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Playing with my food again-episode 5, part 3

This is a 3 part saga and you can see the other installments


and here

After we had the fence and the tree placed, we added the house. It looked good so we added some tombstones.

I marbled black and white fondant together and cut out the shape with my blade. I used the green tool(the one with a pointed end) and drew around the outside. I used the knife ended one to make cracks in one of the stones.  I “wrote” RIP on the front of one.

The leaves you see are pushed in to one of the leaves on the floral push mold. I did several different kinds of leaves to change it up a little. The leaf you see is really one of the flowers though. ;-D

We covered a cupcake with fondant and placed it on the end of the skewer and on top of the trunk. If it is a long skewer you have to cut it with cutters so I will not stick out the top of the cupcake.

We placed some of the frosting on the back of the leaves and “glued” them to the cupcake covered in fondant.

I also took 1″ balls of orange fondant that I had colored myself with gel food coloring which you can also get at Pila’s, made lines all the way around them with the knife-like green tool and with the pointed-end tool I poked a hole in the top where the lines met.

I took a very small ball (3/16″) of chocolate fondant and rolled it into a small teardrop and placed it in the hole in the top of the pumpkin for a stem.

I then roll 2- 3/16″ balls of green fondant in to tear drops and flattened them for each pumpkin and made leaves. I then placed those on top of each pumpkin with a tiny, tiny bit of water (remember from previous episodes, that water breaks down fondant), to “glue” them in place.

Here you can see how we are painting the inside of the windows with chocolate frosting so that pink marshmallows do not show. Pink marshmallows do not really go well with this cake. ;-D

I decided to put in a little ghost in the doorway.  I took a 1 1/2″ ball of white and rolled it in to a teardrop with a rounded point and the on the thicker end, flatten it out, then add two small 1/2″ balls of white fondant for the arms. Roll them in to tear drops and place the thick ends against the ghosty’s body. I made a mark for the mouth withe pointed end tool and painted chocolate frosting eyes.

This is the cake after everything was added.

We brushed the leaves of the trees with the green metallic powder.

Pretty spooky, eh?

Here is a close up of the leaves.

I wonder if Duff is hiring?

This concludes the 5th episode.


Playing with my food again-episode 5, part 2

This is a continuing saga, you can see the first installment here.

We frosted a 6″  double layer cake with chocolate frosting.


We extruded black fondant with the stainless steel Clay Extruder. I use the large trapezoid comes with disk set 1- M35155.

We extruded the full barrel of fondant and left them on the wax paper.


We cut 3 short ones (about 2″)  and then a long one (about 3″) sections. We used 4 long ones and placed them on the north, south, east and west section of the cake on the sides.

We placed the 3 short sections in each of the areas left. We spread them evenly apart.


Then I extruded a cord of black fondant and draped it between each of the black posts.

We cut out four of the heart looking flower petals in the Flower/Leaves cutter set and placed those a top each long post, points up. I used the petal in this clay project if you would like to see the shape of it

We brushed the wrought iron fence with silver pearl powder on one side of each post. Also a little of it on the cord.

You can see our tree in the foreground, with its pink marshmallows inside.


We placed the tree trunk on the cake and press the skewer down through the marshmallows and in to the cake.


Stay tuned for part 3…


I have been playing with my food for a while and you can see the others…







Playing with my food again-episode 5, part 1

I am playing with my food again and you can see the previous installments,





This one is going to be about using those fabulous clay tools called Texture plates for your food. Not just clay tools anymore.

This got me to thinking, when I first started working with polymer clay in 1978, I use my ceramic tools and kitchen tools.

I think I can say I have come full circle to using my clay tools for food now.

I have learned that I do not put labels on my tools now. If I find it at a hardware store and it works, it is a tool. If I find it in nature and it works, it is a tool. Now, tools are everywhere!!!

I do suggest though that if you are going to use the texture plates for food that you get a new set. These are inexpensive and will be used over and over again if you are having as much fun playing with your food as I am.

They can also be used as large stamps, crayon rubbings, texturing plaster, texturing paint, or even cement and probably a lot more things than I can think of right now!

