Wednesday Wonder- They’ve nailed it

I have been so tired. I tried to write this last night. but I was nodding at the keyboard and had to come home and go to bed.

So today I try again.

I used to be known for my crazy fingernails, I loved having them done but mostly the massage to the hands and forearms that came with, for another 8$. Totally worth every penny in my book… then.

Challenges came up and that was one of the things I had to let go of.

Que sera, sera!!

Here is Doris Day belting that little ditty out.

My dad’s favorite saying,which I truly love, is Caca pasa!! Put that in google translator. ;-D

Well anyway, back to the wonder.

Finger nail art has come a long way since my time with the crazy nails.

This photo comes from a great blog called “Fine art blog” which has not been updated since 2009. It is very disappointing, but there are so many awesome things to look at there.

All kinds of women on these.

I bet these ladies do not do polymer clay, LOL!

Polymer clay ruining your polish? Use the quick dry polishes or the gel coatings in the nail salon.

I do have a question though, how does she wipe?

LOL, sorry, I have always wondered. The things that entertain me now, LOL!!

These are beautiful, but how functional can they really be?

A few have things added to them, but a lot of them are just different types of gels.

These nails below are just pure talent and gels.

Notice, little hamburgers, tacos, pizza, and fries on these babies. I could work with these ;-D

This comes from another site that looks very interesting site “Just Cool Pics

And for you Hello Kitty Fans.

You know you gotta have these ;-D

See more incredible nail creations here.


The Simpson’s, Mario, Candy, The ocean and more.

Do you want to do your own? Here is a company that says you can, with stamping.


Very interesting process too, check it out here


This gets my mind going, love that.

They have kits too. They are at the LA Fair in Pomona until October 3rd ;-D

And at About.com


it seems I am totally up to date with my plain, no painted or gaudy nails… little did I know!

Shh, don’t tell anyone, this is between you and me, they are painted black right now. It is only a couple of days until October. ;-D Right? I will just tell everyone I am practicing for the holiday.

Want to see some amazing stuff? Google “Nail Art photos”.

Here is another great page from “Fashion Trends, Fashion Way Blog” just in case you are like me and have had to let all of your fashion mags go because of hard times, LOL!!

This will keep you up to snuff on everything.

http://www.daxoz.com/tag/nail-art-designs-in-2011  Here you will find the fashion nail trends for 2011.

You know, now that I look at this, who would have thunk that a series of interesting challenges would have kept me from becoming a fashion faux pas? LOL!!

How can it get any better than that?


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