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How ya all doing? Are you having a good week so far?

I worked all weekend so I missed Monday’s post. When I woke up at the key board at midnight, I figured I should go to bed. I am so sorry, sometimes you just have to give in or give up. I tried, I gave up.

It is raining here again, a really wet year for us. It is supposed to rain tomorrow too. I like it. It makes the weeds grow faster though.

The birds are singing in the morning early, it is so good to wake up to the chirpy little voices.

I think spring is sneaking in.

The white egret that has been coming to our place for at least 15 years has come back, he (or she) spends a lot of time here. He used to have a mate until the coyotes got her, so now he comes alone. A couple of times in different years he has brought another couple here, I haven’t seen them yet!

I was looking for a picture of him but I can not find it.

I found this picture though.

You could call this pond scum, but look how beautiful this is!

Click on the picture for a bigger version too.

Look at that color, I love that green!

Madi and I just hung out and stayed warm, watched some cartoons, took a nap and nourished our souls today. I feel guilty, like I should do something, edgy almost, have you been feeling this way too?

Madi likes days like this, she uses gramma for a sofa and sits on me, lies on me, lays against me, puts her feet on me, and her head.

You’ve heard of people being close talkers, Madi is a close sitter. It is cute though.

I hope you all have a magical week, one that is filled with wonderful surprises and good health.

I just wanted to let you know that my friend is doing very well in the hospital. She should be coming home soon. I am thrilled.

Have a Fat Tuesday!!

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