So we will play with the texture plates and then from there we will move in to the project Jodi and I made from this.

Just in time for the upcoming Halloween Holiday!

Links will take you to the corresponding page in my Hubby’s on-line store, Thank you for supporting my family and myself.

I rolled out my fondant to about 1/8 ” with the green roller.

Place the texture sheet over the rolled out fondant. I used texture sheet set M38004, this has the scale and the wood grain in it.

We are going to use both of them for this blog.

Press down on the roller and slide across the texture plate. You could roll it also, but I found that just pressing and sliding worked very well.

If you are going to roll the fondant in to the texture sheet then the roller has something to grab on to. It is easier to roll then.

This is how the fondant looks after the texture sheet is removed. I did not use anything on the fondant to resist the texture sheet, but you could use shortening or powdered sugar as a releasing agent.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Here is the wood grain texture sheet. I used the chocolate fondant from Pila’s Pantry, (this one is my all time favorite fondant, it tastes like Tootsie rolls) and followed the instructions above to make this sheet of wood grained texture.

I then used some matt brown pigment I also bought from Pila’s to highlight the texture of the wood grain. Put some on your finger as if it was pearl-ex and spread on the sheet of fondant wood grain. Or you could use a soft brush to place it on the fondant. The soft brush will though cover the whole surface not just the high spots.

Here I have tried to get the variation in the color by using the powdered pigment.  You can click on the picture to see a larger version of this picture.

I also brushed on some of the Pearl pigment for food, this one is called gold dust.

Fun, fun, fun!

We then took a bamboo skewer and placed three large marshmallows on it. Wrapped the wood grain fondant around them and sealed the seam with a little water. I let the bottom crack instead of cutting it off and featured the cracks as roots.  

We put this aside and continued on to the next part.

With the scale texture plate, some black fondant and the instructions on how to roll out the fondant and tah-dah, some scale textured black fondant. We then high-lighted that whole sheet with silver powder to get this. Click on the picture for a bigger view.

This is one of my very favorite textures in clay or food.

I add the powder to the fondant like this. I take out a small amount with a knife or spatula and place it on a paper plate then close the lid on the jar.

I then spread the powder out with my finger so I have no clumps and brush on to the fondant. If I do not do this the clumps will fall off my finger and cover everything not just the high spots on the texture.

We then drew up a small simple stencil on paper for a house. Cutting it out with the rolling cutter which is part of the rolling-pin set.

The top strip is going to be the sides of our house.


We saved all the trimmings too, just in case we might need them later. We did.

We laid the front of the house on a plate and then we cut pink marshmallows in half (it was what we had ;-D) to make it the right thickness and “glued” them to the back with the chocolate icing. The marshmallows cut very nicely with a pair of kitchen shears.

We “glued” on the sides and the back of the house with chocolate frosting, Added the roof which was just more of the scale textured fondant, added a chimney, painted the pink marshmallows that showed inside the windows with chocolate frosting and set the house aside.

I am so sorry there are no pictures for this, we both got so involved with what we were doing, we forgot to take them.

Stay tuned for part 2… 


Playing with my food again-episode 4

You will need to refer back to Episode 3 where I made the fondant checkerboard.

Refrigerate the checkerboard cane for about 1 hour.

Links for the tools will connect you to my Hubby’s shop if you are looking for these products. Thank you so much for supporting myself and my family.
The other links will take you to Pila’s Pantry, I do not get paid or any special compensation for doing this for Pila, other that good feeling in my heart for giving a mom and pop a plug (I do understand that mom and pop thing). They provided great service, have great prices and products, and I just like the atmosphere.

Cut off 6 slices about 1/8″ thick from the checkerboard. Lay them together so they are 2 across and 3 up and down.

Press all the squares together and roll with the green roller M35001 from Makin’s (remember it won’t stick to the fondant, and the price? wooooooo whooooooooooo, comes with rolling cutters too) When you roll the fondant, roll up and down and then roll from the left to the right, switching each time you roll the fondant.

Or you can turn the cutting board and roll one way and then turn the board one-quarter and roll again. This will spread the design evenly. This is rolled out pretty thin, about 1/16″.

