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Can-tastic Christmas wrapping- FaveCrafts Blog hop

Ok time for finished on the fifteenth, monthly Blog hop.

I do want the glass cutter, so if you could please go there and vote for me I would be so grateful.

All you have to do is like my Can-tasic blog post on their site.

Click on the Button right here and it will take you there

Ok this one is pure genius. I learned it from my uber-talented paper buddy Jodi.

She says she learned it from someone else.

Who-ever came up with this, is brilliant, and I am having a blast giving presents wrapped this way.

The look of pure puzzlement when you give this to some one is totally worth it.

Then after they open it they are still trying to figure out how it got in there.

You can even package the gift with wrapped candies, M and M’s, Beans, gummy candies, and anything else that will give it a little weight and make a noise when it shaken, because they will shake it. LOL turn it upside down and look at it like they have never seen a can before in their lives.

Of course you can always use tissue paper.

You will need:

Christmas paper or scrapbook paper for whatever holiday you are giving this for

Scissors or paper cutter

Double sided film tape


Bows and ribbon

gift that fits in the can

Pop top can (You cut the bottom off of the can)

Side cutting can opener

Packaging stuffing (suggestions above)

E-6000 glue


Cloth Measuring tape

Cut open the bottom of the can, save the pop top side for the fun.

Empty out contents and wash and dry can thoroughly.

If you can let it dry completely for a while after wiping out.

Measure the side of the can from the bottom of the ridge where the can starts and to the bottom where the can ends.

With a cloth measuring tape measure around the center of the can for the circumference and add 1″ to the measured length.

The measurement on my canvas about 12 1/2″.

I used scrap book paper and it is only 12″ by 12″ so I had to piece another strip of paper in there.

Cut the paper to the height of your can.

Add tape to can, press on and take off paper.

Add a couple of more strips about an inch apart, do not peel off paper from those

Add paper and peel off strips of paper as you go.

Cover with paper all the way around.

On the end of the paper place a strip of tape and press to the can.

Press paper to can. There is about a 1/2″ left there.

Place tape on strip and place on can to cover the blank area on the can.

Like so.

Make sure your gift fits with room on the top and bottom.

Place filling in the top of the can. Remember we are working from the bottom.

Wrap ornament in a sheet of tissue and place hook side down in the can, when the person opens the can the ornament will be right side


Place filling on the bottom of the ornament and gently in around the sides.

Tuck in the filling away from the edge of the can.

Glue the lid right around the edge where I am pointing with E-6000.

Place bottom on can. Turn the can over and place something heavy on top of the can till it is dry.

Wrap with ribbon and give away.

I used the paper I covered the can with to make a tag.

There you go, Can-tastic wrapping.


Finished onthe 15th, Fave Crafts Blog hop

Today is the Fave Crafts Blog Hop Finished on the 15th. It is about recycled products.

Click on the blog hop button above to go there and see all of the recycled crafts. Or cut and paste below

It is a contest again if you feel like voting.



I have been busy with life and finding less and less time as we are getting towards all of the holidays. There are so many things to do when your granddaughter is almost 3. Santa pictures, play, Christmas crafts, play, play, play, play, and more play. She is in to role playing now and I have been all of her friends, her stuffed animals, TV friends, swiper, and Uniqua (TV characters). It is fun, so I am behind.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and may someone like my grand daughter light your life up and show you how to remember how to play and imagine!!



Here is my latest tin can project “Tin Can Taco box”.

Just add food.

The instructions to cover the box are from the last Blog hop and here. 

You could even make a pumpkin with out the face for thanksgiving treats.

Have a great Holiday.



Finished on the 15th Tin can pumpkin box part 2- DIY

This is my post for the Fave Crafts Blog hop, Finished on the 15th.

It is a themed Blog hop for Halloween and I have the chance to win 50$ worth of craft products if you vote for me. Could you please check it out. I would love to win. You have to go to the fave craft  page (click on link of above) and like my post there.

Look for this picture.

You can click on this pumpkin to to go there.

Thank you so much if you do.

I did not get much done because I was getting ready for the San Diego polymer clay Guild’s annual Sandy Camp. You can see the witches here

A good time was had by all.

This is continued from part one here

I thought you would like to see how I make the can boxes.

Never throw another can away again.


You will need:

4 ounce Ortega chili can (You can use any can size but the cutters I am using are for the 4 ounce size can) to find the right circle cutters, put a cutter inside the lid top to see which cutter will work and then use the nest size up for lid top.

