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Mrs. B is giving away one of my cup cake pendants



Mrs B is giving away one of my bat cup cake pendant necklaces on her blog here.

It closes on October 25th at 12 noon EST.

Comment on Mrs.B’s blog, not here, for a chance.

She has several ways to win.

Good Luck!!

Happy Halloween from both of us!!!



I just won this book!

I am so excited, my friend Nicole Campanella at Beadwright blog reviews books for Lark Crafts/Sterling Publishing. When she is done with the book she gives it away on her blog and writes a review on it.

Very cool, yes?

I won this book Steel Wire Jewelry by Brenda Schweder!!

I am even more excited because Artistic wire just started making stainless steel wire and we are carrying it at Wooooo Whoooo!

If Howard doesn’t have it up there, bug him about it. Sometimes he needs a push.;-D

The book is actually suggesting you use wire from the hardware store too and I will, but I think some of the designs will lend themselves to the stainless wire also. Stainless wire and Cernit polymer clay even.

I mean how perfect is that, that I win this?

Thank you Nicole and Thank you Lark Crafts/Sterling Publishing for being so generous. I appreciate both of you!


one of Nicole’s patterns

And guess what? Nicole not only does some beautiful bead-work and carry some awesome products (Nicole’s BeadBacking) and bead patterns in her Etsy store, she has a wonderful blog and is a very nice person and….

She is giving away another book now.

Here is the link 

Be sure and visit Nicole’s blog and get your chance to win a great book from Lark Crafts/Sterling Publishing.


Wednesday updates

I am still not feeling up to snuff, but better. Madi and I lay around a lot. There is just something about having a cold during hot weather, it doesn’t feel right. It is supposed to be cold and rainy so you can drink chicken soup and get better. You know the whole bathrobe wrapped up to your neck, thermometer hanging out of the side of your mouth, droopy eyes, slippers and blankies all over you. 

Not this cold, not this time.

So no Wednesday Wonders again 😦

I wanted to remind you I have a piece I am giving away on the Mary’s Graces Blog

The giveaway is over on Friday 08/18/11, you might want to go check it out if your are interested.

Since I had to stay home this weekend and not go play at Jodi’s house, I brought out the paper and started to play.

I have always wanted to learn Coptic book binding, I did.

I did OK too.

My friend Meredith makes wonderful books, Coptic binding is one of her specialties. I have always admired them, it is a neat technique and she does a great job. 

You can see her book and paper art gallery here

She also teaches in the Seattle area and will teach a class for it if you get enough people together.

I will take a picture of my little book and load it up here later.

I went to google and did a search for Coptic bookbinding and up pops,

This one is for Coptic bookbinding with hard covers. There are other wonderful videos under the same search for doing different covers, images, and a plethora of info to keep you or me busy for days ;-D

I am going to do this again.

I have also listed tons(OK, lots) of stuff in both of my stores.

Also I don’t know if you know about this web page and group, but if you are an Etsy seller of handmade or vintage, this might be a wonderful source for you.

It is called Etsy Lush

They also have a team on Etsy, you can check it out here.

It is totally run by volunteers, donating what I am sure is massive hours of time, to promote sellers on Etsy

Thank you guys!!

They also started doing individual pages for the people who get their things listed.

Here is my page

It also helps me keep track of what I have submitted already ;-D

That kind of tool always helps me. It is also nice to be able to share it too.

Thank you guys, again.

I hope you have a great day.

Be well and it is almost Friday ;-D


Happy Friday

I for one am looking forward to this weekend.

I am going to sleep in.

I am going to catch up with my duties.

I am going to relax.

While I am making plans, right??

Here is something I have been playing with lately.

Look at that smirk on the seagull’s face.

I love these and they are so fun. They are not very tall, about 3″ and 2″ wide at the widest point.

I can not decide if I want to antique him or not. What do you think?

I really like him the way he is.

Someone suggested I add a little poop to the heart. ;-D

I actually like that idea!

Wait for the next one. ;-D

Have a great weekend everyone.

I am feeling a bit better. Still trying to take care of myself. Thank you all so much for the healing energy.

Do not forget the giveaway.

Closes on the 25th of July at 6pm.

I am in this ocean thing, aren’t I?


I have been feeling pretty crummy for a week. Runny nose, rip your throat out cough, headaches, just trying to make it through the day, crabby, no voice (my family loves it), tired and generally under all the weathers.

I will get back to this blog when I can think straight.

I did teach a class this weekend and it went well.

I am worn out though and trying to keep up with my shops and watching the baby, so something has to take a back seat. Actually more than I want is taking a back seat right now.

I guess it is time to take it easy.

I went to bed early last night and slept so well.

Didn’t want to get up this morning.


I wanted to remind you all about the giveaway here


You can win these. Pendant and a pair of earrings. Do not leave comments here for them though, go here


Send me healing energy please, I need it.


Happy Sunday- Under the Sea

I have some new work for the summer, the “Under the Sea series”

Oh, I am having a blast with this one.

The piece above is an example of the style and design

This is another one. Dolphin Love! I am listing today.

And this one has found a home with a friend!

This one is already listed in my shop.

This is another version where I have used the metallic acrylic, Lumiere, to accent the designs.

I like this too but I think I like the ones above better. What do you think?

These pieces also have patterns on the backs of them.

Have a great week everyone and do not forget my 20th Giveaway here.


Saturday 4/16/2011, and there is a winner! There is also something else.

Yep, it is time to announce the first winner of the giveaways. The other giveaways are listed at the bottom!

This one is for the brooch here

And the winner is


Please get me your name and mailing address as soon as possible. You have 48 hours from this announcement and then it will be given to the next name pulled!

Congratulations!! My email is in the contact me section of the blog.

And now for the something else.

I meet many people in the blogs, on etsy, and in facebook and I am amazed at all the talent, kindness, and wonderful spirit of the people I meet. Thank you all for being lights in my life.

I was featured on a blog on Friday,  Etsy Friday Finds by Trina at Trina’s Trinketts Blog

She said really nice things about me!

Thank you Trina! You can visit Trina’s Etsy Store here

Here are the other giveaways,

Here is the 2nd giveaway,

Here is the 3rd giveaway,

Here is the 4th giveaway,

Here is the 5th giveaway,

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