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Fave Crafts Blog Hop-Finished on the 15th, May

May already?

Seems like I have been saying that every month when the 15th of the month rolls around.

Ready or not here it is!

Welcome all to the Fave Crafts Blog Hop, Finished on the 15th, May!

Hop on over to the Fave Crafts or click on the blog hop button!

I am excited to share this technique. I have been playing with it for a couple of years and love what I get out of it.

See that textured burgundy shiny stuff in the middle of this brooch?

It is aluminum foil. I used Pinata Ink to color it.

I have tons of tools and I like to find other uses for them besides just for clay.

You will need:

Clay machine

Makin’s Texture plates

Sheet wrap foam for packaging (it is very thin, not bubble wrap)

Aluminum foil

Golden Gel Medium heavy gel

Popsicle stick

Pinata Ink 6015 Sangria

3/4′ or 1/2″ flat soft brush

This background is the textured foil on a board. Covers like paper, nice!

I have used Lumiere Copper metallic paint on this textured foil to color it.

Here is what I use for the brooch. Once that foil “paper” is dry it can be cut with scissors.

And then it can be colored with Pinatas or Alcohol ink.

I use a piece of felt to apply the ink to the texture foil.

I blanked out the label because I have ancient bottles of the inks and that label has changed. It is good to know that as long as that cap is tight, they will last a very long time, years!

These are different textures that I have made. Some of the plates work better than others.

Here is the back of the foil, the dull part. You can use both sides of the foil and the dull one might be nice for some projects.

Another example.

Cut the foam to the width of your clay machine or a little smaller.

Place the foil over it.

Place the texture sheet on top.

How you place the foil in depends on how the texture turns out too.

Shiny side close to the foam will give me a great beehive print when I press the texture plate in to the dull side.

For this texture plate I ran it through the machine on the 3rd thickest setting. Each texture plate demands a different setting on the clay machine. You want to put it through tightly with out breaking or smashing the design in the texture plate.

This is a better shot so you can see the texture plate.

This is run through the clay machine.

I turned the foil over to the dull side and I gently brush on some of the gel medium. I am generous with the gel medium. Go slow and gently, you can take out the design if you are too aggressive. 

Let that dry over night.

I make several sheets and dry them over night.

Then when it is dry, you pile up some gel medium on one side of the sheet and gently use the Popsicle stick to squeegee it over the surface again, like spreading grout or cheese ;-D.

Do all of the sheets and let them dry over night.

Till dry.

You can attach this to boxes, paper mache, cardboard, raw polymer clay, frames, and shrines, and I bet a ton more things too, with a coat of gel medium on the surface of the object you are covering.

I really love this one, the texture and the color, I used Baja Blue Pinata.


Fave Crafts Blog Hop- March 15th, National Craft Month

Spring is here in Southern California, birds are singing, the sun is shining, the sky is a lovely blue and the breeze is breezy.A lovely month for crafts.

Welcome to my piece of the craft world, I hope you like your visit and will consider coming back here again.

Be sure and click on the favecrafts logo above to take you to see all of the other wonderful crafters that hang out with Fave or here

This month I started a series of how to articles based on the African trade beads that are made out of glass.


“Trade beads are usually associated with West Africa where they are usually found, but they were originally created in Venice, Bohemia, and Holland. The history of trade beads dates back to the end of the fifteenth century when Portuguese trading ships arrived on the coast of West Africa to exploit its many resources, including gold, slaves, ivory, and palm oil. In those days, beads were a major component of the currency exchanged for people and products. Over the four centuries that followed, millions of beads were traded to Africa, and by the nineteenth century, European bead makers were producing a wide variety of designs specifically for the African trade, such as millefiori, chevrons, striped melons, feather, and eye beads.” Full article at Beadopedia,

You can find the second installment here

I plan on having several more canes and posts to go with these so you might want to check back when you have a little time.

Thank you for coming by this month.

Your time is much appreciated here.


Fave Crafts Blog hop today- December

Click on the picture above and it will wisk you away to the Blog Hop!

Hi Fave Crafts Blog Hoppers, welcome!