Cernit Clay in


Light Green



Opaque white


Poppy red


Large block of Biscuit

1/2″ Oval Kemper cutter

3/16″ round Kemper cutter

1 1/8″ round cutter

2″ round cutter

2 1/2″ round cutter

2 3/4″ round cutter

Clay slicing blade

Knitting needle or bic stic pen

I mix all of my colors equally with the same amount of biscuit.

Condition to one color.

Condition some of the light green Cernit and roll out on the thickest setting in your clay machine.

The mix some of the gold Cernit with the light Green 1:1 and roll it out on the thickest setting.

I used a maple leaf cutter and cut out one leaf in each color.

Cut out the stem of the leaf.

Please disregard the piece of clay on the blade ;-D

Cut a “V” at the base of the leaf.

With a knitting needle make marks in the leaves you cut out for veins.

Like so.

From the back of the leaf pinch down the center vein just a little.

Place on the lid of the can. I make the leaves were the “V” is cut go up the stem a little and scrunch up the leaves to make them look real.

Take a 1/2″ ball of the light green Cernit and roll out in to an elongated cone about 3″ long.

Place the thick end in the dip of the stem and curl up.

Like so.

Roll out some black Cernit on the thickest setting in the clay machine and fold a part of it in half.

Using the 1/2″ oval cutter, cut out 3 ovals.

Stack together. You can wrap these with another piece of very thin black clay if you wish, but I leave them like this.

I roll them gently on the work surface to tack together.

Make 4 sets of these black stacked ovals and place at four corner on the bottom of the can.

Turn the can over and place on the feet and press gently to flatten feet a little.

Cut out 4 more double thick ovals for bat bodies.

Cut out 4 single thickness rounds with the 1 1/4″ cutter.

Cut those single thick circles in half.

Using the point of the 1/2″ heart cutter starting on the out side of the half circles cut 3 points across the cut halves of each set.

Like this. Do that with all of the sets. They will look like wings now.

Using the 1 1/4″ cutter mark partial arcs from the points  to the top of the wing.

Like this.

Place a set of wings over each foot like so.

Roll the little body balls of clay in to stubby pear shapes. Place the smaller end up and place the body over the wing tips and the feet

Roll out some of the red Cernit on the 6th thickest setting and with the 3/16″ round cutter cut out 4 sets of two each for the eyes on the bat.

Cut out a single thickness of black Cernit with the 3/16″ cutter and roll into a short little coil and place over the red eyes. Mark in the center with your knitting needle. Do this on each bat.

Roll another little coil of black and cut off tiny slices and roll into a balls for the pupils in the eyes and place like above.

Make a mark for a mouth by moving the knitting needle. Do this on each bat.

Bats done, now for the face of the pumpkin.

Cut a 1/2″ strip of single thickness black.

Cut the strip so you have 3 triangles for the eyes and nose.

Place the eyes and nose on your pumpkin.

Press gently on.

Using the 2″ cutter, cut out a round and then cut a thin moon shape.

Using the square 1/2″ cutter cut out a tooth on the bottom.

Like this.

Roll out some more of the red on the 6th thickest setting and cut out 3/16″ rounds and place on the triangles for the eyes.

Sometimes you can place the cutter with the red clay on the triangle and pull back quickly and the clay with stay on the triangle.

Roll out a tiny coil of yellow and cut little sections for pupils and place on the cut out rounds of red.

Like this.

Bake like this on a piece of cardboard shipping box in a pre-heated 275 degree oven for 1/2 hour, shut off oven and let cool.

When the piece is cool you can antique it with brown Ne-Opaque. Brush on the color over the whole piece and wipe off with a damp not wet old piece of towel. It will look like the picture at the top.


Happy Halloween.

Thank you for dropping by!


Finished on the 15th- the Fave Crafts Blog Hop

Welcome all you Fave Craft Blog hoppers. My name is Marie Segal and I am a craftaholic, no no I am a polymerholic, no, I am just a holic.

I love working with my hands and this is my brain is on crafts and arts. I can not help my self, I must play with Clay, beads, wire, paper, paint, pearl-ex, air dry clay, clay, clay, and clay, card stock, gel mediums (all of them), glass, recycled goods, found objects, cameras, computers, punches, stamps, gold leaf, foils, eyelets and brads, scissors, paper cutters, words, gardening, food, cakes, fondant, book making, scrap books, albums, canvas, score pads… I think you are probably starting to get the idea.

