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Wednesday Wonder- Woodwife Wednesday

It is a wonder to me how many giving and talented people there are out there
in Blogland.

How can it get any better than that?

I know all of them!!! ;-D

My friend the Woodwife is a
multi faceted, talented woman.

I love this tutorial, here, simple,
effective, and quick,

the Woodwife, Donna, took some of
my pieces and included them in one of her works of spirit.

I love being able to be a piece of this love charged piece.

And this is what she did with them.

Cool huh?

Nice touch.
Everyone can use a guardian angel.

I adore the colors on these.

Great Job

Donna has a couple of Etsy stores too.

The Woodwife Wares

Blue Otter Arts


A very nice thing to do! Jo at Flo Rae Me

Jo at Flo Rae Me is just a really nice person.

Two weeks ago I received a package in the mail along with the others you have seen. This though was surprise from JO.

I laughed out loud. I love surprises that make me do that. YAY!!! Jo, you are the best.

She had made a cherry bakewell cane. A cane is a log of clay that has a picture running all the way through it. When you cut a cross-section of the log you get a picture inside. You keep cutting you get many slices of that same picture. This is a process that was adapted from glass called Millefiori.

I didn’t know what they were but they sure looked good and so did that cane she made. It almost looked like a little cupcake.

You can see the post here.

Well… these little goodies are just as yummy as they look, even coming all the way from Merry Ole’. I love them. Jo brought them to the States and then sent them to me. WOW!!

Thank you so much Jo, you are a peach!!

I am so grateful for your friendship, consideration, and your amazing talent.

Take a gander at Jo’s blog.


Great giveaways

Theresa at Faeriemoon Creations is having a Giveaway!

Click the picture and it will take you there.

Hurry closes on August 27 th, 2010

Mother moon”s Eat Pray Love Giveaway

Click the picture and it will take you there.

Ends September 1st, 2010

Nydia at Bringing up Salamanders is having a Goddess giveaway.

Click on the picture and it will take you to the post!

Keys not included <]:)

Ends on the September 1st, 2010


Hi and I am back…a little at a time.

Sorry to have left you all for so long. I got slammed! Not with anything important, just overwhelm.
I needed some time.
Not long ago I opened an Etsy shop  I am now finding out how much work people put in to doing a great job of promoting and selling, photographing, listing, reading, making, studying, packaging, treasuries, and all of the things that make a good shop go. All this while trying to take care of someone that does not like you being on the phone, computer, vacuuming, or anything electronic or mechanical while she is awake.
What was I thinking?
It was coming together beautifully, my blog buddy Theresa at “Welcome to my World”  did a wonderful post for me and another artist Emily of “Nothing but String”  on her thursday artist features
We both did a giveaway. My winner was Lisa at Pearl Avenue Studios
Check her out, she is so talented.
As are all of these women above. So many talented people I am blessed to know from blogging. I feel so lucky. I love this blog world we live in. Very hard to be away from this long, but I knew I needed to step away from this damn computer for a bit!
My part in Theresa’s giveaway was to make the winner a custom heart. I told Lisa to tell me her vision for the custom heart. This is what she said
“I am particular to bees, numbers and letters. Vintage worn and torn things that looked washed out, and sepia tones, robins egg blue with sepia washes”
OMG!!! I love these. Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your vision with me. I absolutely adore them. Lisa picked one,  the one with the large bee and I will be listing the other two in my shop soon.
I love when someone shares their vision with me.
Am I the winner here or what?
I almost feel guilty, I said “almost”.
So now thanks to Theresa my store is making some progress, I have stuff loaded up there, and I am trying to list stuff every week.
Hi to you all. I hope you have a great week and I will get around to see you soon.
I am clearing out my spaces, playing with my darling electronic hating grand daughter Madi, making stuff, and trying to do all I have to do in life, and still keep smiling.
Thank you all for sticking around, “I’ll be back!!”
I feel better now!

To antique or not to antique… part 6

Clicking on the picture will take you to the picture

and story of these little mice.

