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The second video for the Mokume Gane technique!

Here is the second video, it is much longer.

It is three times as long as the past video and ends up in a Mokume Gane block of translucent shaded canes.

I will flash fingers for settings and the direction the sheet should go through the machine.

It is noisy here, you will hear voices in the back ground.

Same story as the first video, really!

Watch the other one first.

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Part 1 now, part two to follow.

This is about 7 minutes long.


This is from my experiments with Cernit! A Skinner shade.

I was asked to show how to do a Skinner Shade.

I was hesitant, there are so many videos on line showing every persons way to make them. I am not set up in my studio yet to do videos, but I thought it would push me in to where I have to go…a little. It definitely did make think about how I am going to pull videos off.

Changing my whole environment and my set ups and the way my house faces and how the light comes in and when. It is all so much sometimes. I was in that place for over 35+ years, it was all definitely a habit. I am breaking habits now!

So I made these little videos to get me going.

This is the first video, the second is coming and it is 15 minutes long, this one is under 5 minutes.

They are not perfect but you might get something out of them, who knows, @subtle_hands on IG, thank you for the little push! ❤️

It’s now or never for me lately!

So here it is.

Talking, slamming of kitchen doors, and all that happening in here now. It is spring break in my life, I would not miss that for the world. I have my beautiful grand daughter here and it is noisy most of the time in here.

You can find Cernit products at our web site

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The 7th experiment with Cernit polymer clay

This is the 7th experiment: mixing all the glitter translucent’s into all the colored Translucent colors.

I have 12 translucent colors now, plus the clear white Translucent. The new colors are Bordeaux, Orange, Lime green, glitter silver, glitter gold, and glitter white.

There is the ripple bead I did the video for, it looks great on these beads. There are solid color translucent disks in between the three new translucent glitter colors.

Starting on the top left side, beginning with Bordeaux and ending in violet translucent.

In each color section the top one on the left in Bordeaux mixed with white glitter, then silver, then gold.

So the little flat disks are the translucent color with nothing in it so you can see how it bakes up and how different it looks using the glitters in each of the colors.





A quick little bead technique, by Marie Segal

Here is a quick little bead technique, I am working with glitter colors of clay, mixing them with all the translucents.

I am making a color necklace so I can see what each glitter translucent does in other translucent’s.




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