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Finished onthe 15th, Fave Crafts Blog hop

Today is the Fave Crafts Blog Hop Finished on the 15th. It is about recycled products.

Click on the blog hop button above to go there and see all of the recycled crafts. Or cut and paste below

It is a contest again if you feel like voting.



I have been busy with life and finding less and less time as we are getting towards all of the holidays. There are so many things to do when your granddaughter is almost 3. Santa pictures, play, Christmas crafts, play, play, play, play, and more play. She is in to role playing now and I have been all of her friends, her stuffed animals, TV friends, swiper, and Uniqua (TV characters). It is fun, so I am behind.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and may someone like my grand daughter light your life up and show you how to remember how to play and imagine!!



Here is my latest tin can project “Tin Can Taco box”.

Just add food.

The instructions to cover the box are from the last Blog hop and here. 

You could even make a pumpkin with out the face for thanksgiving treats.

Have a great Holiday.



Finished on the 15th Tin can pumpkin box part 2- DIY

This is my post for the Fave Crafts Blog hop, Finished on the 15th.

It is a themed Blog hop for Halloween and I have the chance to win 50$ worth of craft products if you vote for me. Could you please check it out. I would love to win. You have to go to the fave craft  page (click on link of above) and like my post there.

Look for this picture.

You can click on this pumpkin to to go there.

Thank you so much if you do.

I did not get much done because I was getting ready for the San Diego polymer clay Guild’s annual Sandy Camp. You can see the witches here

A good time was had by all.

This is continued from part one here

I thought you would like to see how I make the can boxes.

Never throw another can away again.


You will need:

4 ounce Ortega chili can (You can use any can size but the cutters I am using are for the 4 ounce size can) to find the right circle cutters, put a cutter inside the lid top to see which cutter will work and then use the nest size up for lid top.

Cernit Clay in


Light Green



Opaque white


Poppy red


Large block of Biscuit

1/2″ Oval Kemper cutter

3/16″ round Kemper cutter

1 1/8″ round cutter

2″ round cutter

2 1/2″ round cutter

2 3/4″ round cutter

Clay slicing blade

Knitting needle or bic stic pen

I mix all of my colors equally with the same amount of biscuit.

Condition to one color.

Condition some of the light green Cernit and roll out on the thickest setting in your clay machine.

The mix some of the gold Cernit with the light Green 1:1 and roll it out on the thickest setting.

I used a maple leaf cutter and cut out one leaf in each color.

Cut out the stem of the leaf.

Please disregard the piece of clay on the blade ;-D

Cut a “V” at the base of the leaf.

With a knitting needle make marks in the leaves you cut out for veins.

Like so.

From the back of the leaf pinch down the center vein just a little.

Place on the lid of the can. I make the leaves were the “V” is cut go up the stem a little and scrunch up the leaves to make them look real.

Take a 1/2″ ball of the light green Cernit and roll out in to an elongated cone about 3″ long.

Place the thick end in the dip of the stem and curl up.

Like so.

Roll out some black Cernit on the thickest setting in the clay machine and fold a part of it in half.

Using the 1/2″ oval cutter, cut out 3 ovals.

Stack together. You can wrap these with another piece of very thin black clay if you wish, but I leave them like this.

I roll them gently on the work surface to tack together.

Make 4 sets of these black stacked ovals and place at four corner on the bottom of the can.

Turn the can over and place on the feet and press gently to flatten feet a little.

Cut out 4 more double thick ovals for bat bodies.

Cut out 4 single thickness rounds with the 1 1/4″ cutter.

Cut those single thick circles in half.

Using the point of the 1/2″ heart cutter starting on the out side of the half circles cut 3 points across the cut halves of each set.

Like this. Do that with all of the sets. They will look like wings now.

Using the 1 1/4″ cutter mark partial arcs from the points  to the top of the wing.

Like this.

Place a set of wings over each foot like so.

