OWOH 2011- finished pieces

If you want to win these DO NOT respond here, go here http://mariesegal.blogspot.com/2011/01/owoh-2011-welcome-welcome.html

This post is to say hi to everyone and to show the now finished OWOH pieces.

I finished the Blue Bird of Happiness necklace. I love him!

This is the picture in the OWOH post

I am really happy with the beaded part, I used faux pearls and silver bead caps on each one, I wire wrapper each link in almost a rosary flare. On the right side I used 3 pink glass hearts and a little gold tone metal heart hanging from it. I thought if I used the gold in the crown and the little gold heart that it could be worn with either metal.

This is the finished necklace with additions and embellishments

I added an iridescent blue acrylic paint to the blue bird to give a sheen to his feathers and then I added a blush of gold acrylic to the crown to pop that out.

To top that off I have a green crystal on the crown.

Here is the whole necklace

I added a handmade 20 gauge non tarnish silver wire hook with a 16 tinned copper jump rings. All the the faux pearls are wrapped with 2o gauge non tarnish silver wire.

The non tarnish silver is copper wire with a silver plate, the tinned copper wire is copper with a tinned plating.

This will go to the first person picked. Unless of course the wish to have the heart here.

I am thinking about making more birds, they love Madi and are around her all of the time. I am seeing them everywhere. She loves that they can fly and sing too, she says “Burd, Burd, tweet tweet, gamma”

It is the cutest thing,

This is the OWOH commemorative heart necklace.

This is a world heart with OWOH letter circles of granite clay on it. I also has a red heart on it. It also has the year on it because this is the last year that Lisa Swifka at A Whimsical Bohemian is going to do this blog social and you can see from the other people that are involved in this project of hers that this has been a life affirming and pleasurable experience for all of us. Thank you Lisa, this is a wonderful thing you have done and I, for one, appreciate so much all of the work and hours you have put in to this event and I will miss the magic of it. But as I am starting to realize, somethings are never copied or remade in the same magnificence of the original.

This is a pendent with all the colors of the earth and sky in the ribbons that make

up the necklace hanger.

So those are my two pieces.

And if you follow or read my blog, but you do not have a blog, you are so welcome to play and enter also. Enter here.

Good luck everyone.

I am running around trying to read all of the posted blog for this event, which was when I checked last at 780, it is still not too late to join us, you can go here to find out about it too

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