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Blast from the past- 1st installment BPCanes

It is way too hot to take pictures. I was thinking that some of my content in the beginning of my blogging adventure was pretty cool, so sort of like summer re-runs on TV, I am going to re-post some of these babies that I really like.

Silence on a radio, no picture and sound on a TV, and no words on a blog are always a little disconcerting.

May your summer be cool.

May your drinks be cooler,

and may your heart be content.

Blessings all over all ya all!!

Just a note: Bead Space is no longer a viable link, but bead patterns are readily available all over the web!

Click on the title header below to take you to the full blog post!!

Extruder Canes with Bead Patterns as a guide

I put up the color mixing chart yesterday for this project!

Millefiori is the glass technique of bundling or layering colored rods of glass together to form images and then cutting the cross section of the bundled or layered glass to get a little tile of an image. These colored rods of glass are called canes. I have seen this technique duplicated in many mediums, ceramic, candy, food, and polymer clay, and it can sometimes seem almost impossible to achieve, but if you start with basic design, bulls eye canes, open spirals and checkerboards just to name a few, you can combine those to make more intricate pictures or images, called advanced caning. Anytime two or more simple patterns are combined it becomes advanced. I have found a way to make intricate canes that is so easy to do, yet gives the impression of intricacy and complication. Bead patterns and a Makin’s Clay extruder are great for attempting this.

Dem bones, dem bones, dem fish bones! Part 2

This tutorial post is continued from

Dem bones, dem bones, dem fish bones! Part 1

Spooky fish skeleton that is not just for Halloween.

At least that is what I think anyway.

I love this cane.

I hope you have fun making it too.

You will need:

Black Cernit

Opaque White Cernit

Porcelain Cernit

Biscuit Cernit

Clay slicing blade

Clay machine

Ruler if you wish

I mixed the black clay with Biscuit and the white clay with porcelain in equal parts

Condition and roll out the black in to a sheet on the thickest setting in your clay machine.

This is the last picture from part 1 here

Dem bones, dem bones, dem fish bones! Part 1

Add a sheet of white to the center of the cut on one side. The sheet will be rolled out on the 3rd thickest setting.

Put the stack back together with the white sheet in the middle…

Roll a 1/2″ coil of the white clay and press in to a triangle with your thumb and forefinger.

Add the triangle point up to the fish bones. Like this.

Roll a 3/4″ coil of black.

Press that coil into a triangle too.

Make the points of the triangle pretty sharp.

Trim the triangle black piece to fit the stack of rib bones.

Cut that triangle piece in half.

Make the points even sharper if you have too.

Add one half to one side of the tail and the other half to the other side of the tail. Press in to the tail evenly.

Add a sheet of black clay rolled out on the thickest setting in the pasta machine to the bottom of the tail.

Like this!

Roll a 1″ coil of white clay and trim to the length of the stack of bones and tail.

Press this in to a triangle shape and see if it is the same size as the stack of bones and tail.

Cut straight down and cut off one point of the triangle.

Like so!

Place a bamboo skewer or brass rod on the cut side of the big triangle on the top 1/3 of the triangle.

Press the rod gently in to the triangle.

Add the other cut sections right back to the triangle with the brass rod still in place.

Form the 2nd cut half around the rod to form a half circle cell in the both pieces of the triangle.

Peel the one section off the other section and remove the brass rod.

Roll a coil of black clay the size of the brass rod about 1/8″ and place in the channel of the big part of the white triangle.

Cut off the black coil so it is the length of the white triangle piece.

Place the smaller section of the triangle together with the larger one leaving the black coil inside.

This will be the eye for the fish bone cane.

Using your blade again cut into the opposite side of the cane at more of an angle. Cut all the way through to the bottom edge of the white triangle.

Like so.

Pull off the small section with never changing the orientation of the pieces.

Roll out some black clay on the 3rd thickest setting and place a strip about 1/4″ in width on the length of the small cut off white piece of the larger triangle.

This piece will slide under the bigger white piece of the triangle, so the black strip will go along the outside edge of the small piece.

Like so!