Trim away the excess so you have a rectangle. I just cut the edges so the whole thing had straight edges all the way around.

It was rectangle when I finished.

Now extrude some black fondant (from Pila’s, my new favorite play place) with the stainless steel extruder.

I used the 4 round hole disk, it comes with the extruder.

You have to keep these cords pliable and flexible, separate them from each other and then cover with a dish towel or plastic sheeting, because putting those legs and antenna on the ants is a slow process.

I tried to put the legs on one at a time, one side at a time, and that sucked big time. So I started cutting longer lengths, about a 1″, and then laying the ant body over the top of the 3 legs (really 6 individual legs).

The bodies are made from 3- 1/4″ balls of black fondant (You get at Pila’s, black is hard to make yourself. Just to get a good dark grey will take some time and work, also known as kneading and kneading. It does not taste like Licorice, LOL)

The abdomen ball you roll in to a little football shape. Roll in to a ball first and then roll the ball back and forth a little on the work surface with your finger.

A tiny bit of water between each segment will stick them together too! Remember that water will break down fondant, do not use too much water.

You can see my first ant at the top by the blue towel and then the next two are much better and I did not hurt my friend Jodi either.

Making the first one I wanted to scream or hurt somebody and Jodi was the closest person.

Her Hubby is pretty smart, he seems to disappear at times and when you look back you realize it was a really good time to leave, LOL!!

At 5 pm this day he got up and said very gently, “isn’t it time to eat?”

At dinner and Mojitos(mummies). I finished mine and he said “she’ll have another of those.” Haw haw haw, gotta love a smart man.

Oh, and I used a bit of water to hold the legs to the bodies.

Just put the legs down and connect them all in the center and fan out the ends of the legs and then add tiny bit of water in the center and place the body there.

I wanted the legs to arch up and then bend down, duh, like ants, so I placed tooth picks under the legs and let them dry that way.

Doesn’t the first ant look like an ant wreck?

They are multiplying just like real ants, must be all the sugar.

Dab a tiny bit of water on the top of the head. Pick up a 1/2″ section of extruded coil and place on the top of the head.

Press down in the middle of the coil with the pointy tool end that comes in the modeling tool set M35002. These do not stick to fondant either and they have 6 ends for modeling on three tools and the price is way good!!

Frost that cake.

Extrude a half circle of red and then one of black.

That disk comes in another disk set M35156

(At the bottom of this page on my hubby’s store are all kinds of combinations for discounts on multiple buying of disks and tools.)

Place the red one around the bottom of the cake and the black one around the top of the cake.

Cut both ends with a clay slicing blade or razor blade.


Add the tablecloth you made from the checkerboard fondant cane.

Add some of the ants to the top of the cake. Stick right in the frosting. The black seam at the top border didn’t seem as prominent so we left it alone. I though, we don’t want it to fall off and look like it was poisoned by the cake! Or maybe we do. LOL!! Tired, long day, too much sugar, no food, fading fast.

For the one covering the seam on the red border on the bottom, we used a little frosting to attach it to the border.

To make the basket: Roll a 1″ ball of the chocolate fondant (Pila’s, yes this tastes like Tootsie rolls, mmmmm mummies) in to a little log, I then shaped it to the best of my ability in to a basket bottom.

I marked the outside in a basket-like pattern with the knife-like green tool in the 3 tool set.

I added a small piece of the excess left over from the trimmings of the checkerboard table-cloth, to the basket bottom.

I then rolled a little log about the length of the basket and maybe a 1/2″ in diameter and flattened it with the roller or you could flatten with your fingers.

I then cut it in half. I placed one side on one half of the basket bottom over the table-cloth. I placed the other half on the other side. If you rolled the log to long or flattened it too much you can trim these halves to fit.

I rolled a little log about 1/4″ in diameter or the chocolate fondant and cut the handle to fit and attached it to the sides of the basket.

Look out it is the attack of the giant ants!! Maaaaahwahhhhhhhhhh!! 

I have the ant attack going on at my house lately. I don’t mind ants at all as long as they stay outside.

