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Fave Crafts Blog hop today- December

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Hi Fave Crafts Blog Hoppers, welcome!

Take off your shoes, sit down in the over stuffed chair by the fire, have a moment of peace at this busy time of year. Would you like a cookie? A cuppa?? A back massage???

Just breathe!!

Do it with me, take a deep breath in slowly one…two…three…four…five… right to your heart…seven and breathe out all stress, rushing, and relax one… two…three… all the dark and grungy thoughts and emotions…five…six… you are loved!!!

December is rushing by at the speed of light. I feel a little crazy and I am still working on Christmas presents. That is one thing that having money would do for me, I could go buy everything in the summer and just relax for once for Christmas.

Those laughing people you see during the holidays have money or they are on the very edge of sanity. I would be the latter.

I am though, glad you stopped by and I needed to breathe too!

I have a quick Christmas ornament I want to share with you.

Here is part one

Here is part two

And now to part three…

You will need:

Cernit Lemon and Glamour White

Wire cutters

18 or 16 gauge red colored copper wire

A Sharpie fine point permanent marker

A 1″ star cutter

Bamboo skewer

Star Stamp I used a retired Stampin’ up Christmas star stamp

Pearl-ex Powder Aztec gold

Mix the white glamour and the lemon together one to one until one color.


Roll the mixed color through the pasta machine on the thickest setting.

Stamp the sheet with the stamp.

Rub on the Pearl-ex Aztec gold powder with your finger.

Cut out with the star cutter and poke a hole in the top with the bamboo skewer.

Pick up the star gently and make the hole bigger with the skewer.

Bake in a preheated 275 degree F. oven for 25 minutes shut off oven and let cool.

While the star is cooling take the wire and holding one end of it on the pen, wrap the other end around the shaft of the pen.

Wrap tight as you can and wrap down and close to the last wire.

It feels like you are pulling the end wire down and next to the last turn on the pen as you go.

Pull off the coil and the cut off the end of the wire that is left, face the flush side of the cutter toward the spiral.

Grab the next turn of the spiral with your cutters and face the flush side of the cutters away from you and cut the wire right at the end that is above the turn you are cutting.

The ends should be almost matching.

The wire loop should be a little apart and one end will almost be above the bottom one.

Pull them just a bit more apart the way they naturally come apart.

Thread on the star through the hole.

Hold the other side of the loop and thread on the tree.

I am holding this with the wrong hand because that hand is taking the picture ;-D.

Move the ends gently back together. Sometime I have to go past one of the wire and move it back to get it in the right place too.

The Ornament is now done.

And you have the hints for the necklace, and the gift tag and you could also leave both holes out and make a brooch out of this too. Oh and don’t forget about an embellishment for a card or scrap book too.

I also finished this project and tutorial Marie-Tangle beads

Part one

Part two

Part three

I finished this Steampunk Album with my friend Jodi. Click on the picture to see some pictures of our progress. From there you can see part one.

I also almost finished a doll using printable cotton paper and one of my own designs here

Here is last months Blog hop if you are interested


Christmas tree ornament part 2

From part 1

This is for the wire part.

Side cutters

chain nose pliers

round nose pliers

Nylon jaw pliers

18 or 16 gauge red colored copper wire

I used 1 gauge wire for these, but the 18 gauge works just as well and is a bit easier to work with.

Start a spiral with the chain nose pliers.

With the nylon jaw pliers grab the spiral and keep rolling it up. The nylon jaws keep from scratching the wire color off.

Make it about 3/8″  or a tiny bit bigger.

Fold the wire over the spiral you just made and press flat with the nylon jaw pliers.

Bend the end wire up right in the middle of the spiral with the chain nose pliers.

Put the end wire in to the front of the tree in the top hole.

Bend the end wire up as close to the tree top as you can.

I hold the spiral with my thumb and bend the wire against the back of the tree at the top with my other hand.

You can if you want flatten it with the nylon jaw pliers.

With the chain nose pliers bend the end wire over the top of the star a little.