Roll the little body balls of clay in to stubby pear shapes. Place the smaller end up and place the body over the wing tips and the feet

Roll out some of the red Cernit on the 6th thickest setting and with the 3/16″ round cutter cut out 4 sets of two each for the eyes on the bat.

Cut out a single thickness of black Cernit with the 3/16″ cutter and roll into a short little coil and place over the red eyes. Mark in the center with your knitting needle. Do this on each bat.

Roll another little coil of black and cut off tiny slices and roll into a balls for the pupils in the eyes and place like above.

Make a mark for a mouth by moving the knitting needle. Do this on each bat.

Bats done, now for the face of the pumpkin.

Cut a 1/2″ strip of single thickness black.

Cut the strip so you have 3 triangles for the eyes and nose.

Place the eyes and nose on your pumpkin.

Press gently on.

Using the 2″ cutter, cut out a round and then cut a thin moon shape.

Using the square 1/2″ cutter cut out a tooth on the bottom.

Like this.

Roll out some more of the red on the 6th thickest setting and cut out 3/16″ rounds and place on the triangles for the eyes.

Sometimes you can place the cutter with the red clay on the triangle and pull back quickly and the clay with stay on the triangle.

Roll out a tiny coil of yellow and cut little sections for pupils and place on the cut out rounds of red.

Like this.

Bake like this on a piece of cardboard shipping box in a pre-heated 275 degree oven for 1/2 hour, shut off oven and let cool.

When the piece is cool you can antique it with brown Ne-Opaque. Brush on the color over the whole piece and wipe off with a damp not wet old piece of towel. It will look like the picture at the top.


Happy Halloween.

Thank you for dropping by!


Finished on the 15th- the Fave Crafts Blog Hop

Welcome all you Fave Craft Blog hoppers. My name is Marie Segal and I am a craftaholic, no no I am a polymerholic, no, I am just a holic.

I love working with my hands and this is my brain is on crafts and arts. I can not help my self, I must play with Clay, beads, wire, paper, paint, pearl-ex, air dry clay, clay, clay, and clay, card stock, gel mediums (all of them), glass, recycled goods, found objects, cameras, computers, punches, stamps, gold leaf, foils, eyelets and brads, scissors, paper cutters, words, gardening, food, cakes, fondant, book making, scrap books, albums, canvas, score pads… I think you are probably starting to get the idea.

Nothing is off-limits and everything is fair game and fodder for my mind, my heart and hands.

I have been doing this craziness for 45+ years now as much as I can and as long as I can and with as many products as I can.

I do love clay though and it is probably the thing I do most often and the longest. You will find much of that and all of the above and even the stuff I forgot in this space, with little tales from my life, opinions, and pictures, with circles and arrows ;-D.

So get your self some refreshments, and stay for a spell while I incite a riot in your mind. After all I need some company in this journey. ;-P

We will laugh and cry, but mostly laugh. I mean it couldn’t hurt, right? It is just about the only thing I trust in this day and age and it does help me stay out of trouble… mostly.

This thing I do has brought me through so many trying times and it has also helped me find solutions in life and friends along the way. It keeps me sane when I am stressed (well.. it keeps me out of trouble, mostly).

I am on a life long process of building skills.

You can click on the blog hop button above and go back to Fave Crafts blog to see other artists and their things that they have finished this month.

Here are some of the things I have finished from the last 15 to this 15th.

Last 15th I did a tutorial on making Millefiori canes influenced by Atomic age designs.

Here is the last one

I finished this with all of those canes I made.

The tutorial for it is here

I made a book.

Here is another book

And here is the one above

I made this tiny book

You can find it here

I made this book with clay covers.

I made this skeleton key. It is in my Etsy store

I made this Coptic bound photo Album for a wedding.

You can see all of those items above here

And lastly but not leastly.

I made this Tin Can Box from a recycled 4 ounce Ortega green chili can

You can see it here

Thank you for stopping by and spending some of your precious time with me. I am so honored to have you here.

Come back again.

Be well!


Finished on the 15th- Fave Crafts Blog Hop- a little hope

Well, another 15th of the month and a Fave Crafts Blog hop is here. Welcome to all of you new to my blog, I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again sometime.

