New earrings for me!

I have pierced ears and I have large holes in my ears. I can wear 10 gauge
wire in my ears. I ripped my ears when I was younger wearing very heavy earrings
all of the time, hey it was the 70’s, it was what we did. My favorite pair of
earrings were from India, made out of brass about 12 gauge square wire and had at
least 200 tiny little beads wired on the dangles which were at least 2 1/2 inches
high and wide… big! I was told by a piercer that if I wore a heavier gauge
wire that they would not rip anymore. He was right and they are good.


I wear captured bead hoops all of the time. They are plain and when you get
up to the thicker wires they are heavier than standard ear wires. Mine are not that thick, they are heavier though.

They are hard to change because the ball snaps in to the ends of the

Well, I have been wearing these plain ear wires for years.

I wanted something a little different to wear. I never wear my clay earrings
anymore and that was all I used to wear. So I made myself some dangles to add to
the wires.



I love these, they are about 2mm thick and very, very light so I can wear them
with the captured ball earrings. They 1 3/4″ high and 1″ wide.

New earrings, yes!

All they are is thin slices of Skinner shaded cane placed in to decorative
pattern with African Trade bead slices on them. They weigh less than the hoops.

I am testing them out now!


2 Responses to “New earrings for me!”

  1. June 3, 2011 at 7:51 am

    I love these! Will you be making more and selling them on Etsy?
    I hope so.

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