Nothing is off-limits and everything is fair game and fodder for my mind, my heart and hands.

I have been doing this craziness for 45+ years now as much as I can and as long as I can and with as many products as I can.

I do love clay though and it is probably the thing I do most often and the longest. You will find much of that and all of the above and even the stuff I forgot in this space, with little tales from my life, opinions, and pictures, with circles and arrows ;-D.

So get your self some refreshments, and stay for a spell while I incite a riot in your mind. After all I need some company in this journey. ;-P

We will laugh and cry, but mostly laugh. I mean it couldn’t hurt, right? It is just about the only thing I trust in this day and age and it does help me stay out of trouble… mostly.

This thing I do has brought me through so many trying times and it has also helped me find solutions in life and friends along the way. It keeps me sane when I am stressed (well.. it keeps me out of trouble, mostly).

I am on a life long process of building skills.

You can click on the blog hop button above and go back to Fave Crafts blog to see other artists and their things that they have finished this month.

Here are some of the things I have finished from the last 15 to this 15th.

Last 15th I did a tutorial on making Millefiori canes influenced by Atomic age designs.

Here is the last one

I finished this with all of those canes I made.

The tutorial for it is here

I made a book.

Here is another book

And here is the one above

I made this tiny book

You can find it here

I made this book with clay covers.

I made this skeleton key. It is in my Etsy store

I made this Coptic bound photo Album for a wedding.

You can see all of those items above here

And lastly but not leastly.

I made this Tin Can Box from a recycled 4 ounce Ortega green chili can

You can see it here

Thank you for stopping by and spending some of your precious time with me. I am so honored to have you here.

Come back again.

Be well!


Finished on the 15th- Fave Crafts Blog Hop- a little hope

Well, another 15th of the month and a Fave Crafts Blog hop is here. Welcome to all of you new to my blog, I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again sometime.

To all of you that visit here regular like, HI!!  

Can you believe that it is the 15th of June? The year is half way over and the second half will be here soon.

Is it that my life is so full of stuff, that things are moving so fast?
How about you? Do you feel as if time is whizzing by?

Just a reminder for all of you that make your Christmas presents, START NOW!

Well, the thing that I got finished this month is a flower cane with and with out background and the instructions on how to make a Bottle of Hope.

Here are the links, there are 4 parts to this:

Bottles of Hope were thought up by a wonderful woman name Diane Gregoire who was going through breast cancer treatments in the late ’90’s.

She would take the bottles used in hers and others treatments and place polymer clay around them, then she would return for more treatments and pass them out to the people who were there for treatments too.

I met Diane in 1999 and fell in love with her attitude and lust for life and thriving through one of the most horrific diagnoses one can receive in life. Her large lovely grace gifted my life and I went out and taught about the program and talked to others about Diane and her bottles. I was travelling all over the world at the time and it was fun to spread the word.

Little did I know how much it would mean to me later in life when my mother and Sister in law were diagnosed with this dreaded disease.

I made 300+ bottles for my sister-in-law while she was going through treatments and before she died. I would get a call every week when I sent them, from her saying “oh I am keeping this one” or “I have a special person to give this one too”. I loved it. It gave me some thing to do. I felt like I was helping somehow.

My guild and I have been making bottles of hope ever since and have been closely affiliated with Moore’s cancer center and Dr. Casden over the years, we even have Bottles of Hope Clay Days. Yay Team!

It has been most rewarding and fulfilling  even in the tragedy of it.

Isn’t that what life is about, finding something of value and light in the dark parts?

It is for me!!

Go out and find some light!!!

Go out and make the light!!!

Go out and spread some light!!!

Go out and be the light!!!


Fave Crafts Blog Hop-Finished on the 15th, May

May already?

Seems like I have been saying that every month when the 15th of the month rolls around.

Ready or not here it is!

Welcome all to the Fave Crafts Blog Hop, Finished on the 15th, May!

Hop on over to the Fave Crafts or click on the blog hop button!

I am excited to share this technique. I have been playing with it for a couple of years and love what I get out of it.

See that textured burgundy shiny stuff in the middle of this brooch?

It is aluminum foil. I used Pinata Ink to color it.

I have tons of tools and I like to find other uses for them besides just for clay.

