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Lone Rocks

It seems that a lot of wonderful friendships and lasting relationships are made over these Internet energy connections. I hear this from my bestest blog buddies all of the time.

We appear so surprised that this is happening. How can something like that happen? The only contact we ever have sometimes with these people is talking to them through commenting on blogs, admiring their art work, words, a confession of true life, reaching out to talk to someone that is ill, and a myriad of possibilities over a wire, a signal, or a satellite connection.

I too have experienced this connection.

I have reached out, been accepted, and even witnessed people living and dying on this broadband.

I am amazed everyday by the strength of my feelings and even my own honesty in this medium.

And personally, I think this is wonderful.

One of my good friends had told me once, “I love the Internet and meeting people there first, I get to know them from the inside out instead of from the outside in”, this rings true for me everyday!

I am infinitely grateful.

One of my recent connections is Lone from Flowermouse design . She  is an awesome person and artist.

We traded pieces and I got the best deal ;-]. I had said that I liked her bread mouse with cheese.


Now the pictures she took are wonderful, but in person…

there is no comparison.

The little mouse looks just like a piece or loaf of yummy crusty french bread.

Isn’t he the cutest thing you have ever seen? The cheese looks real too.

He is so cute I just want to eat him up!!

Num num num!!!

I keep him near me just so I can smile again and again.

Then I got this beautifully detailed sea urchin necklace. I wish you could hold it and see how real it looks. Howard asked me if it was real. He even held it in his hands, I turned over and showed him how Lone had written me a note in the bottom. He turned it back over to look at it again. I think he thinks I am putting him on!!

This started when I was influenced by Lone’s zipper mice. It was the perfect art storm for me.  Everything came together and my “unzipped hearts” came out.

I wanted to do something for her for inspiring me, so I made her one of my zippered pieces and sent it to her.

And the rest is blog connection history!!

Is this wonderful or what? I can meet people that I would never run in to in my backyard!

I honor the people I have run in to and will run in to. My tribe is huge!

Thank you Lone, I love my new pieces from you, dearly!


To antique or not to antique… part 6

Clicking on the picture will take you to the picture

and story of these little mice.

Lone from Flowermouse Designs has a wonderful blog and attitude, I like her. Her work is joyful and brilliant in design and color. The girl works in rainbows a lot and I adore that. She usually also has a sweet little parable that goes with each picture and post to tie the two together, Lone’s words of wisdom. Eye and mind candy.

Clicking on this picture will take you to the story of this necklace

and a larger picture

The reason I am talking about her now is to show you how she has antiqued, washed, or painted her pieces to great effect. Have a visit to the lovely Lone, you will enjoy it.

May 2020

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