To all of you that visit here regular like, HI!!  

Can you believe that it is the 15th of June? The year is half way over and the second half will be here soon.

Is it that my life is so full of stuff, that things are moving so fast?
How about you? Do you feel as if time is whizzing by?

Just a reminder for all of you that make your Christmas presents, START NOW!

Well, the thing that I got finished this month is a flower cane with and with out background and the instructions on how to make a Bottle of Hope.

Here are the links, there are 4 parts to this:

Bottles of Hope were thought up by a wonderful woman name Diane Gregoire who was going through breast cancer treatments in the late ’90’s.

She would take the bottles used in hers and others treatments and place polymer clay around them, then she would return for more treatments and pass them out to the people who were there for treatments too.

I met Diane in 1999 and fell in love with her attitude and lust for life and thriving through one of the most horrific diagnoses one can receive in life. Her large lovely grace gifted my life and I went out and taught about the program and talked to others about Diane and her bottles. I was travelling all over the world at the time and it was fun to spread the word.

Little did I know how much it would mean to me later in life when my mother and Sister in law were diagnosed with this dreaded disease.

I made 300+ bottles for my sister-in-law while she was going through treatments and before she died. I would get a call every week when I sent them, from her saying “oh I am keeping this one” or “I have a special person to give this one too”. I loved it. It gave me some thing to do. I felt like I was helping somehow.

My guild and I have been making bottles of hope ever since and have been closely affiliated with Moore’s cancer center and Dr. Casden over the years, we even have Bottles of Hope Clay Days. Yay Team!

It has been most rewarding and fulfilling  even in the tragedy of it.

Isn’t that what life is about, finding something of value and light in the dark parts?

It is for me!!

Go out and find some light!!!

Go out and make the light!!!

Go out and spread some light!!!

Go out and be the light!!!


Fave Crafts Blog Hop-I heart you!!!

Click on the blog hop button above to take you there.

Fave Crafts has their “Finished on the 15th” blog hop every month and this is the one for the 15th of December to 15th of January.

I had a lot of stuff going on in December, making gifts and holiday cooking, so I didn’t get much posted on my blog as far as what I finished, so I am posting my only how to project right in this post.

Welcome Fave Crafts people and thank you so much for coming!!

And for my regular followers, thank you so much for being here for me.

I heart you all!!!

Textured hearts with a rose and leaves

You will need:

Lumiere Metallic Olive

Knitting needle

Clay slicing blade

3/8″ teardrop cutter APC3T

Piece of cotton lace

Piece of window screen

Letter stamps-instructions for these here

Large 16 gauge jump rings out of Artistic wire- instructions for these here

Stencil brush 1/2″ round

old piece of towel

1/4″ flat brush

Sorry some of the pics are a little iffy, I am trying something new.

Also please pretend that I never use my hands and they are perfectly manicured and do not look as crappy as they do! ;-D

Make jump rings first.

For each heart you will need 1/8 block of Poppy red Cernit.

Condition the 1/8 and roll it in to a ball and then roll it in to a teardrop.

Flatten the thick end of the teardrop until it is about 3/8″ in thickness.

Like this.

Hold the middle lower part of the point end of the heart and rock the point of your knitting needle down in the middle of the thick end of the flattened teardrop to make the indentation for the lobes of the heart.

I rock it back and forth to make the indent and then I shape a little with my fingers and then use the knitting needle again.

i proceed like this until I get the shape I want and it is smooth and pretty.

Like this.

I hold the heart by the middle to the point again and then slice into the top middle of the lobes.

Rock the blade a little in the opposite direction that the cut to open the cut.

Like this.

Take one of the jump rings you have made and stick the part of the jump ring where the two wires meet in to the slit.

Press the slit together over the jump ring.

Work the slit closed gently from one end to the other.

With  the point of the knitting needle roll it over the cut and seal the edges together and then smooth them with the knitting needle until closed

 and finished.

Shape back with fingers.

