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New listing in my Etsy Shop again!

New listing in my shop. I love these starfish! I love making them. Trying different colors ways. As always thank you for looking! Have a wonderful weekend.❤️


I am selling beads again in my Etsy store!

Hand formed and painted skull beads by me!


I was featured in the Etsy Blog by Mary and Kate from Reverie Magazine

I was featured, well my goldfish in the Hoarders Closet were featured, along with other Etsy sellers and their products, in a blog by Mary and Kate from Reverie magazine.

Thank you, Mary and Kate, so much!!

You can read Reverie Magazine here:

Every thing for the bride, photographed with style, written with love, and all the latest for your Wedding Reverie.

And here is the blog post, where I and many lucky others, were featured on The Etsy Blog.

Handmade Weddings: Inspired by a City 

Reverie Magazine is a quarterly online wedding magazine created in London, England. Mary and Kate hope to spread their love of wedding design and ideas to brides on both sides of the pond. The next issue of Reverie Magazine will go live on April 12; you can also find daily wedding inspiration on the Reverie Blog.

I learned about my fish and weddings too, from Kate.

The tables would be decorated with wild flowers in mismatched glass bottles, and each guest’s place setting would have spiky air plants and napkins tied with gold fish charms (said by the ancient Greeks to enhance good luck in marriage and relationships).

Thank you again Mary and Kate! and thank you Etsy for having them blog!!


Something of interest- Etsy’s best

I don’t usually do Etsy showcases, but in one day I was sent some interesting stores.

The first one is someone who I featured in one of my blogs Halloween weekend. She is the Day of the Dead Catrina I took a picture of at the Day of the Dead Festival.

She saw my blog and contacted me, how cool is that?

Here is the blog post

She also sent me some much better pictures to share with you.

This Catrina’s name is Nathaly

She has two Etsy Shops too.

One is for shoe accessories and hair baubles, Lola Lolita

And the other shop is a vintage finds shop with things from all over the world. La Femme Moderne

Take a look at Nathaly’s shops, she has incredible things in them.

I love this blog! I am so excited to meet and know more about Nathaly and to have better pictures of her too. At the DOD Festival I wondered about her and who she was. I did not get to talk to her there at all, she was surrounded by people most of the time.

What an incredible costume.

How can it get better than this?

The second wonderful shop is from a fellow guild member and friend, Beth. She thought I would appreciate this shop. The shop was featured in her paper on Sunday. She knows I love Day of the dead and art, so she sent me the shop only a few minutes after Nathlay wrote me. I thought this must be a blog post or something.

This my friends is Raw Bone Studio

Cute, right??

These beauties come from the mind of Robin Romain.

I love these tin can skulls, It is a skull and tin can, how can it not be more perfect? Sardine cans?? Can it be my next palette? I seriously doubt it, I can not stand sardines. I will leave that to Robin  and her friend and artist Joe William Crabtree.


Will you go vote?



I was just included in this treasury by cthings, thank you so much cthings.

I really appreciate the acknowledgement. You are the best!

Now you can vote too!


“Want to have fun then go vote @ handmade top 10 here is the jewelry category and only 9 days left:

Above are some of the items you can vote on and check out more beautiful items to vote on!”

In case you were wondering, mine is the unzipped heart with the steampunk angel! ;-D


A new unzipped heart- under the sea


This polymer clay heart is unzipped so you can see you can carry your love of the sea with you. There is a small ocean scene in there, crab, star fish, seahorse and shells.

The whole piece has been antiqued or washed with brown acrylic paint to give a feel of antiquity to it.
The Crab, shells, seaweed, seahorse and star fish is washed with gold. The zipper has been highlighted with silver acrylic.
There are two stars, one on each side of the top of the zipper holding it in place.
There are words stamped in the background on the heart.

The heart is 2 1/2″ high and 1 15/16″ wide and it is 1/2″ thick.

There is a large copper ring in the top of the heart from which hangs a 36” piece of red cord.
It will hang about 16-17 inches. The cord is easily removable if you wish to add your own chain or cord.
The ends of the cord are dipped into a red fabric paint to keep them from unraveling.


Happy Monday

Did you have a nice Mother’s day and at least spend time with your family, furry or otherwise?

Family is such a broad term these days.

There are many ways to translate that word.

Interpret it the way that makes you happy, makes you whole, and makes you… family!!

Love is the bottom line.

It is OK to make your own.

I worked a lot over the weekend.

Makin’s Clay cutter sets

I edited pictures and finished the MOM plaque I put up on the blog yesterday. I worked on the Etsy stores and loaded up a ton of stuff in The Hoarders Closet. Some pearl-ex sets and a cutter set with 7 Makin’s clay cutter sets. Some more findings.

Pearl-ex powders, a versatile artist’s tool. Mix with gum arabic to make your own paints, lacquer, liquid clay, and resins.

They can also be brushed right on to the surface of raw clay!

The possibilities are endless.


I took and edited the pictures for those too. I have to do as much as I can on the weekend. So much for sleeping till noon and doing absolutely nothing, LOL!

These are the interference colors. They are like magic and the color they are shows up best on black but they will let any color they are painted over give them a different cast!

They are great for painters and will make awesome highlights in eyes and on lips.


Yesterday Madi, me and the hubs and my two girls went out to lunch for mom’s day.

Killer Pizza from Mars, yum, good pizza and nice people and great big huge salads. It was nice, they even made me a gluten free pizza no crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni. It was so good but a lot of cheese and pepperoni. I won’t eat a ton of those and if I do, I will definitely have to add a ton of veggies. It was yummy, and I got to eat “Pizza” with everyone else.

My daughter said that is probably what most people do, add a ton of veggies. I just thought I would get the pizza I like.

How can it get any better than this?

I love pepperoni pizza, so much that I will even eat what most consider bad pepperoni pizza, I do prefer the good kind though. Being on a gluten free diet has definitely put a cramp in that one.

Except for Udi’s pizza crusts I would never get to eat pizza and now I have another alternative available.

It was a good day, and I had a blast with my family.

I am still not feeling the best.

Getting better everyday though.

Have a great week!!

May 2020

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