On a wing and a prayer

I am winging my way back to Washington D.C.

I will try to keep up with this blog and I have a couple of planned blogs, but today as this gets posted to you all, I am in the airport, doing my usual freak out before I get on the plane. ;-D Unless of course I am not!!

I do not drink coffee now so it might be better than ever before.

I never want to leave and then when I get in the air and it is quiet and I can read books and look at mags and have time to think a little, I relish the time to myself. I do not get much of that.

I am so grateful to be able to do what I love and create all of the time, but most of the time it is interrupted by “gramma I hugry” and “gramma I have poop” and “I don wanna watch george, I wanna watch gabba gabba”. The little statements of personality that are starting to blossom in this young girl!

I fix countless meals because when you spend most of your time jumping up and down you burn up calories, which she does all day long,  and which is also a lesson for me in *move your body* gramma.

It is my fault, I want her to eat good food so I make it and then do the dishes too!

I am also grateful to be in this baby’s life, to be a part of her memories, and to be there for her. I just need to remind myself of that sometimes, and some days, more than a few times an hour.


I am going to visit a dear friend and then we are off to a retreat in Orkney Springs.

Here is more about the retreat area, it is really very interesting too http://basyevortex.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=46&Itemid=1


I am going to spend time in nature, play with art materials, and I am going to laugh and laugh long and hard.

This is a group of dear women with all kinds of talents and skills and it is going to be big fun!

So as I sail over my home and on my way in the big blue sky, it is with regret and yet an excitement of heart that I wave good-bye to all of you and to my dear, dear family.

I will be back to tell you of my tales and stories.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends, and a greater week ahead.

Please go ahead and comment because I love it when you do. I will try to check in once in a while.

Up, up, and away!!!


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