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The second video for the Mokume Gane technique!

Here is the second video, it is much longer.

It is three times as long as the past video and ends up in a Mokume Gane block of translucent shaded canes.

I will flash fingers for settings and the direction the sheet should go through the machine.

It is noisy here, you will hear voices in the back ground.

Same story as the first video, really!

Watch the other one first.

#cernit #mariesegal #metallics #polymerclay #secondvideo

Part 1 now, part two to follow.

This is about 7 minutes long.


Something else I got side tracked on

Halloween cupcakes!
I was making molds and had to try some of them out.

I got stuck here for a while, I made one for everyone on the Sandy Camp committee. I really appreciate all of these ladies.

No wonder I do not have enough time for everything.

I keep adding stuff to my list. ;-D

Do you do this?

Are you having a wonderful start to your fall or spring?

I am loving our weather.

The light is changing.

The sky is so beautiful.

What a planet!

We are so lucky to be here.

Go outside and wiggle your toes in the grass before it is gone and too cold to do it.

My favorite time of year.


Wednesday Wonder- Not just any ordinary bean

This one is fun and I love Jelly Belly’s, so it is really perfect. I am trying to eliminate sugar from my diet so I thought I would write about them instead. Jelly Belly’s are not the first things that pop in my mind when I think about art, but I am staring to change my ways.

from the Jelly Belly site. A-maizing!

Click on the picture to go to the recipe at Jelly Belly’s site

Jodi and I have used Jelly Belly’s when we were playing with our food to make cupcakes from the Hello Cupcake book written by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. The book is full of cute, no darling, cupcake designs that are made using candies and one of those candies is Jelly Belly’s. Well, I bet you never thought that someone would use Jelly belly’s for the colorants of a painting… or maybe you would.

The Jelly Belly company itself is having a contest to decorate cupcakes with their product and they will even give money for the best one. It is possible to win 10000 beans, I mean dollars, for it.

Hurry the contest ends soon. Contest begins at 12:00:01 am PT on 11/15/10 and ends at 11:59:59 pm PT on 7/10/11

I know the more I do these Wednesday Wonders the more I find nothing surprises me anymore and all that I look forward to now is how creative people can get.

I know that when I see others doing things out of the usual, it opens my mind to being and going outside of the usual. Long live the imagination of man.

Artist: Kristen Cumings 4’x4′

Watch this! I think this is so cool! 170 hours of work Geesh!

I can bear-ly believe this is candy and a little kidney shaped sugar delight at that.

these are from the Jelly Belly site and I think they just might be my favorites.

Simple yet so perfect, even down to the metal cupcake papers.

Click on the picture to go to the recipe. 

 If you would like to see some more Belly art you can find it here

Malcom West made this.

Impressive, very impressive.

You can read about the conception of the art of the bean by Pete Rocha here

You can see more UK bean art here

OK, now Belly up to the bar and admit this is cool art, yes art.

Belly, Belly, nice art.

And from Australia  

I have a friend that has dreams. She dreams about designs, for me!

I love this.

She “saw” this sacred heart I did.

This one…

This is one of my favorite pieces.

My friend will send me a message and maybe a small description, but what comes across to me though is a feeling and a light in my mind’s eye of the beginning of a design starting to come to life. You can read the story of the sacred heart and see the prototype of this necklace here

Well… my friend is very tuned in and she had another dream quite a while ago, only a month or two after the sacred heart dream I think.

She wrote me a note with a small description and quick doodle to go along with it.  

I loved it and I said I would get right on it.

Sometimes, though, my brain doesn’t cooperate with my plans and I have learned over time that somethings can not be rushed, ever. If I do rush it will only be a part or a piece of the full manifestation of what could be something truly wonderful if left to incubate for a while and cook!

I didn’t say anything to my friend and kept up with everything else that was going on and pretty much let go of making the dream a reality right away.

Last week though, that dream was resurrected with a flash of a picture and the idea in my mind flashing in neon and would not give up until I went and made it.

This is the result of this collaboration my friend and I have.

Heart of America- Broken heart

Heart of America- Broken Heart

Listed in my Etsy Store now.

I am in love with this piece also and adore that I had been gifted a gift of insight in the process.

Thank you, Donna, from the bottom of my heart.

Maybe someday I will be able to reciprocate with dreams of pieces for you. One can only hope!

I believe these are special pieces, there is just something about them that speaks. Maybe it is the gift of collaboration, listening to another speak their dreams and being able to bring them to reality.

I love this! How could it get any better? I am so grateful.


Cotton Paper Play

This is my 200th post this year. I am really proud of myself for keeping this going, no matter what! I am really close to 400 posts for my blog history. I will have to see when it is.

It makes me laugh to think I could think of nothing to say in the beginning.

I am giving you all a shout out for hanging in there with me, I appreciate all of you!!

Thank you!

I had shown you the butterflies I had done before here.

Well, I decided to take some of my EyeDollz and make them in to stuffed goodies for Madi!

Meet EyeloveU and Eyedolleyesbling, two of my favorites.

I printed them out on the printable cotton in my ink jet printer, I increased the resolution on the photo and increased the quality on the print out.

I put my paper in my printer (I suggest you print out a regular piece of paper first before you put the cotton in just to make sure you know which way to put it in to your printer) and press print…tah-dah.

I cut around the EyeloveU and left an allowance and then I cut out 2 pieces of purple felt and made an allowance on that too.

I pinned him to one of the pieces of felt.

I stitched EyeloveU to one piece of the felt with embroidery thread and a blanket stitch then I stitched the two pieces of felt together the same way.

I left the bottom of his foot open and I am going to stuff him. I am going to use an old pillow we have and recycle it. I will just wash it and throw it in the dryer. It is filled with polyfill

I may even paint him with some Lumiere and add some ribbon too.

Why aren’t there 48 hours in a day??

And the printable cotton sheets are perfect for doodling on too, even painting on with fabric paints or pens and using in a quilt or on a shirt, maybe a purse or apron too.


Taking shape-changing ideas and altered directions- part 14

A new cabochon or brooch

“Thoughts fly away”


Do not forget the 11th giveaway

it is over today at 6 PM PDT!



Taking shape-changing ideas and altered directions- part 13

Another cabochon or brooch

The many faces of time

Do not forget the 11th giveaway

 it is over on monday at 6 PM PDT!

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