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I have new listings in my shops

Art from my Heart Shop

A new Sea life pendant,

The whole piece has been antiqued or washed with brown acrylic paint to give
a feel of antiquity to it.

The Crab, seahorse, barnacles, and star fish are washed with gold. The zipper
has been highlighted with silver acrylic.

There are two stars, one on each side of the top of the zipper holding it in

There are words stamped in the background on the heart.

And from the Hoarders Closet- 2 new cutter sets

7 small 3/4”, 5/8”, 1/2”, 7/16”, 3/8”, 5/16” and 3/16” teardrop cutters


5 round cutters
in 1 1/2”, 1 1/4”, 1”, 3/4”, and 1/2” sizes.

Thanks so much for looking. I appreciate you!

Have a great day!!


Boo is up too!


Wednesday Wonder- Sticks and Stones can break your bones but this art will only bring beauty

One of the ladies at the retreat collects stones and sticks from all over the
world. I am so inspired by her art.

She has little twigs that are beautiful and she is very selective.

Thank you Nina for your heart-felt and spoken inspiration.

I loved the concept and have always been attracted to unusual stones of any
kind. I collect them wherever I go. Even on this trip too.

In my search for sticks and stone art this morning up popped Andy Goldsworthy
who is making stone art on the island of  Alderney.

There is a great article from Kevin Rushby about Andy Goldsworthy and Antony
Gormley in the act of transforming the open spaces of the Alderney and Helm in
an art project to draw the Channels Islands together.


I love Andy’s giant earth balls.


This photo is credited to Chris George and from the same



What he has found is plenty of human and natural debris to bury within the
earth globes, “the stones” as he calls them. And these things will gradually be
revealed as the “stones” are eroded.



Quoted from Rushby’s article in the travel



This is a photo from the author Kevin Rushby from a piece by Antony

It is so funny, on the way home from the retreat I played trivia on the
plane and the island of Alderney was one of the answers. ;-O


Here are some wonderful sticks that have been made in to hair sticks.

Artists Stacey and Kimi create wonders of wood and antler in sticks for the
hair. They function as art and utility and are meant to be seen.




Carlos Moseley makes some art that rocks.

Carlos can focus on the artistic inspirations formed from the art studio….
surrounded by rocks, stones and pebbles that are waiting to be discovered. These
popular rock art creations are displayed in galleries and shown throughout Texas
and various other states. From Carlos’ website


Visit his art gallery here

He has Shadow boxes here



Here is a great article from Art
on the wall
about sticks and stones, twigs and leaves installations


Here are some great projects at  AHC-Artists helping Children,
OMG, I love this site!

I see stuff there I can play with too!!

Scroll down past the commercials.

How about a walnut instrument



Or how to build a twig bird house





If you have time, take a trip over to

David N. Stehly makes some gorgeous walking art sticks,


Here is a place where Stone Art rocks the world.


Kok Hooi’s painted rocks make a statement.


Remember doing this??

Maybe it is time to start again. ;-D


WOW, this

has been a good Wednesday Wonder day, sorry for the delay, but I am still
getting back in to the swing of things.

This one was fun, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I also learned that sticks and stones are a very traditional medium in human history, more so than paints and brushes.


A wonderful site- Orkney Springs

Shrinemont in Orkney Springs Virgina is a beautiful place with natural springs, beautiful fields, skiing nearby(in the season), many houses with wonderful porches surrounding them, basket ball, pools, wonderful kids, good hearty food (locally grown and well made), and places to have conferences and meetings.

There are firefly’s, they amaze me and we don’t have them here so they are somewhat of a mystery to me. I love to watch them light up the trees like a Christmas night in the middle of a June evening with frogs croaking, a small glass of wine, a rocking chair and a porch to relax on. It was a magical moment for me, but that happened more than once on this trip.

I can imagine having a family reunion there. Everyone could stay in one house, they are so big and be with each other and yet have some place to retreat to if they wish.

I guess what I went to is a family of sorts, a family of women with a common interest, their interest in creating.

The trees were green and gorgeous.

The thing though that held my interest and that has drawn many a person to this beautiful mountain glen in the Virginia area are the springs.

This is one of those springs, This is the pathway leading up to the spring that has been lined with rock and has a fountain of water coming from it.

If you look closely it seems that a person is standing in the forest. The large rock on top being the head.

Arms spread wide and water dripping down the legs.

The water is almost red in color and the rocks are stained with the iron in them.

It flows at this time of year ice-cold from the mountains. The water is refreshing and tastes of iron.

The blood of the earth.

It is hard to stay away from the fountain, at least for me it was.

The waters are rumored to be healing and I washed my hands in them often.

I love my hands, not because they are beautiful but because they are my tools, the only ones I really need besides my heart and my mind.

The surrounding area is lovely too. The water trickles down in to another glen.

I can imagine Indians staying here and in one of the little store down the road they were selling Indian artifacts that were probably found around there.