Lone from Flowermouse Designs has a wonderful blog and attitude, I like her. Her work is joyful and brilliant in design and color. The girl works in rainbows a lot and I adore that. She usually also has a sweet little parable that goes with each picture and post to tie the two together, Lone’s words of wisdom. Eye and mind candy.

Clicking on this picture will take you to the story of this necklace

and a larger picture

The reason I am talking about her now is to show you how she has antiqued, washed, or painted her pieces to great effect. Have a visit to the lovely Lone, you will enjoy it.


OWOH- One World One Heart and my 3rd winner

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

If you ever want to feel great about your self, mark this post and read it again sometime when you are behind.

At the end of January 2010, I committed to something called OWOH (One World One Heart), it is a blog social where everyone visits each others blogs and comments. Each blog host has a giveaway of some sort. I had such a great response and enjoyed my self so much. I had 2 people shy of 300 responses or comments. For every 50 people, I offered up a handmade goddess or angel made for them according to a few questions I would ask them. That is 5 pieces.

This is also my first post for the OWOH explaining the rules and what I was going through at the time.

I went to every blog on the list too. I had the time of my life for being in one of the saddest to date places I have ever been, needless to say doing the blog social is the best thing I could have done at that time, it kept me busy!

Clicking on this image will take you to the OWOH blog list

You can check out Lisa Swifka’s page here to see the almost 1100 blogs that participated here:

I just finished my 3rd one, 4 months later, I have two more to do. I haven’t gotten the instructions for one yet! That is a long time to finish these pieces. I did though, warn everyone that they would have to wait for me, the reason being that these pieces, even though I have information, pretty much speak to me about what is supposed to be on the goddess or angel. It takes time. I have to be in the right frame of mind. There is also study involved. Visiting pages and looking for info, every detail will make a difference in the finished pieces. Not only that, I have no idea what some of the things people request are.  

The 3rd one is gone, it was shipped off and Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover  has received hers. I took a very long time with this one, there were not many things for me to choose from on her list. She loves her cat Bleubeard and her friend plays the steel drum, all the clay and wire should match, do not clutter it up, Crown and wings. I thought “oh merde” this is not enough info. I can not do this. Not enough info. And what the hell is a steel drum anyway??

Well, here it is, uncluttered for my work, matching wires and clay, steel drum, Bleubeard, wings crown.

I added a halo of peridot and hoped that it wasn’t over the top and a bit too much per Elizabeth’s instructions.

The reason I added the peridot is myth, but lovely myth. 

Mystical Properties

Peridot jewelry is used to help dreams become a reality.


Peridot is given as a symbol of fame, dignity, and protection.

Legend has it that pirates favored peridot to protect them against evil. When the peridot was set in gold it also protected the wearer from terrors in the night.

Peridot has been mined from St John’s Island in the Red Sea for over 3500 years.

Peridot is the US State Gemstone of Nevada.

The stone is so sweetly light green in chip form that I thought it would not distract. Giving someone protection in thought and heart is a good thing in my opinion and I have grown to like Elizabeth a lot. I like her attitude and her blog.

Not only have I gained insight about clutter, steel drums, and helped my sad state, I feel I have also gained friends from this experience. The more I blog, the more I love it.


The 12th giveaway- You are Sacred

You are Sacred!

On may 19th 2009 I started the giveaways.  You can read about why and the first one here:

I am coming up to the end of one year of doing this very soon. I am so grateful for you that have followed and stuck with me. I am grateful for new friends. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained and hope even imparted (LOL). I believe I am going to keep having giveaways, I find so much pleasure from it. I don’t know if I will keep it up at this pace, but I am going to keep going.

This has been so much fun, and in meaning to give back I have received so much. Funny how that stuff works. You are sacred hearts to me.

I appreciate your cheering, your consoling, and your time so much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

May you be safe,

May you be healthy,

May you be happy,

And may you live with ease.

For the 12th giveaway I am going to give away 3 (three) scared heart pendant beads of my choice.

Maybe when I get some time (LOL), I will put up a picture of the 3 sacred hearts I am going to giveaway.

You have until the 5th of May at 6pm PDT.

Leave a comment…

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