Lay the heart on the lace in the place where you want the pattern to appear on your heart.

Place the other part of the

lace over the heart on top where you want the pattern to be on your heart,

Press down with the center of your palm with out smashing or destroying and then work the lace down on the dies or the heart.

With the screen you lay down the heart. This is fabric like screen, not metal.

Place the other half of the lace over the top of the heart and press gently with the palm and then press the screen down on the sides. take your time and make sure the screen is pressed all the way around.

Here is the front and you can see the rounded edges and the pattern. Click the pic for a little better view.

And here is the back.

Here I use the letter stamps to stamp in the word “Love” The link for making these stamps is above in the “you will need” paragraph.

I used the screened heart for this.

I will put a pic of this one when I finish them, maybe Sunday!

I am going to arc the word a little and start with the letter “L”.

And the “O”, you get the drill, right?

And done, you can leave the heart just like this and it will look good, but I am going to add a pair of leaves and a rose to each heart.

Roll 4- 1/4″ balls of the mint or a green you like in to balls and then in to teardrops.

Place them on to each heart, like this.

Mark the center vein with the back of the blade, please do be careful. 

Use the teardrop cutter to make the side vein marks by placing the point of the tear drop into the center vein and pushing it in a little.

Roll a small 3/16″ ball of pink into a teardrop and flatten with your finger.

Roll the teardrop from the thicker end to the pointed end.

AHGGGGGGGGGGG! look at the lovely manicured hands. No, no don’t look!

Make 3 more 3/16″ balls of pink and flatten one with your finger and thumb.

Press against the coiled center at the bottom only.

Flatten the next ball, most of the time they stick to my thumb and I press the flatten round against the bottom only of the coiled center.

Do it again with the last pink ball.

Like this.

Then I pinch the little ends of the petals a little.

Place in to the center of the leaf set. 

You are done with this one!

Now make another rose, I used turquoise Cernit for this one.

Start the same way.

Here it is finished.


Bake both hearts in your preheated 275F degree home oven on a piece of box top corrugated cardboard for 30 minutes, shut off the oven and let cool.

When completely cool using the stencil brush, punch in some of the white Ne-opaque until the whole heart is covered. Let dry a little and then wet a small area of the old towel and squeeze out the excess, rub off the white paint.

With the 1/4″ flat brush paint the leaves with a tiny amount of the olive green Lumiere.

With your finger blush the top of the rose with gold Lumiere.

You are done.


Fave Crafts Blog hop today- December

Click on the picture above and it will wisk you away to the Blog Hop!

Hi Fave Crafts Blog Hoppers, welcome!

Take off your shoes, sit down in the over stuffed chair by the fire, have a moment of peace at this busy time of year. Would you like a cookie? A cuppa?? A back massage???

Just breathe!!

Do it with me, take a deep breath in slowly one…two…three…four…five… right to your heart…seven and breathe out all stress, rushing, and relax one… two…three… all the dark and grungy thoughts and emotions…five…six… you are loved!!!

December is rushing by at the speed of light. I feel a little crazy and I am still working on Christmas presents. That is one thing that having money would do for me, I could go buy everything in the summer and just relax for once for Christmas.

Those laughing people you see during the holidays have money or they are on the very edge of sanity. I would be the latter.

I am though, glad you stopped by and I needed to breathe too!

I have a quick Christmas ornament I want to share with you.

Here is part one

Here is part two

And now to part three…

You will need:

Cernit Lemon and Glamour White

Wire cutters

18 or 16 gauge red colored copper wire

A Sharpie fine point permanent marker

A 1″ star cutter

Bamboo skewer

Star Stamp I used a retired Stampin’ up Christmas star stamp

Pearl-ex Powder Aztec gold

Mix the white glamour and the lemon together one to one until one color.


Roll the mixed color through the pasta machine on the thickest setting.

Stamp the sheet with the stamp.

Rub on the Pearl-ex Aztec gold powder with your finger.

Cut out with the star cutter and poke a hole in the top with the bamboo skewer.

