How are you all doing out there?

How are you all doing?

I myself have been travelling on the OWOH flight trying to visit all the blogs and meeting new people, artists and bloggers here.

Whether you have a blog or not it is a great list of blogs and people that are participating this year and you never know you may even want to try this out too, you still have till the 12th of February. This is the last year for this blog social for Lisa Swifka. This is also a big gift from Lisa with as much work that goes into this.

Thank you again Lisa for all the years you have done this. Thank you so much for this year.


I did make some little tiny scrapbooks that fit in the palm of your hand, with Jodi and my daughters, OMG, they are so cute and you can just whip them out. They are from Laura Denison’s page, Following the Paper Trail!

This one is mine. Spider web border oh yah!

This is my youngest made this one.


And this is Jodi’s, she always does a great job.

I have been also recuperating from going to CHA and taking it pretty easy last week I have some videos from there.

I have the Makin’s clay Interview Video loaded up on my YouTube channel now.

My YouTube channel.

Also I went to see Madi’s last soccer game over the weekend. It was so cute, I mean to tell you, so cute. These little guys are under two years old and playing soccer, well kind of. 

I took some videos, but I have to edit them. I hope to have that up soon.

I have been putting a lot of time in to taking pictures and loading up my new Etsy Store, the Hoarders Closet. I have added a link to the right side on this blog.

Handmademom made a steampunk brooch from one of my findings and let me use the picture on my listing, YAY!

Check this out http://www.etsy.com/listing/66667763/10-vintage-shield-silver-tone-brooches

Thank you Handmademom for being so talented, you make the findings look great!!

I appreciate all that have bought and looked, Thank you so much!

I am going to ask you all again to pray for another dear blogger friend of mine. She is going to have surgery on the 25th of February and I need your help to keep her lifted up in the light.

Thank you!!
I know that there is big, big magic and love here in blogland and this lady is very dear to me!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and hug one of your family, a tree, a friend, your pet, anything to make you feel connected here.

You are loved!


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