Hubby and I have this discussion every year at this time.

Him “they are just looking for water”. 

Me “I just watered, they can look outside”.

They are pretty cute on a cake though.

Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to place them on the plate too, in a line crawling to the cake?

Up the cake pedestal, LOL!!

On the table??

Naw! The ants were the hardest part of this whole thing and then they were not hard, they just took some patience, and someone stole mine.

I haven’t been able to find it in a long time. ;-P

I still think clay is easier, but I am having fun getting to know this new (to me) clay-like medium.

Food Clay!!!


Playing with my food again-episode 3

I am continuing this saga with the fondant cane. I just had to try it.

You can see episode 2 of playing with my food here

You can see how the clay checkerboard is done here

I extruded the white fondant first.

The red fondant that Pila makes at her pantry is super saturated red and so much easier to buy than to make.

And since it was so inexpensive we bought the hardest colors to make.

Making them ourselves from the white would have taken the whole weekend, we had food we had to play with.

The fondant checkerboard cane

Extrude the white with the square disk.

Comes out like this. One thing I learned is, fondant is heavy and pliable, and the fondant you have extruded will pull from the disk and thin the fondant coming out of the extruder.

So move the extruder over a table or cutting board as you extrude.

Look at that red, just a yummy, intense red. Well done Pila!!

Now using the same square disk, extrude the red.

If you load up the barrel of the extruder you will get close to the same amount.

Another thing I learned, is to cut both extruded pieces in half, they will be much easier to work with. 

Another thing I learned, is to brush on a very tiny bit of water to get the two square logs to adhere to each other.

I said, very tiny bit of water. If you read episode 2, you will remember I learned that water breaks down fondant.

Now I had to put a very tiny amount of water on the one half to get it to stick to the other here.

I put these together so they go red, white, red, white.

This is called a pattern ;-D too much Sesame Street, sorry!!

After I put them together, I add a tiny bit of water. Did I mention it was tiny?

Water will break down fondant.

I cut the whole length in half. No, No, No do not bring out that ruler, go ahead live dangerously, you can do it!

Whatever is left over can be mixed in to a nice pink fondant, right?

Or maybe more of a salmon.

Turn one of the halves over (you can also rotate horizontally 80 degrees) so the pattern is the opposite of the other and place one half on top of the other.

Does it look like this?

If it does…

you did good.

Now cut the stacked ones in half.

Rotate or turn one half over again and stack. you may have to add a very tiny bit of water to one half.

Once the two halves are stacked together press very gently together and then rotate one-quarter turn and press that side together gently. Keep turning and rotating one-quarter turn until it is compacted together.

This was hard to cut with the blade I had. I forgot to bring a clay slicing blade.

Stay tuned for the episode where I do something with this. LOL!! I didn’t say the next episode either.

Another thing I learned is “You can cane fondant”, what a blast. I learned a lot, didn’t I? 

What is next?
Cookie dough??? LOL!!


Playing with my food again-episode 2

Last weekend, I escaped and went to stay with a friend for the whole weekend.

I went to my good friend Jodi’s house and we played with our food again.

You can see where Jodi and I have played with food before, here.

A few people that know me, know that I have envisioned myself for years as a cake decorator. Must have been in another life time.

I watch the pastry shows and all that.

LOL!! Clay is so much easier, I have a whole new respect and awe of cake decorators.

I also have all these great tools that I can use in cake decorating and pastries, I just know I can. Extruders, texture sheets, molds, rolling cutters, cutters, and various others I can not think of now! LOL!

So why not give it a try right?

So good to have someone with the tools we might need also and who I have so much fun with when we are together, Jodi.

We started off Friday night, I got there later than I planned and Jodi had already baked various cakes, cupcakes and bought some fondant. We ate some dinner and discussed our attack plan.

We gathered tools.

I brought the ones I wanted to try.

Here are some of them, all Makin’s tools.

I was so happy I brought these green tools. They do not stick to the fondant, and everything else does!!

Jodi had the food colors

and sparkling sugar and food grade sparkling powders.

Similar to pearl-ex and glitter ;-D

We wanted to start right away, but both of us had had a long week and if anything, we might be getting smarter as we get older, har har har!!

