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Wednesday Wonder- I wonder if I am going to get it all done?

Sorry, I have been missing in action. I am getting ready to go to CHA,,  there are many things to do. Making biz cards, prepping for my classes, making notes on who to see and what to do. Plus getting my clothes together, packing, on and on.

I love going.

I am also getting ready for OWOH and I haven’t even started that yet. OH NO!!

I must have that ready before I leave, LOL!

Ok, now I am crazy.

Also, I have been loading up my new esty story and trying to load the other one too.

That is really a lot of work, taking pictures, editing them, writing something clever, measuring the pieces, loading it in, re reading for mistakes which you never find when you are proofing all of your own writing.

I thought when I first started I would just put stuff in the stores and it would magically sell, LOL!!!

No, there are treasuries, networking, preparations, blogging, facebooking, making pages, favoriting people and their stores, OMG it is never ending.

LOL! I love it and I am in front of the computer as much as I can. 

I really enjoy being busy and being productive, so I am grateful.

Something does get put a little in the background though and instead of trying to keep up with everything by taxing myself, my little blog space has slipped a tiny bit.

I am sorry you guys, I will be back and I will visit, just give me a little time.

Thank you all so very much for your support and lovely comments on The Bottles of Hope post. I am so glad I posted it now.

Thank you again, Love and huge hugs to all of you!

Oh and Happy Anniversary Honey, here is to another 32 years.

I love you! We are blessed!

And to my blog buddy Anne and her darling husband, Happy Anniversary to you two too. Theirs was yesterday.


A Milestone for me

On Saturday the 28th of august 2010 was small marker in my life.

I have been blogging at my blogspot for two years.

I used to say I would never blog. I think I should never say never.

I started this to promote my business and my art, but…

I have met so many talented, friendly, beautiful, giving, and wonderful people in blog land.

I have learned so much about myself.

I never thought I would last this long.

I have enjoyed writing, something I never thought I would enjoy…

Maybe I should never say never.

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