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A Class Act! Teaching with Birdy Heywood and Angie Scarr

My friend Angie Scarr is going to be teaching in the UK November 7th through 9th, 2014, at a small event in the Southern UK. I believe she just might be the best teacher to teach beginning and advanced alike because of her years of practice and training. She is also a brilliant mind and I am looking forward to seeing her again, it was in 1998 the last time we saw each other.

And I am thinking it has just been too many years.


 Angie and I will be teaching along with Birdy Heywood, also know as the dragon Lady because she makes so many wonderful dragons. She is also a very good teacher for the just starting out on the polymer clay journey and the things that she has shown that students have made are very close to hers with little or no experience at all.



Collectively we have almost 90 years in polymer clay experience we are bringing to this short but action packed retreat. We have kept the cost down knowing the economy and how it has effected us personally as well, we would also very much like to visit and see each other again in the process. And to visit with the people that come to the event as well.



The event is:

“Three exciting all day Polymer Clay workshops at Bewl Water Activity Centre Kent Lamberhurst Kent TN3 8JH, UK with a fantastic Package Deal of £285.00 for those booking to stay at the venue in dormitory accommodation (all with en suite). This includes, 3 workshops, 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches. (Each tutor gives details of what you need to bring on the booking information which you can download below.) Those staying overnight also have the opportunity to spend time getting to know each other or join in a mini workshop or a demonstration during the evenings.”


You can find out more info and download the booking form here: 

Please come to visit and to have a couple of cuppas with us! Cheers! I have heard Kent is amazing!


Pearl at Beading Gem Blog

I have had the honor of being in one of Pearl’s wonderful blog posts at Beading Gem with other artists, I was so honored.

Her blog is little jewels of beading and everything to do with beading and more. A veritable treasure trove of loveliness and a wealth of information.

Today though, I am featured for my Halloween Jewelry, no, no, my

Artful Halloween Polymer Clay Jewelry by Marie Segal

or here if you like to cut and paste


You know what Pearl?  I think you are wonderful. Thank you so very, very much from the bottom of my Halloween heart!!

You have made my whole October complete.


Cross my heart!

I woke up one morning last week and this design was banging around in my head.

Cross my Heart.

I think it was what woke me up.

With a wing and a prayer, cross my heart!

I will list this in my Etsy Shop

Art from my Heart

I really like this one and the way it manifested.

Here is the pendant version.

My blog friend the Woodwife came up with the name.

Thank you Donna, I love it.

Do you dream your concepts, do you plan them, do things evolve over time?

All of the ways of conceiving and manifest work is perfect and the right way.

Donna just used one of my molds for a piece she made, you can see it here.

Go to the link above to see all the pictures.

That sacred heart is very small less than 1″ in height.

Thought for the day.

“People are made to be Loved and Things are made to be Used. There is so much confusion in this World because People are being Used and Things are being Loved.”


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