Using your thumb and forefinger compact everything together. Shaping back in to a triangle and pressing the small piece with the black together with the large piece of the triangle as if it is one piece.

Place the triangle head in the center of the bones on the stack.

Roll a black coil that is 1 1/8″ in diameter and the length of the stack of fish bones.

Press in to a triangle shape and cut the pieces in half.

Make the points of the triangle more defined.

Place one half on each side of the head of the fish.

Wrap all sides with a sheet of black rolled out on the thickest setting.

Reduce by compressing all sides one at a time with the palm of your hand and then flipping the cane from end to end and compressing all 4 sides of the cane again.

Repeat this slowly and gently until the cane is smaller by half the size.

It is best to be more forceful in the center of the cane to force the inside of the cane out.

As Katherine Dewey once told me “Oh, you are pressing on the “x” and the “y” axis which forces the “z” out through the center”.


This is the inside of that cane using that method!

Enjoy and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Boos and hisses!


Tin can pumpkin

I did not get much work accomplished at Sandy Camp.

I had loads of fun visiting but didn’t get one thing done!

I made this before I left, because I had to donate something for being in the store.

I donated the other Tin can box also.

For the Clay Factory.

And I made this one for my contribution.

Sandy Camp was based on a Halloween theme this year, it was our 13th one.

I was in my glory, I adore Halloween.

Here is the top of the can.

Here is the side of the can showing the little bat feet.

He came in on little bat feet.

Here is the top and the side of the can together,

Another view.

Another view.

A view with his hat on (or top).

I put my own tickets in for this, I wanted it back, is that wrong? ;-D

I put my own tickets in for the other one too.

The people who got them, make me happy, though.

I made this one on a sliced water chestnut can.

I think I love these.


Something else I got side tracked on

Halloween cupcakes!
I was making molds and had to try some of them out.

I got stuck here for a while, I made one for everyone on the Sandy Camp committee. I really appreciate all of these ladies.

No wonder I do not have enough time for everything.

I keep adding stuff to my list. ;-D

Do you do this?

Are you having a wonderful start to your fall or spring?

I am loving our weather.

The light is changing.

The sky is so beautiful.

What a planet!

We are so lucky to be here.

Go outside and wiggle your toes in the grass before it is gone and too cold to do it.

My favorite time of year.


Finished on the 15th- the Fave Crafts Blog Hop

Welcome all you Fave Craft Blog hoppers. My name is Marie Segal and I am a craftaholic, no no I am a polymerholic, no, I am just a holic.

I love working with my hands and this is my brain is on crafts and arts. I can not help my self, I must play with Clay, beads, wire, paper, paint, pearl-ex, air dry clay, clay, clay, and clay, card stock, gel mediums (all of them), glass, recycled goods, found objects, cameras, computers, punches, stamps, gold leaf, foils, eyelets and brads, scissors, paper cutters, words, gardening, food, cakes, fondant, book making, scrap books, albums, canvas, score pads… I think you are probably starting to get the idea.

Nothing is off-limits and everything is fair game and fodder for my mind, my heart and hands.

I have been doing this craziness for 45+ years now as much as I can and as long as I can and with as many products as I can.

I do love clay though and it is probably the thing I do most often and the longest. You will find much of that and all of the above and even the stuff I forgot in this space, with little tales from my life, opinions, and pictures, with circles and arrows ;-D.

So get your self some refreshments, and stay for a spell while I incite a riot in your mind. After all I need some company in this journey. ;-P

We will laugh and cry, but mostly laugh. I mean it couldn’t hurt, right? It is just about the only thing I trust in this day and age and it does help me stay out of trouble… mostly.

This thing I do has brought me through so many trying times and it has also helped me find solutions in life and friends along the way. It keeps me sane when I am stressed (well.. it keeps me out of trouble, mostly).

I am on a life long process of building skills.

You can click on the blog hop button above and go back to Fave Crafts blog to see other artists and their things that they have finished this month.

Here are some of the things I have finished from the last 15 to this 15th.

Last 15th I did a tutorial on making Millefiori canes influenced by Atomic age designs.

Here is the last one

I finished this with all of those canes I made.

The tutorial for it is here

I made a book.