Or you can do it with your fingers.

Take the chain nose pliers and bend the end wire straight up now. You grab the wire at the bottom of the wire right at the front of the tree.

Grab the wire and hold it close to the last bend and then bend it at a right angle.

Grab the wire right at the bend with the round nose pliers and roll the wire over the round nose.

Keep holding the wire with the round nose pliers while you do the next step.

Grab the end of the end wire with the chain nose pliers in your other hand and pull the end all the way around the round nose pliers. Continue wrapping the end of the end wire around the  the up wire underneath of the loop.

Keep wrapping until the loops reach the top of the tree.

Take the end of the end wire and bring it down in front of the tree top and wrap that around the wire underneath the spiral.

Clip off the end with your side cutters underneath the spiral so it doesn’t show.

Flatten the spiral and the loop with the nylon jaw pliers.

It will look like this in the front.

And this in the back.

I added a holly and berries for a necklace and left it plain with out a hole in the bottom of the tree for the Christmas present tag.

I will come back and show you how to make the holly and attach it and how to finish the ornament next.

Stay tuned for part 3.


Christmas tree ornament

These are fast and easy and might be just the ticket for a quick gift.

Cernit in pearl green and Verdi gris

Aztec gold Pearl-ex

Blade or craft knife

Christmas tree stamp- mine is old and from Stampin’ up

3 hot set red rhinestones

18 or 16 gauge red colored copper wire

Clay machine

Bamboo skewer or knitting needle

Side cutters

chain nose pliers

round nose pliers

Nylon jaw pliers

Condition and roll out 1 1″ ball of each Verdi gris and pearl green.

Roll into short coils about 1 3/4″ long.

Twist together.

Pancake the clay.

Stamp the clay sheet with your christmas tree stamp of choice. Press in well, but not too much to cut through the clay.

Cut around the tree with your blade or craft knife leave at least an 1/8″ all the way around the tree.

Poke a hole in the star at the top with your bamboo skewer.

Widen the hole,by picking the tree up gently and drilling in to the hole.

Poke at the bottom too and widen the hole too.

Open the jar of pearl-ex and put a small bit in the lid. Rub your finger in the lid, get the clumps off and rub on to the tree. Do not press hard but rub in circles. Completely cover the tree.

Add red rhinestones.

Bake in your oven at 275 degree F. for 25 minutes and shut off the oven and let cool in the oven.

This a great project for kids.

Come back for the wire parts!!

To be continued.


From plain to fabulous

I have these cardboard paper mache boxes. I love them, they are inexpensive, they are hearts, and I love brown paper covered things for some reason.

I have had these for a long time, I was going to do something with them but never did.

I used the top as a template on the black Cernit clay rolled out on the first thickest setting.

Cut out the heart that I traced.

I used the Crafter’s Pick Glue for the top and spread some on it. A thin even layer over the whole top is all you need. Do not get it on the sides of the lid.

I then took the cut out black clay heart and placed it on the top of the paper mache lid and made sure it was lined up and gently from one side to the other pushed the clay to the box.

I stamped the heart with a stamp I got from Rubber Stamp Plantation, Lotus Corner.

I decorated the lid with a word mold “Believe” I made with large alphabet noodles, and some other molds I have made.

Then I took some Pearl-ex pigments and brushed them on the clay.

I used the Reflex Violet around the outside so that it would match the 569 violet Lumiere I was going to paint the box with.

You can see how to apply the Pearl-ex in this post

I used the same colors of Pearl-ex too!

I baked the box lid with clay in my home pre-heated oven to 275 degrees for 30 minutes. I then shut off the oven and let it cool in there until I could touch it without pain. ;-D

When the lid was completely cool, I painted the box inside and out with Violet Lumiere and let it dry completely.


I wish I could transform myself this easily.

Collette Baron-Reid calls these “God boxes”

put your troubles in there and give it up to God.

I wonder if they make bigger(huge) heart boxes???


