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A wonderful Halloween weekend

**************WARNING this is a picture heavy post***************

I had a great time this weekend. I hung out with friends from out-of-town on Sunday.

We went to the Old San Luis Rey mission in Oceanside for a Dia De Los Muertos festival.

I had not been there in more years than I can count.

That day I realized that I am sitting in the midst of a beautiful and culturally diverse community that I have not utilized for many years. Lucky me and yet, stupid me, for not checking things out sooner.

With Madi growing and learning this is not the time to be remiss on this fact, but to pay attention to the treasure amongst my place of habitat.

I am always amazed at  how much more it means to me at my age than when I visited as a child.

This beautiful lady posed with children and adults in 90 degree weather.

The costume was gorgeous and she looked like a painting or drawing come to life.

I loved this and with the Mission behind her it was amazing.

The Dia De los Muertos Festival  was amazing. With food, yay!

I ate pork and cheese pupusas with curtido and salsa roja, from El Salvador. Recipe links in the titles. I did blend the salsa roja with a little water and then cook again adding salt and pepper, when cooler stirring in the cilantro to make it more like the traditional sauces I have had.

A pupusa is a stuffed corn dumpling or flat bread of sorts served with cabbage slaw(curtido) and red sauce(salsa roja). This is my new favorite thing to eat and I found a great recipe online, above links, totally gluten-free. I have my Sandy Camp committee and San Diego Guild  member, Pat, to thank for this wonderful introduction to Pupusas. She is so kind to always look out for me and my choice to eat gluten-free.

I made it with masa harina but now I want to learn how to make fresh masa because the difference in taste is amazing. Still very good with the corn flour(masa harina) but a 100 times better with fresh masa.

There were also many Spanish and Mexican crafts and vendors, a car show, music, dancing, and beautiful colors everywhere. I want to go back next year and spend the whole there. A couple of hours is in no way enough for all the sights and sounds.

This mission is beautiful and well-kept, I have to go back and take Madi for a tour, there is all kinds of history there.

This is one.

Old adobe bricks.

Commemorative plaque1.

I didn’t have time to stop and really read and take pictures and ask questions because we were on the way out to Encinitas to meet others for a coffee at Swami’s.

Commemorative plaque2

Commemorative plaque3

Commemorative plaque4

I believe I made the pictures bigger for the plaques so you can click on them to read them.

This was right next to my car when we were leaving.

The Lavanderia (the laundry; the laundromat).

Loved the old adobe archway, it was very inviting, on a schedule, snapped more pics. I am going back to see this.

Some folks walking down the sloped gradual steps.

I have to go back now, gargoyles??? Really?

I also bought this incredible shirt.

Lucy, oh Lucy!! Way cool art on shirts. Incredible art. I love this one!

I have to look for the card, they have no website.

See that Key, Kathy Davis made that for me. Thank you Kathy, I adore it!

We then went to Swami’s cafe in Encinitas, a juice bar, coffee shop and good food, I mean good for you food that tastes great. You can look at the menu here

Yum, yum, yum!!

I found this on the flower shop next to Swami’s and thought it might be a profound rule for life! LOL!!

Then we walked across the street to the gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship Temple there right on the coast. They have a garden off of K Street and we walked over to check it out.

I have lived in this area all of my life and I have never been there. WOW! I loved it. It is not a big place but it jammed packed with beauty. Now I want to go on the Temple grounds too. I bet is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Beautiful coy ponds (warning, I may say beautiful a lot!)

Glimpses of the pacific ocean (with fog coming in)

Beautiful flowers.

Bird of paradise and views of the pacific ocean.

A living canopy.

Beautiful plants and rocks.

Rock people. I did not put this here.

Rocks and more ponds with fish.

Bubbling up!

Ocean and fog again. The trail wind around and then back to the ocean and every time we came back to the ocean it would be a different feeling.

I cannot even capture in words the beauty in this small space.

If you come here or live near here you should go and visit.

Wicked cool tree with low crooked branches.

There is a great spider web here, this picture is bigger if you like to look at spider webs click on it.

Where the Swami swam, and incredible tile work.

More flowers.

More beautiful flowers.

Beautiful ocean view!

There is so much duality in this place, shade and sun, light and dark, shiny and dull. hard and soft, and sharp and smooth.

Benches through out.

Walkways too.

I think this might just be my favorite picture of the whole day. The fog rolling in.


Weird berries?

