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Here is the first of the Mezzaluna series of earrings for sale

Thanks for looking everyone, have a great Monday. Be nice and share your smile with someone today.

This is the first listing from the new earrings in the Mezzaluna series, hopefully more today and tomorrow.




Another fabulous tutorial from The Cernit Company and GHIA!

A huge thanks to the people that make Cernit as well as Ghia for the new tutorials.

I have a couple of old ones that haven’t been posted by me before.

So I will be sharing them weekly until I go through the back log.

I really like these a lot! And away we go!

Happy Monday, spread your kindness, the world needs yours! ❤️

We carry this Cernit clay and those fabulous texture sheets as well!

Main index page for Cernit in all sizes and colors with links to all the pages of Cernit

Texture mats used are Peacock and Geometrics.

And this is the direct page for the texture Mats from the Cernit company

*oh and on a side note, I bake all of my pieces in a home oven, on a a cardboard box piece on my tray and tented with foil, in a pre-heated 275 F degree oven for 40 minutes. I then remove hot from the oven and plunge in to icy cold water until the pieces are completely cool!




I am well, I have missed you, and I am coming back on the blog I think ;)

I just wanted to visit and say that I am going to be posting again! I have written a book, been taking care of myself, and tending to my life. My health was not the best (fat and run down) and I have been changing that. I want to be healthy.

Tired of being tired, I wanna grow old like my parents, they live a full life and they are my idols and still dancing and loving life at 76. My mother looks more like my sister now!

My grand-daughter is getting big, she is 4 and a wonderful child. I don’t see her as much as I used to, but will be starting to watch her time full again this week. Her mother is going after her dream and I am so proud of the changes my “little girl” has made in her life. Going back for her high school equivalency at 30, damn, I am so proud of my girls, such wonderful women, my gifts.

She is now going to continue her education for the next 11 months.

I am going to post things that are more general here, about me, my life, my family and what I do to create.

It has been a long time and I need to get familiar with the program again.

I have missed you!

Here is the first tip of the day.

I save the lids from canned frozen juice, (Oh hell, why lie? I save everything.)
I love their perfect circle-ness. I just knew there were things I could do with them. I love to recycle when ever I can, I think we should, and I have been saving these for a while. They are just hanging out and falling in front of me all of the time. LOL!

I am going to share this once in a while so you can expect that.

Do you save them?

Have you got a good application for them?

Have they never even crossed you mind?

Will they now??


Here is one.

I use them to mix small batches of epoxy


Something was going around, Sandy Camp 13

There was something going around Sandy Camp 13, I suspect these guys.

Patty Mac had them crawling all over her.

Front and back.

Here is why I suspect this.

Lynne Ann is a beautiful, colorful woman.

Talented too.

Here she is with the Princess crown that Ellie makes everyone take a picture with.

A great sport too.

Here she is dressed up. Everyone had costumes on at some point.

But this is what happened after what I think is one of Patty’s pets bit her.

Patty’s spiders have blue eyes too, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

I had so much fun, I feel like I was hit by a mac truck today.

Oh no, maybe I was bit by a Mac spider too.

Have a wonderful week, my pretties.

You are loved!!!


1st day of Sandy Camp

Broomhilda showed up…

Kelly Broomhilda




Dee Broomhilda



Marni Broomhilda



Patty Broomhilda





Kasi Broomhilda




Lynne Ann Broomhilda






Yvette Broomhilda




Deni Broomhilda




Shelly Broomhilda





Marie Broomhilda This is only the beginning. ;-D


Happy Monday- updates

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and an even better weekend.

I have been very busy.

We have our annual retreat for the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild coming up and we are all trying to get ready for it.

I have been packaging things for the store that we have there.

Making things, and getting ready for the demo I am going to do.

I am going to demo flower petal canes. The necklace above is something I made from those canes.

I love how this turned out and the canes are simple fast and fun.

I have also been playing with the new book I won from Nicole at Beadwright’s blog. Of course I would get something new and exciting to play with when I am supposed to be concentrating on the guild retreat. ;-D

We packed all of our goodie bags last Friday and had a great time doing it.

This is our 13th retreat and we are having a Halloween theme, so I am very excited.

Our committee is a group of 13 wonderful women and we have a great time together too. How can it get any better than that? I enjoy myself so much I actually look forward to seeing everybody and doing the job!

I have also started making some Xmas presents, it is pretty hard for me to believe this year has flown by so fast.

I need to start now, otherwise I will not get everything done.

So this last week has been nose to the grindstone and things prioritized out of the week and others placed in front of those, late nights, and working, working, working.

I am still here and hoping you all are doing very well and life is treating you with kid gloves and ease.

Have a great week.

Smile at someone this week and share your light with them.

Change the world.


I made this! Halloween Album, part 2

I hope you all had a great weekend and I wish you all an even better week ahead.

This is continued from part 1 here

And this is the rest of the album I made.

I forgot to show the inside front cover and 1st page.

The skull pulls out and can be written on and a picture added.

This is another page and I got to use one of the all over punches that Martha Stewart makes. They are very cool and work really, really well.

The card behind is red and the spider and web is the punched out black paper.

Ravens marching along the bottom of the page.

Another skeleton page. This is one of my favorite punches, Jodi and I call this iron gate, probably not the name but we like it.

This is a great page and the colors are standard Halloween. I love it. A photo will fit under the moon and bats on the right page.

This one is a favorite. I love the whole book. The vampire and the moon are printed on plastic. The tombstone is also.

Two paper is silver and gray are for photos and writing.

This is another favorite. The witch is one of the best pre made decorations I have seen for Halloween. The cloak is velvety.

How about that spider web and spider border? Another Martha! She rocks on these punches in my opinion.

And the final page is back to the raven theme again.

The book is full and it was so fun to do. I mean how much better can it get when you go hang out with a dear, dear friend and make something awesome that makes you smile too!!

Lucky me!

Have a good week.

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