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To antique or not to antique… part 6

Clicking on the picture will take you to the picture

and story of these little mice.

Lone from Flowermouse Designs has a wonderful blog and attitude, I like her. Her work is joyful and brilliant in design and color. The girl works in rainbows a lot and I adore that. She usually also has a sweet little parable that goes with each picture and post to tie the two together, Lone’s words of wisdom. Eye and mind candy.

Clicking on this picture will take you to the story of this necklace

and a larger picture

The reason I am talking about her now is to show you how she has antiqued, washed, or painted her pieces to great effect. Have a visit to the lovely Lone, you will enjoy it.


To antique or not to antique… part 4, sometimes it is the only answer

My friends Kelly and Tina have a fun blog. It is called KTdidclay 

They share the space together, and with their great senses of humor and creative personalities, it is a fun place to visit and the eye candy is huge. I love being with them in person too! We laugh and get in trouble a lot.

It just so happens that Kelly did a little thing on white clay and then antiqued or washed or painted (whatever name you choose to call it) with acrylic paint and then wiped off the excess.

I thought “oh,  this is perfect for the tangent I am on”!

click on the picture and it will take you over there to ktdidclay and a giant picture.

You can even see the veining in the stem of the “weed”.

As in Kelly’s case “one man’s (or woman’s) “weed” is another ones art.”

Kelly says,

“I picked a few “weeds” which I thought had some interesting potential. I had created them by impressing the plants into the raw clay which leaves the texture behind.”

See, it just goes to show you something as simple as weeds and paint can add a whole new view to a plain piece of white clay. I can imagine whole little landscapes being made this way.

A work of art is born.


To antique or not to antique… part 3, try another color

Pick a color…any color

Black Ne-opaque

Brown Ne-opaque

True Gold- Lumiere

Red Ne-opaque

White Ne-opaque

Click on the image for a closer view.

Wow, what a difference a color makes!

I used all of the same colors of clay. 

Do not forget the 13th giveaway, with 3 parts.

Part 1  ends the 19th of may, 2010

Part 2  ends the 20th of may, 2010

Part 3  ends the 21st of may, 2010


Taking shape-changing ideas and altered directions- part 18, getting a handle on things

Getting a handle on things… Also known as “to antique or not to antique”.

Do not forget the 13th giveaway, with 3 parts.

Part 1 ends the 19th of may, 2010

Part 2 ends the 20th of may, 2010

Part 3 ends the 21st of may, 2010


To antique or not to antique… part 2

You can click on this picture for a larger view.

Well, it seems that more people prefer the antiquing than not and I agree most of the time.

 This is last post

and here  

I am liking this one though, very much. I have the brightness that is so typical of wonderful Mexican art, but my little skulls pop right off the piece.


To antique or not to antique…

That is the question…sometimes it is so hard to decide.

I like the definition the antiquing brings to the piece. The colors darken a bit.

I like the bright colors though too.

Well, sometimes you feel like a nut… sometimes you don’t.

Happy Monday.

You are loved.

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