Gate to the sea?

Beautiful flowers.


Gorgeous flowers.

These leaves are furry and huge.

Cactus mouths! or tentacles.

Spikes and soft.

These do not bloom very often. It is very tall. The plant itself is probably 4 foot in diameter.


Fuzzy fingers.

Huge spikes.

1 foot plus long fish.

And very friendly too. I think they thought we were going to feed them.

Lush growth around this fish pond.

OK, this is my favorite picture. The sun has started its trek towards the western horizon and would peek through the trees sending rays out through the branches and dance off the water and the leaves, playing throughout the whole garden.

Again he peeks through.

And again.

And on the way out.

Thanks for visiting with me and if you come here you should go see this treasure and visit Swami’s cafe.

I had a blast.

I live in an amazing place!


The Shrine- Shrinemont, Orkney Springs, Virginia

One of the things about where I was in Virginia, is the Shrine at Shrinemont.

It is called the Shrine of Transfiguration

From Wikipedia Transfiguration (religion), a momentary transformation of a man or woman into someone having the aspect of the divine, such as the transformation of Enoch into an angel in the Book of Enoch

Interesting… I know that I felt different there. I talked to others that felt different there.


The Shrine is made completely from rock and it has no roof!

Everything is green around it, it is just beautiful.

Walking in to the shrine there is a feeling of awe. Maybe it was just because I was by myself.


This is where everyone will sit.


This is in the aisles.


So is this. It felt like it too!



This surrounds the area, the birds sing, the air is clear, and the smell is wonderful. It is truly holy ground.




I turned and saw this.

The baptismal font is a rock where the Indians had ground corn.





There is a bell in the tower and that is all made of stone.



This is the view from the side.

I had been here to Shrinemont before and I had never taken the time to walk up to the shrine.




It is so beautiful.



Looking up at the taller cross from below it.




Both crosses at the tops of the Shrine.




This is a blessed space and you can feel it here. It is beautiful and of the earth. I am so glad I took the time.


This is a piece of mine that has a feel of this place.


A wonderful site- Orkney Springs

Shrinemont in Orkney Springs Virgina is a beautiful place with natural springs, beautiful fields, skiing nearby(in the season), many houses with wonderful porches surrounding them, basket ball, pools, wonderful kids, good hearty food (locally grown and well made), and places to have conferences and meetings.

There are firefly’s, they amaze me and we don’t have them here so they are somewhat of a mystery to me. I love to watch them light up the trees like a Christmas night in the middle of a June evening with frogs croaking, a small glass of wine, a rocking chair and a porch to relax on. It was a magical moment for me, but that happened more than once on this trip.

I can imagine having a family reunion there. Everyone could stay in one house, they are so big and be with each other and yet have some place to retreat to if they wish.

I guess what I went to is a family of sorts, a family of women with a common interest, their interest in creating.

The trees were green and gorgeous.

The thing though that held my interest and that has drawn many a person to this beautiful mountain glen in the Virginia area are the springs.

This is one of those springs, This is the pathway leading up to the spring that has been lined with rock and has a fountain of water coming from it.

If you look closely it seems that a person is standing in the forest. The large rock on top being the head.

Arms spread wide and water dripping down the legs.

The water is almost red in color and the rocks are stained with the iron in them.

It flows at this time of year ice-cold from the mountains. The water is refreshing and tastes of iron.

The blood of the earth.

It is hard to stay away from the fountain, at least for me it was.

The waters are rumored to be healing and I washed my hands in them often.

I love my hands, not because they are beautiful but because they are my tools, the only ones I really need besides my heart and my mind.

The surrounding area is lovely too. The water trickles down in to another glen.

I can imagine Indians staying here and in one of the little store down the road they were selling Indian artifacts that were probably found around there.

Hammers, arrowheads, and skin scrapers.

Walking through the hills I even found some old pottery. One of the ladies incorporated it in to one of

her creations while we were there. How cool is that?

I brought the rest back as souvenirs.

All in all a beautiful retreat and resting place in the north American continent.

It is open from April till November if you are in that neck of the woods.


Happy Birthday my friend!

I am posting this late because I just finished it last night, the pictures are not that great, but I won’t have it shortly,  and I don’t want my friend to see it before she gets it.

I will see her soon and I will give it to her for her birthday.

I love this piece and I think I am going to make more.

Very fun, but I have a lot to work out yet.

This friend will not mind that it is rough.

