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Ana Belchi does it again! Another tutorial for you!

Nothing makes me happier than to share another artist’s work in Cernit, but to have that also be a dear friend, that, makes my day complete. ❤️

Life can be simply amazing… when we look for the little things…they become big things!

Meet Ana,

Ana’s Flickr page

Ana’s Facebook page

Ana’s Curriculum Vitae

And here is the tutorial link!


Ana and Marie


Here is the first of the Mezzaluna series of earrings for sale

Thanks for looking everyone, have a great Monday. Be nice and share your smile with someone today.

This is the first listing from the new earrings in the Mezzaluna series, hopefully more today and tomorrow.




Here is your next installment Tutorial from the Cernit company and GHIA

I love being able to share these, Thank you Cernit and Ghia for giving me these to share with everyone.





Another fabulous tutorial from The Cernit Company and GHIA!

A huge thanks to the people that make Cernit as well as Ghia for the new tutorials.

I have a couple of old ones that haven’t been posted by me before.

So I will be sharing them weekly until I go through the back log.

I really like these a lot! And away we go!

Happy Monday, spread your kindness, the world needs yours! ❤️

We carry this Cernit clay and those fabulous texture sheets as well!

Main index page for Cernit in all sizes and colors with links to all the pages of Cernit

Texture mats used are Peacock and Geometrics.

And this is the direct page for the texture Mats from the Cernit company

*oh and on a side note, I bake all of my pieces in a home oven, on a a cardboard box piece on my tray and tented with foil, in a pre-heated 275 F degree oven for 40 minutes. I then remove hot from the oven and plunge in to icy cold water until the pieces are completely cool!




Here is another lovely tutorial from the Cernit company for your pleasure! Pendant

This is another wonderful tutorial from the people that make Cernit and Ghia who does them.

A big thank you to both for sharing them with us!

Have a great hump day. laugh a little today, it could change your world, then make something!




A new tutorial for you!

The Cernit company has been sending me tutorials to share with you!

Here is another one, with napkin transfers.

These are great tutorials, not a lot of words, just pictures and fun!

For your enjoyment!

Love ya,



A Class Act! Teaching with Birdy Heywood and Angie Scarr

My friend Angie Scarr is going to be teaching in the UK November 7th through 9th, 2014, at a small event in the Southern UK. I believe she just might be the best teacher to teach beginning and advanced alike because of her years of practice and training. She is also a brilliant mind and I am looking forward to seeing her again, it was in 1998 the last time we saw each other.

And I am thinking it has just been too many years.


 Angie and I will be teaching along with Birdy Heywood, also know as the dragon Lady because she makes so many wonderful dragons. She is also a very good teacher for the just starting out on the polymer clay journey and the things that she has shown that students have made are very close to hers with little or no experience at all.



Collectively we have almost 90 years in polymer clay experience we are bringing to this short but action packed retreat. We have kept the cost down knowing the economy and how it has effected us personally as well, we would also very much like to visit and see each other again in the process. And to visit with the people that come to the event as well.



The event is:

“Three exciting all day Polymer Clay workshops at Bewl Water Activity Centre Kent Lamberhurst Kent TN3 8JH, UK with a fantastic Package Deal of £285.00 for those booking to stay at the venue in dormitory accommodation (all with en suite). This includes, 3 workshops, 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches. (Each tutor gives details of what you need to bring on the booking information which you can download below.) Those staying overnight also have the opportunity to spend time getting to know each other or join in a mini workshop or a demonstration during the evenings.”


You can find out more info and download the booking form here: 

Please come to visit and to have a couple of cuppas with us! Cheers! I have heard Kent is amazing!

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