Pick up the star gently and make the hole bigger with the skewer.

Bake in a preheated 275 degree F. oven for 25 minutes shut off oven and let cool.

While the star is cooling take the wire and holding one end of it on the pen, wrap the other end around the shaft of the pen.

Wrap tight as you can and wrap down and close to the last wire.

It feels like you are pulling the end wire down and next to the last turn on the pen as you go.

Pull off the coil and the cut off the end of the wire that is left, face the flush side of the cutter toward the spiral.

Grab the next turn of the spiral with your cutters and face the flush side of the cutters away from you and cut the wire right at the end that is above the turn you are cutting.

The ends should be almost matching.

The wire loop should be a little apart and one end will almost be above the bottom one.

Pull them just a bit more apart the way they naturally come apart.

Thread on the star through the hole.

Hold the other side of the loop and thread on the tree.

I am holding this with the wrong hand because that hand is taking the picture ;-D.

Move the ends gently back together. Sometime I have to go past one of the wire and move it back to get it in the right place too.

The Ornament is now done.

And you have the hints for the necklace, and the gift tag and you could also leave both holes out and make a brooch out of this too. Oh and don’t forget about an embellishment for a card or scrap book too.

I also finished this project and tutorial Marie-Tangle beads

Part one

Part two

Part three

I finished this Steampunk Album with my friend Jodi. Click on the picture to see some pictures of our progress. From there you can see part one.

I also almost finished a doll using printable cotton paper and one of my own designs here

Here is last months Blog hop if you are interested


Fave Crafts 4th of July ebook

Every once in a while I write something for Fave Crafts It is a wonderful website and community of crafters, bloggers, talented people, and a helpful and busy editorial staff. I enjoy working and playing in this community and they are very nice to me!!

Always love that.

So this is a shout out to them and their new 4th of July ebook, click on the image of the book to take you to the pdf.

Explore a new collection of 4th of July crafts created by some of our favorite craft bloggers. You will find 21 different July 4th craft ideas from 21 different bloggers, including easy craft projects using recycled materials from around the house. Find crochet, knitting and simple sewing crafts, fourth of July centerpieces and much more in this patriotic eBook. Here is the link to the blog.

 Bloggers in the eBook:

1.4th of July Wooden Stick Flags by Terri O. of Super Simple Crafts

2.Felt Star Napkin Rings by Kathy Beymer of Merriment Design

3.Firecracker Centerpiece by Heather of Small Fry & Co.

4.Fourth of July Chalkboard Labels by Lindsay of Living with Lindsay

5.Grand Old Flag by Becca Rowberry of Naptime Journal

6.Independence Day Crochet Kitty by Armina Parnagian of Armina’s Animals

7.July 4th Candleholders by Heidi Borchers of Eco-Heidi

8.July 4th Clay Pot Bell by Vicki O’Dell of Creative Goddess

9.July 4th Party Poppers by Little Birdie Secrets

10.July 4th Utensil Bundles by Molly Kozera of Bit O’Shine

11.Paper Star Fourth of July Centerpieces by Rachel Theall of Happay Scraps

12.Patriotic Crochet Bow Tie by Emi Harrington of Hectanooga

13.Proud to be American Wall Art by Terri Sproul of Terri Sproul Blog

14.Star Spangled Banner by Chasity Gordon of Belle and Burger

15.4th of July Road Strip Quilt Design by Benita Skinner of Victoriana Quilt Designs

16.American Clay Hearts by Marie Segal of Art from my Heart

17.American Flag Loom Knit Hat: Version 2 by Michael Sellick of Mikeyssmail

18.Patriotic Cloth Napkins by June Scroggin of Junie Moon

19.Patriotic Star Pinwheel by Sheila of Cheeky Magpie

20.Picnic Helpers Tutorial by Rachel Griffith of P.S. I Quilt

21.Independence Day Scrapbook Layout by Einat Kessler of Scrappin’ It

There are live links to all the bloggers at the Fave crafts blog post above.

Thank you Favecrafts.

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