Take off your shoes, sit down in the over stuffed chair by the fire, have a moment of peace at this busy time of year. Would you like a cookie? A cuppa?? A back massage???

Just breathe!!

Do it with me, take a deep breath in slowly one…two…three…four…five… right to your heart…seven and breathe out all stress, rushing, and relax one… two…three… all the dark and grungy thoughts and emotions…five…six… you are loved!!!

December is rushing by at the speed of light. I feel a little crazy and I am still working on Christmas presents. That is one thing that having money would do for me, I could go buy everything in the summer and just relax for once for Christmas.

Those laughing people you see during the holidays have money or they are on the very edge of sanity. I would be the latter.

I am though, glad you stopped by and I needed to breathe too!

I have a quick Christmas ornament I want to share with you.

Here is part one

Here is part two

And now to part three…

You will need:

Cernit Lemon and Glamour White

Wire cutters

18 or 16 gauge red colored copper wire

A Sharpie fine point permanent marker

A 1″ star cutter

Bamboo skewer

Star Stamp I used a retired Stampin’ up Christmas star stamp

Pearl-ex Powder Aztec gold

Mix the white glamour and the lemon together one to one until one color.


Roll the mixed color through the pasta machine on the thickest setting.

Stamp the sheet with the stamp.

Rub on the Pearl-ex Aztec gold powder with your finger.

Cut out with the star cutter and poke a hole in the top with the bamboo skewer.

Pick up the star gently and make the hole bigger with the skewer.

Bake in a preheated 275 degree F. oven for 25 minutes shut off oven and let cool.

While the star is cooling take the wire and holding one end of it on the pen, wrap the other end around the shaft of the pen.

Wrap tight as you can and wrap down and close to the last wire.

It feels like you are pulling the end wire down and next to the last turn on the pen as you go.

Pull off the coil and the cut off the end of the wire that is left, face the flush side of the cutter toward the spiral.

Grab the next turn of the spiral with your cutters and face the flush side of the cutters away from you and cut the wire right at the end that is above the turn you are cutting.

The ends should be almost matching.

The wire loop should be a little apart and one end will almost be above the bottom one.

Pull them just a bit more apart the way they naturally come apart.

Thread on the star through the hole.

Hold the other side of the loop and thread on the tree.

I am holding this with the wrong hand because that hand is taking the picture ;-D.

Move the ends gently back together. Sometime I have to go past one of the wire and move it back to get it in the right place too.

The Ornament is now done.

And you have the hints for the necklace, and the gift tag and you could also leave both holes out and make a brooch out of this too. Oh and don’t forget about an embellishment for a card or scrap book too.

I also finished this project and tutorial Marie-Tangle beads

Part one

Part two

Part three

I finished this Steampunk Album with my friend Jodi. Click on the picture to see some pictures of our progress. From there you can see part one.

I also almost finished a doll using printable cotton paper and one of my own designs here

Here is last months Blog hop if you are interested


Fave Crafts Blog hop today- November

I am a little late today sorry. Tired, a sore throat, and a “just slept in” kind of day.

Welcome to my place here if you are coming from Fave Crafts. I hope you enjoy your visit.

I was out all weekend at craft fairs, I had a great time, it was fun being out and about.

It is Fave Craft’s monthly blog hop today the 15th of November and I am going to let you have it, LOL!!

I don’t have much for this month because I’ve been working for those fairs but I am sure there will be plenty of other’s over at the hop that have tons to share.

Hop on over and have a great time.

Tah dah!!! 

Now presenting “Finished on the 15th”

     Click button and go!


My contribution for this month is “Oh wooden it be lovely” a polymer clay tutorial on handmade wood.

A 3 part series.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Have a great week you all and I love you, my pretties.

Visit my etsy store later if you have a chance, I will will be loading it up with some awesome goodies this week.

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Today is the day- Fave Crafts Blog Hop!


This is part of the Fave Crafts Blog Hop.

The Blog Hop is about all the projects finished in the last 30 days. There are lots of bloggers to check out. Find the link below.

Here are my projects finished in the last 30 days.

A 3 part one.

painted flowers

alphabet stamp handles

playing with my food

From Plain to fabulous

Click on the link above to see everyone Else’s.

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