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Ana Belchi does it again! Another tutorial for you!

Nothing makes me happier than to share another artist’s work in Cernit, but to have that also be a dear friend, that, makes my day complete. ❤️

Life can be simply amazing… when we look for the little things…they become big things!

Meet Ana,

Ana’s Flickr page

Ana’s Facebook page

Ana’s Curriculum Vitae

And here is the tutorial link!


Ana and Marie


Angel maker!

Shelley’s Phoenix BOH

Sorry about yesterday and not posting in the morning. I went to my friend Jodi’s over the weekend after clay day and on Saturday I made things from 10am to 2 am the next day. I got up on Sunday and did it from 9am to 9 pm.

I was exhausted Sunday when I got home and just couldn’t bring my self to do another thing after a massive making weekend. I adored it, every moment of it.

Clay day we had so much fun and made Bottles of Hope for Moore’s Cancer center at UCSD again.

We made over 80 bottles for the center.

I have pictures too!

Everyone there, thank you so much for working and playing so hard, ya all did so good!!

Jodi and I Paper play

Then I left there and went to my friend Jodi’s to craft some more.

I was doing some paper arts with her and making a couple of things, I will have more on these two things later.

Right now I want to introduce you to an artist I admire and respect so much, Susan Hyde.

Susan has just opened a Etsy store.

In my opinion Susan makes some of the most artful and heartfelt angels I have ever seen.

Go visit her and heart her. Her clay “fabrics” that she dresses her angels in are not painted and her techniques in polymer fabric making are beyond compare.

We all know how hard it is to get started on something new in life and it is always nice to have a hand up.

Welcome her to Etsy and see some beautiful angels made by a beautiful woman and friend!

I have had the complete pleasure of working with Susan and I have several of Susan’s pieces and the work and detail is meticulous.

Welcome to Etsy, Susan, may you make many contacts and sales.

Looks like this is turning out to be an angel kind of week. I think I will follow, I could use some angels.

If you would like to participate in the 17th giveaway, there is a picture and a link on the right top side bar.

Comment and you could win an angel.


Michelle and Stellan need angels

Prayers are needed for Michelle’s beloved Stellan.

You can visit Michelle HERE.

I ask, because I met so many of my dearest friends through our beloved Rene, so I know you to be prayer warriors.

Michelle and Stellan are in need of a miracle.

(I took this from Midlife poet’s blog, because why say it again when it is so perfectly put the first time, thanks Deb. I sure hope you do not mind)

Seems like a perfect angel week. 
This a real love story, it needs our help!


My angels inside and my words of wisdom- update on the 15th giveaway

I am going to need one more day to get all of the entries figured out and counted. It is hard to get things done fast when Madi is getting all 4 canines at once. Plus, I want to re-read everything again.

I will post the winner to the 15th giveaway tomorrow 09/10/10

I have also decided to add two more angel pieces to the giveaway, one will be a Heart of Stone and the other will be an Unzipped Heart in the Ivory or bone color (on the left). Update on that later.

So there will be 3 winners in all.

Thank you all so much for the great response to this giveaway! A very warm and loving welcome to my new followers.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your words of wisdom. I am so glad you all kept it up.

It is really amazing we only had a couple repeats and so many different ones. I have so many new words of wisdom to add to my list. Thank you!

And also, thank you so much for honoring us all with your stories and your angels inside.

To all of you that are suffering “and this too shall pass.”

To all of you that have lost someone special “They will always be in your heart and that makes them closer than ever.”

And your baby does know your mom! They met before you met your baby.

To all of you blessed by angels, both human and otherwise, Lucky you!! Help others see them.

To Stacie at, thank you for noticing.

Check out this site, there is so much Craft goodness there just waiting to be discovered by you.

Now for the angels in my heart!

1. My family and friends,

2. All of you, for reading and following, and sharing your unique selves with me

3. My creative life

But two special others that are angels in my heart, one is Renee Kahn who passed away from breast cancer this year. Oh, how I miss this angel.

And my dear, sweet, beautiful grand-daughter Madi, who has light in her eyes and heart as well as her smile, what a gift. What I didn’t get with my kids, I am getting to review again with Madi.

And now for the words of wisdom my angel Renee asked me to post on my blog a year ago. This is for you Renee. Sorry I took so long.

Surviving the Times

We are not alone, and love is all there is. Everything else is illusion and not supported by the universe, the higher mind, the all that is, or god (Whatever fits your protocol). We signed up for this, we are exactly right where we are supposed to be, and everything is unfolding in its right time. We may have just forgotten we signed up for this beautiful and juicy time.

I feel this so much and yet I have had the hardest time right now remembering that this is true. Under all of the emotion and panic, when I quiet my mind, I find an underlying sense of calm and peace and knowing that IT IS ALL GOOD!!!

We are finding out how resourceful and resilient we truly are.

We are all in this together, reach out and love!

I try not to project too much into the future and just take one moment as it comes, little baby steps.

Choose the positive side and view it. Choose joy!

You can not go back, now is not the way that it was.

Live to Love, Love to Create, and Create to Connect.

Onward and upward,


Talk to you all tomorrow.

Blessings all over all ya all.


15th giveaway- an angel inside

In honor of 2 years and the angels I have met.

For the 15th giveaway, I am going to give away a steampunk unzipped heart with an angel inside.

Infinite Love and Gratitude.

What is in your heart?

This polymer clay heart is a Steampunk pendant that has watch parts, watch face, belt, heart, screws, gears, stars, and an angel with wing.

There are words stamped in the background.

The heart is 2 5/8″ high and 1 11/16″ wide and it is 5/8″ thick at the thickest point.

It is made from high quality Cernit polymer clay.

There is a large copper ring in the top of the heart from which hangs a 36” piece of brown satin cord. It will hang about 16-17 inches. The cord is easily removable if you wish to add your own chain or cord.

It will come signed and dated on the back of the pendant.


1. Leave a word of wisdom for one entry.

To get more entries, leave a comment for each one.

2. Go to my Shop “Art from my Heart” in Etsy and leave a comment on this post only with the piece you like best.

3. Be a follower already or become one and leave a comment on this post only saying so.

4. Post about my giveaway in your blog and leave a comment on this post only with the link.

5. Place the angel in your side bar on your blog with a link and leave a comment on this post only.

6. Tell me about an angel in your life and leave a comment on this post only.

The giveaway will close on the 8th of September at 6 pm PDT.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for sharing your precious time with me in blogland.

I am honored by your visits.

May 2020

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