The other blogger and pressie from the One world one heart event

OK. Last, but in no way least, is the bead I won from Pam Brisse from The Blue Between. or www.bluebetween.com

I adore this little guy. A sweet birdie glass bead. The hole runs vertically through the bead so this is going to make a wonderful focal bead.

he was wrapped sweetly in tissue, tied with a bow, and came with a Pam card, saying “Happy OWOH”.

Pam has a blog too you can go here or here http://bluebetween.blogspot.com/

Pam talks about her beads and jewelry, her gluten free life (I love this part), and her family.

A great blog, she is funny and the look of the blog is bright and breezy like the beach on a just right sunny afternoon.

I am really enjoying the recipes she is posting. Going to go back there again and again.

I think the gluten free Lemon Bars are calling my name, OUT LOUD!

She likes Udi’s pizza crusts, they are the best I have ever tasted so far for gluten free. It is not gluten laden thick and fluffy crust like Bruno’s in San Marcos, California, but it is good, especially when you are professed pizza-a-holic on a gluten free diet.

If you live down my way, you can eat gluten, and you are in San Marcos, go to Bruno’s and try the olive oil and garlic pizza, it makes me cry it is so good!

I can make a pretty close imitation at home on the Udi’s pizza crust.

Pam also has an Etsy store here or here http://www.etsy.com/shop/bluebetween.

Because of Pam’s work, her sunny attitude, and her gluten free diet, I will be visiting her again.  

And you should just go visit, too!!

Thank you Pam! I adore this little bird bead you have made with your own two hands and I will treasure it forever.


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