You will need:

Clay machine

Makin’s Texture plates

Sheet wrap foam for packaging (it is very thin, not bubble wrap)

Aluminum foil

Golden Gel Medium heavy gel

Popsicle stick

Pinata Ink 6015 Sangria

3/4′ or 1/2″ flat soft brush

This background is the textured foil on a board. Covers like paper, nice!

I have used Lumiere Copper metallic paint on this textured foil to color it.

Here is what I use for the brooch. Once that foil “paper” is dry it can be cut with scissors.

And then it can be colored with Pinatas or Alcohol ink.

I use a piece of felt to apply the ink to the texture foil.

I blanked out the label because I have ancient bottles of the inks and that label has changed. It is good to know that as long as that cap is tight, they will last a very long time, years!

These are different textures that I have made. Some of the plates work better than others.

Here is the back of the foil, the dull part. You can use both sides of the foil and the dull one might be nice for some projects.

Another example.

Cut the foam to the width of your clay machine or a little smaller.

Place the foil over it.

Place the texture sheet on top.

How you place the foil in depends on how the texture turns out too.

Shiny side close to the foam will give me a great beehive print when I press the texture plate in to the dull side.

For this texture plate I ran it through the machine on the 3rd thickest setting. Each texture plate demands a different setting on the clay machine. You want to put it through tightly with out breaking or smashing the design in the texture plate.

This is a better shot so you can see the texture plate.

This is run through the clay machine.

I turned the foil over to the dull side and I gently brush on some of the gel medium. I am generous with the gel medium. Go slow and gently, you can take out the design if you are too aggressive. 

Let that dry over night.

I make several sheets and dry them over night.

Then when it is dry, you pile up some gel medium on one side of the sheet and gently use the Popsicle stick to squeegee it over the surface again, like spreading grout or cheese ;-D.

Do all of the sheets and let them dry over night.

Till dry.

You can attach this to boxes, paper mache, cardboard, raw polymer clay, frames, and shrines, and I bet a ton more things too, with a coat of gel medium on the surface of the object you are covering.

I really love this one, the texture and the color, I used Baja Blue Pinata.


Lots of info- saturday catch up!

Well, I think the shock of me putting up a new picture broke blogger ;-D

Thank you so much for your sweet comments, I really appreciate them.

I lost all of the comments on the last post, I think, and most on the one before.

All of the comments I made are gone.

I also have arrows in my tags in the last post instead of commas. Weird.

Did any of you have the same thing happen?

It was strange not to have access to blogger also.

I felt disconnected from you all.

Well, since blogger was down I had to find something else to do ;-D

I am getting ready to teach a 2 day workshop at Quilter’s Paradise on Memorial weekend.

That is where our guild has its classes. A lovely space and a nice place to have our classes.

If you are interested, you can find out here left sidebar, click on classes.

I am working on the supply list right now.

After being sick for so many weeks my brain is moving slowly.

I also get distracted, LOL!! Like now.

Madi and I also colored on friday. She has a very hard time staying on the paper.

We have Giant post it notes and she can attach them all over the house.

I have colored-on walls, drawers, and cupboards, and I am trying to prevent that in the future.

I uploaded some more things in to the Hoarders Closet.

I put up some Sacred Heart molds from original sculpts. They are a set and they are mirrors of each other, and tiny, great for earrings and embellishments. They can also be used for food, chocolate, precious metal clay and of course, polymer clay.

My friend the Woodwife has used them on some of her pieces and the links are on the listing.

Tomorrow is Fave Crafts finished on the 15th Blog hop!

I have a great tutorial for tomorrow. Those of you that are mixed media artists, shrine makers, frame embellishers, and painters are going to love it. At least I think you will. I do.

Tomorrow is also the first day of a going out of business sale by a wonderful stamp on line store, Scroll Works. They have beautiful stamps and they are going to be starting with 40% off all their inventory. They have 50% off sale going right now that is pretty amazing already!

Always remember to click on their links

so you can see the stamps without the frames too!

From the Scroll Works site and you will not believe the price on this stamp.

Check it out

It is a progressive sale and the discount gets bigger and bigger till the 15th of July when the virtual doors close.

It saddens me to see another business bite the dust.

I did more, but I am rambling. so I shall go now.

So, until tomorrow my pretties, I am wishing a glorious weekend with all the magic life can bring you!

May 2020

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