Here is another book

And here is the one above

I made this tiny book

You can find it here

I made this book with clay covers.

I made this skeleton key. It is in my Etsy store

I made this Coptic bound photo Album for a wedding.

You can see all of those items above here

And lastly but not leastly.

I made this Tin Can Box from a recycled 4 ounce Ortega green chili can

You can see it here

Thank you for stopping by and spending some of your precious time with me. I am so honored to have you here.

Come back again.

Be well!


Tin can box

This is something I have been working on lately too.

It is made from a diced green chili can.


I like how it is hard to find the can.

It is also very busy, I like busy like this.

It has little feet on the bottom and they have angels in front of them.


You can see how big it is when I hold it in my hand.

Perfect for special treasures.


I am liking this very much. It was fun to make. It is using recycled materials.


You can see the can now!

Have a great Tuesday.

Create a new way today.


Fave Crafts Blog Hop- Black and White Canes- Atomic age influences part 3

Well it is that time of the month again! Yes, it is the 15th of July now.

Time for the Fave Crafts Blog hop “Finished on the 15th”.

Welcome, welcome, I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.

I am also having a giveaway here if you want to join in.

Mine has been crazy, but I do have a project going right now!!

It is the Mid-Century Atomic age influenced Black and white cane series.

Part 1 is here:

Part 2 is here:

And this is going to be the 3rd part.

You will need:

Black Cernit 1- 2.2 ounce block
Opaque White Cernit 1-2.2ounce block
Porcelain White Cernit large block (Just says White, not Opaque white)
Clay blade SB
Clay Machine
Mix the black and the opaque white with equal amounts of the porcelain white until it is one color. You do not have to do this but I like the consistency of the Porcelain white and it keeps my colors soft and pliable. If your porcelain white is not soft this will not work.

All links above lead to my hubby’s store
as always, thank you so much for looking. We both appreciate you immensely.

25. Roll out a coil of white that is at least 6″ long and 3/8″ in diameter.

26. Flatten coil only on one side to get a teardrop shape with your thumb while holding the other end with your finger so it will not lengthen as much.

Cut away from your work surface with your clay slicing blade and turn from end to end and flatten again while holding the other end with your forefinger.

Flatten it out to about 3/4″ wide in a teardrop shape.

27. It will look like this.

28. Add to one side of the other cane like so.

29. Here is a better picture of it.

Cut the whole thing in half.

30. It will look like so.

31. Put the two halves together like this with the teardrop shapes both on the same side.

32. Lengthen and stretch out the cane till you have 15″ at least.

Do this slowly, you will want the black clay lines to show on the bottom of the cane. You will also want to do this slowly to keep the distortion to a minimum.

33. I had some of the white clay move over the black lines when I reduced it so I trimmed away the white clay.

34. It looks like this when the end of the cane is trimmed off.

35. Cut 7- 2″ sections.

36. Pinch the side with the lines together to make them a little smaller.

37. Place the sections around the spiral center. You may have to pinch them thinner to make them all fit.

It should look like this. ;-D

38. Roll another coil of white that is 1/4″ in diameter and flatten on one side of the coil again to make a shorter teardrop shaped coil or cane.

39. Flattening the coil/cane in one side.

40. Press on the side so the one edge is pointed.

41. Cut sections of the smaller teardrop shaped coil/cane to the length of the cane you have put together.

42. Place the little sections in to the cane. Move apart the sections if you have to, to fit them in.

43. It will look like this.

44. Pinch the cane in the middle with the finger and thumb of one hand in the north and south position on the cane and the finger and thumb of the other hand in the east and west position on the cane, start in the middle and move to the top end of the cane. Turn it a little at a time and pinch and move up a little at a time.

Flip the cane over and starting in the middle position your fingers and thumbs in the same position and press and work to the other end of the cane. Reduce this way until you have reduced the cane to half its size.

45. Roll the cane on the table to smooth and lengthen. Roll your hands forward and the clay should turn more than 360 degrees.

Roll your hands back and the cane should turn more than 360 degrees. Keep it moving and fluid while you move your palms away from each other.

Reduce down to about 3/4″ in diameter.

Tah- dah!!

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