Hammers, arrowheads, and skin scrapers.

Walking through the hills I even found some old pottery. One of the ladies incorporated it in to one of

her creations while we were there. How cool is that?

I brought the rest back as souvenirs.

All in all a beautiful retreat and resting place in the north American continent.

It is open from April till November if you are in that neck of the woods.


Happy Monday- I am back, tired and rested ;-O.

I had a wonderful creative time with the women I spent the week with.

We painted, shared, ate, walked, ate, drank a little, took pictures, created, got stimulated, found my muse, found the vortex, charged my soul, had an absolutely wonderful time, and even slept rather well.

Nature abounded, the phone rarely worked, the light was incredible, and it was more humid than I am used to.

Susan and John were so gracious, I stayed with them for a while and got home cooked meals, my own room, and some time to relax with out demands.

I got home late last night and Madi was still up, Oh my goodness how I missed that baby and her little arms wrapped around my neck felt so right, so perfectly perfect.  

Now at home the light is brighter, the birds sign a little louder and the washing machine sounds so good.

My bed snuggled me closely and rocked me gently to sleep, oh how I love my bed. 

I am so lucky and so grateful for this fulfilling life I have of being all that I am and the wonderful people who I am blessed enough to call family and friends.

How can it get any better than this?

This is how…

I got to an email from a fellow friend and etsy artist saying she had featured me in her blog.

Sandy Prenzi featured my Woodland creature in her awesome blog along with a couple of other talented Etsy original artists, Mojtaba Jalali’s ~ Parsiart and E. Meggie McCarty ~ Dollfun Studio. I am so very honored to be included with these two very talented artists.

Thank you Sandy, you are the best.

Make sure you visit Sandy’s site on etsy, she makes some incredible polymer clay things too.

Head on over to Sandy’s Etsy site and show her some Etsy love.


Sandy’s really lovely Ring Bearer pillow! 



A new unzipped heart- the king and I

OK it is Friday, I am still away.

I do though have another favor to ask.

Be kind to someone you normally wouldn’t give the time of day today.

You will know who it is.

Bring yourself to full attention and be there for that person.

Present with all of your senses in their presence.

Take a moment to be there all the way.

Forget what is going on for you just for a bit, second, moment, minute, or ten minutes.

Your gift to them.

You are an important part of this world.
Thank you.

Now this is the King Unzipped heart.

He is wise and kind.

He rules with grace.

He is loving and caring.

Unzipped Heart- The King and I


A new unzipped heart- It is good to bee queen

Happy Thursday!

Today, for me, be good to yourself!

Take time for you.

Do not talk negative to yourself.

Take a bubble bath.

Hug yourself.

A new unzipped heart, the one is to remind you that you are a queen, to take care of yourself, and to love yourself.

Bee the queen that you are!

Unzipped Heart It is good to be queen!


Wednesday Wonder- I have bone to pick with my little stick

Oh my.. this just keeps getting better and better. I sit down to write and think *Wednesday wonder* and an image pops in to my head.

This time it was Popsicle sticks. My daughter, when she was younger made me some candle glass holders completely out of Popsicle sticks. I love these things, they are colorful, beautiful and simple in design.  Hard to clean if you live in a dusty place (which I do), but the look is marvelous and complicated. She made them out of colored craft sticks which are Popsicle sticks really.



Then I ran a search, and there before my eyes popped up all of these links to sticks- tooth picks, Popsicle sticks, matchsticks, and tongue depressors, I have hit the little wooden stick mother lode.


The first one to come up was,


David Hrobowski makes furniture out of popsicle sticks — thousands of them, glued together one by one to construct spiraling 3-foot-tall table legs, lampshades finished in the most improbable fringe, or as pictured here, a room divider with Japanese flair, its red-dyed sticks arranged like cherry blossoms. The 56-year-old antiques dealer calls them “riffsticks” — each stick like a short melodic note repeated over and over. – from the L.A times,0,4008394.photogallery

The man makes gorgeous, with a capital “G”, lamps, and tables, chairs and screens and a couple of mirrors too.

these two pictures come from the L.A. Times article

and the link to see more is above

David’s website is here and from there I found some more talent in the form of little  wooden sticks.


Brad Griffith- craftstick bending video, great info and some skill that might be very useful for crafts. Build your skills.


Stephen Guman- Aspiring World Record Breaker-  too much time on his hands. Popsicle stick addictions gone wild.


Steven J. Backman-The essence of patience- full of patience and tooth picks, the things people in western culture will do to skip meditation ;-D


Chang’s Art- I really love the eggs and the airplanes.


Jack Hall the matchstick man-  Jack’s claim to fame is the beautiful instraments that he crafted out of used match sticks. Gorgeous music.


Robert C. Haifley- 6 foot tall sculpture of toothpicks


Wayne Kusy- Ships of Picks


Franceska Mc Cullough- the sculptor of toothpicks


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