She will have the first one.

We like the same things and I am so glad to have her in my life.

Happy Birthday Dear one! I hope you like it.

If not give it back!! ;-D


Wednesday Wonder- a bone to pick

I have a morbid fascination with bones, this goes back pretty far. I can remember thinking that porcelain looked bone like. I made a necklace that was “bones” pretty early in my clay experience. It was 1972 and I sold one. I still have some of those beads made from porcelain.

Here is the modern-day version of that necklace here.

This necklace was published in Arts and Crafts magazine when it was still around.

I have lived most of my life in a rural setting and I attribute my obsession fascination to that and probably genetic memory.

We were always around life and death when I was growing up, it is the cycle of the farmer, animal breeder, and rural liver. We also have tons of owls around here and there is this cute little package of bones called an owl pellet. You can open them up and sometimes see a perfect little animal skull with the vertebrae intact. I think of them as owl hair balls.

We used to find whole frogs with the guts squeezed out and just a hollow form from them being smashed on the road. I found a whole horse carcass once. I always wondered what happened to that horse.

Sick, I know, but I always used to think of ancient man and if they would have made a purse out of that frog and if they would have worn mouse bones in their ears for adornment. They probably would have done something with the horse so that there was no trace of it left.

I had a lot of time alone when I was a kid living in what was called the boonies.

So, it would only be natural in my opinion to like bones and to like looking at them. If it is in my art work, it is only a matter of time before it makes it to a Wednesday wonder as a non traditional medium. After just having Halloween and the Day of the Dead. I thought it a perfect time to talk about it.

See more of Francois’ art at his site

bare bones political statements.

Here is a Francois Robert’s Bone Art. 

You can see Francois Roberts awesome pieces at the Carl Hammer Galley page

where I got these photos.

Here is a fascinating article on using all types of body parts for art medium

Sarah Perry is another artist that uses bones and body parts as a medium.

You can see her work here

Sarah Perry’s “Pull of the Moon”

photo from

WOW, that is so beautiful.

You can see some more of Sarah’s work at

There is Christy Rupp chicken bone art

There is the Bone Church, this is amazing and very cool!

From Curious Expeditions, a site worth going back to again I think!

Then there is bone as canvas, as in Scrimshaw ala Wikipedia

Here is an article for cleaning and bleaching bones if you are so inclined to use them in your art.

Just a bunch of stuff to bone up on. ;-D


Happy Dia De Los Muertos

I built this altar to honor our dead. Please feel free to leave your loved one’s names on this post.

Blessings all over them. May they be safe and well.

Rosalie, Renee, Clay, Mary, Julie, Jill, Vivian, James, Annie, Chuck, Ila, Marlene, Butter, Gail, Poppy, Irv, Harlan, Herby, Stan, Menasha, Goldie, Sid, Morrie, Fred, Evie, Bazoo


11th giveaway- speaking of Buddha- the winner

I wrote every ones name on a very small piece of paper. There were 32 of you, with no duplicates.

I folded all the names in half and then in half again and placed them in to one of Madi’s little food containers. These things are very nice for holding beads too(recycling tip of the day). They also stack very nicely.

Must save everything… I might use it in the next 20 years. LOL


I then recruited my trusty sidekick to help me.

Look! She is doing what I asked and only picked one. OK, take note please, this is probably the last time I will ever see this. I have the camera ready because I am telling her not to put it in her mouth and I think she is going to that too.

See how she minds, my beautiful little grand child.

Luckily, I wrestled it from her quick enough that the paper did not turn in to a slobbery mess.

Awwwwwwww, no wonder, Sweet sweet Bella , nom nom nom!

Buddha is coming to live with you Bella. Please get me your address.

You have 5 days to get back to me or Madi will eat, I mean pick, another person.

“What we think, we become”

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. ”

“He is able who thinks he is able.”

“An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”





Gautama Buddha is said to be born around 563 BCE and had died around

483 BCE., most modern scholars agree on these dates.

In Buddhist tradition Gautama Buddha’s birth name was Siddhartha Gautama, this was changed after he went on a quest for the truth behind life and death. After reaching enlightenment while sitting beneath a tree, Siddhartha Gautama was able to claim the name of Buddha. Gautama Buddha is the historical founder of Buddhism.

All information taken from the Ascension Gateway website

And from the Brainy Quote web site

Both of these websites have wonderful information and quotes of all kinds.

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