out of 22 cardinals supposedly voted for him out of greed.

It is a new Showtime series called the Borgia’s and Jeremy Irons plays Rodrigo.

I am intrigued by the costuming and the sets and Jeremy Irons. ;-D

It is very hard to beat Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry in the Tudors in my opinion.

I am finding though that the more I know the characters, the more I like, no love, the series.

The season finale airs on Sunday the 22nd of May. ;-(


If the Borgia’s had light switchplates

If the Borgia’s had light switch plates, in my imagination they would look something like this!

Maybe the Fleur De Lis’ wouldn’t be on there ;-D

My newest switchplate!

Happy Monday, have a wonderful week!


Happy Mother’s Day

I have a different view than most about Mother’s day. I believe that all women are mothers. We  mother others, our pets, our husbands, our wives, our neighbors, our parents, our boyfriends, our girlfriends, our children, our grandchildren, our ideas, our dreams, our coworkers, our friends, our art and our lives. We give birth on a daily basis and it is not always human children.

Happy Mother’s day to all of you!

Give birth to love, caring, and joy, we need some in this world.

Madi wants to say Happy Mother’s day to you all too, especially to her mother. 

She is trying very hard to get into this tiny box.

This is for you Anne, you said you would like to see a different light switch plate and in my spare time I whipped one out for you.

I antiqued it with the black Ne-opaque, but it got darker than I wanted it to.

So I made another so you could see the before the black antiquing.


I like them both.

I am going to antique the little skulls only on this one.

Almost hard to believe I used the same colors on both of them.

Have a wonderful weekend all.


Taking shape-changing ideas and altered directions- part 17


I think that one of the most wonderful things to make is light switch plates. It is like a small canvas to me or similar to an ATC. They are fun to do, not a huge commitment, and flat like a canvas, that could possibly change the mood of a whole room the moment you walk in and flip that switch.

I can just see this in a room, with leather like looking walls a mellow ochre color, dark wood half way up the walls, dark bookcases, library lamps, huge overstuffed and wood chairs, and a huge desk. It would be dark and cozy with a small brick fireplace and the smell of many tomes floating through the air and I in one of those chairs with my cat on the back and a blankie over my legs, brandy snifter full and a lit candle in a dark cranberry color at the side table, reading away in to the night. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

 The outlet plates could be a little simpler yet with the same theme to tie the whole room together.

I also love that the screws that hold the plate in place are an integral part of the design.

Oh yeah, I planned that!

I love when things work out better than I could have planned them!

Dream a little dream…


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