Pearl-exed Heart to go with the spiral extruded tube beads


Pearl-exed Hearts

I showed you how to make the spiral extruded tube beads here and I told you I would put the instructions for the heart up. So here it is.

Most of the links below will lead to my husband’s store, if you are looking for these products.

Thank you so much for looking.

Thank you so much for supporting myself and my family.

You will need:

Cernit polymer clay color of your choice

Pearl-ex colors of your choice

needle tool or bugsticker also called a protool

Small glass bead

24 gauge Artistic wire 1″ piece

2 rubber stamps of your choice unmounted-Stamp scraps



texture plate- I used lava rock from Victoria James

Knitting needle- bigger, mine is about 1/4″ in diameter and it is metal

Paper plate

wire cutters

1. Condition the clay. Roll a 1″ ball of black Cernit.

Then roll that in to a chubby teardrop.

2. Flatten the rounded end with your thumb and forefinger just a little. Do not smash, just flatten a little.

You want it to look puffy when you are done. I take that back, I like it to look puffy when I am done. You can have your heart anyway you want.

We are going to flatten this a bit with the stamp so it is best to leave it more puffy. No worries though, you can always smash it up and try again.

3. I am using a knitting needle here to make the indentation in the top part of the heart, I hold the pointed part of the heart and roll the knitting needle point from the front to the back. I then with my fingers adjust the lobes of the heart until I like them.

4. With the needle tool you are going to “drill” it in to the bottom of the heart and keep “drilling” until it comes out in between the lobes in the top of the heart. Drilling by rolling the needle tool back and forth between your finger and thumb keeps the needle from sticking.

5. “Drill” the needle tool out of the heart and flip the heart from end to end and place the point of the needle tool in to the hole in between the lobes of the heart and “drill” it to the other end of the heart. Leave the heart on the needle tool like this.


6. Lay the heart on one of the stamps and place the other stamp on the top of the heart.

7. Press the stamp down around the heart gently but firmly.You can even go around the edges a little.

You can even use the palm of your hand to press gently.

8. Pull the stamp off and check it out. If it is not deep enough you may have to do it over again. Roll the heart into a ball again and start from the beginning.

Here is a picture of the other side.

9. Place a very small(very small) amount of Pearl-ex powder on the plate. Some times I just take it out of the lid.

I place my finger in the powder and then rub it on the plate to get rid of clumps and smooth the powder on the end of my finger.

10. Rub the powder in to the heart gently. For the multicolored heart I just add little patches of this color to the heart. I used Interference blue, Interference red, Interference gold, interference violet and interference green. I use a circular motion to apply the powder. I also go over one area and keep rubbing gently to force the powder into the surface of the clay.

11. Keep adding the colors until the heart is covered front and back.

12. Get a small glass bead  and cut a small piece of wire about 1″ long and thread the bead on the wire.

13. Place the bead in the middle of the wire and twist the ends together, tight to the bead.

14. With the wire cutters cut off the ends of the wire leaving a 1/2″ tail.

15. Bend the twisted wire in to a little hook.

16. Insert the twisted end in to the clay heart. I put mine on the  left hand side of the heart. I leave the heart on the needle tool to make sure I do not put it in to the hole that runs vertically through the heart.

Bake the heart in a preheated 275 degree F. oven for 1/2 hour, shut off the oven and let cool inside until you  cam touch it. All of my baking instructions are for an electric home oven, not a toaster oven.

17. With a flexible silicone texture plate, I lay the heart on the needle tool on top of one side of the texture plate.

18. Fold the other half of the texture plate over the heart and press the texture plate together. You can even do this between your palms.

19. With corrugated cardboard pieces lay one of the pieces of the cardboard down, place the heart on the needle tool on top of the cardboard the way you want the lines to impress. Place the other cardboard over the top of the heart and press them together gently and firmly. Peel them off, tah-dah.

20. Now, with a piece of cotton lace, lay the lace down, place the heart on top of the lace with the needle tool still in it.

21. Place the other end of the lace over the heart and press the lace in to the heart on both sides.

22. With something this flexible you can press it easily around the sides too!

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