The next day we had to go pick up the chocolate fondant at Pila’s Pantry in Norco (there is also one in Temecula).

Pila’s Pantry

1670 Hamner Ave. #6

Norco, Ca 92860

951- 371-3957

The fondant prices were outstanding too. And it tasted good.

Lauren helped us, gave us a few secrets, and was just a very sweet girl and a veritable wealth of information. 

What a great place, I can see myself getting lost in here for a couple many hours ;-O Oops I did.

OMG! And the chocolate fondant tastes like Tootsie rolls. As Madi would say “mummies”.

After we got back from there, we started right in making things.

We washed and dried all of the tools. Water, I found out from Jodi, breaks down fondant. They had to be completely dry.

We took a sheet cake and cut out little 3″ diameter individual cakes, so they would be bigger than a cupcake and more surface area to work on.

Crumb frosted first and then a layer of tub frosting from the grocery store. This was totally about the tools and embellishments and less about making the best tasting cake in the world.

Neither Jodi or I consider ourselves pastry chefs, and as far as working with fondant and making goodies for the top I am a rank beginner and she a has a lot more experience  than I, but we are both beginners.

But we both have tons of enthusiasm and are willing to try things.

We thought we would try molding the flowers and leaves first.

Pinch off a piece of fondant, less than you think you might need, roll into a ball and place in to the flower you want.

Fill the mold.

The fondant does not stick to these molds, your hands yes, but not the molds.

Having a perfectly smooth cutting board is key here and if you do not have one you can use a marble tile from the hardware store.

Turn the mold over and press it down on the cutting board.

Pull the mold back quickly(think waxing, or pulling the tablecloth off the table full of glasses, quick and deliberate) and the fondant should come out of the mold and stick to the cutting board. You want it to stick to the cutting board.

Clean up the flower around the edges with one of the green tools. They have many different tips, 3 tools, so find the one you like. I prefer this knife like one and would push the excess from the edges to the flower, if the edges weren’t clean.

Use one of the those small metal cake spatulas to get it off the cutting board or this spatula P47 will work too.

You can use a single edge razor blade to cut away the excess.

Cut into the edge and pull back the razor blade to remove the excess.

The leaves are pretty easy to do this with. The flowers have more curves so you have to take little “bites” with the blade.

The fondant does stick to the blade, a lot!

I had to clean the blade with water many times.

Jodi started painting this flower with thinned down food coloring. Almost water-color looking.

We used Gel food coloring. You can get those at Pila’s too.

Now with this one she used these powders (looks exactly like Pearlex) and mixed them with a little vodka (Seagram’s 7, we didn’t have any vodka, LOL) The alcohol evaporates and the powder stays. These look gorgeous on the fondant.

Cover the whole flower. You can see the food coloring one in the background.

These we let dry for a while, this will probably depend on your weather and humidity.

When it was dry, I brushed with a little gold powder with my finger just to accent the lines. I applied it the same way I do on the beads and hearts.

Cute eh?

We made a bunch of leaves and different size roses this way!

I mixed up some light pink fondant and extruded  the edges.

We took one of the little frosted cakes and started adding the edges.

I used these two dies and the stainless steel extruder, OMG, this extruder is made for precious metal clay and it is so much nicer than my all time favorite extruder.

The clearance in the barrel is very tight, so there is very little clay or fondant ;-D left in the barrel. The ends screw together very smoothly too and it is very easy to clean because of the short barrel. Nice, very nice tool.

I used the one on the left for the top edge of the cake.

What a great way to make edging, I felt like I was a pastry chef. LOL!!! It looked very good.

Click on the pic for a bigger view.

We covered the seams with flowers and leaves. We used a little frosting to attach those ones on the bottom.

And placed the rest of the flowers on the cake directly to the frosting.

All in all, we thought we did a great job and were ready to tackle some more at this point.

I have never had so much fun playing with my food, and at my age… geesh!!

I tell you, I think we did a great job with the tools made for clay. Guess what?? these are now cake tools for me, too.

YES!! Chef.

May 2020

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