Wednesday Wonder- Give me a hand, lend me an ear, read my lips, and in the blink of an eye

From Margaux’s website. http://www.margauxlange.com/

Get your coffee/tea and sit a spell. Wonderful website with a multitude of fun.

Margaux Lange is one of the most interesting artist I have seen in ages. I am drawn to her work and I love looking at it. She is a red-head, yay.

What is it about this art?

The work is impeccable for one thing, really well constructed. I love that she cuts Barbie a part!

My youngest daughter and I had many a row over her deconstructing Barbie and re-assembling her.

I wish I would have left her alone.

Even though I didn’t want her to cut her dolls apart, I adored what she did with them.

Maybe this is why Margaux’s work appeals so much!

Breast plates?? Pic from Margaux’s website http://www.margauxlange.com/


As a girl growing up in the 50’s, Barbie played a big roll in most girls lives.

In mine she was not so big, I was outside most of the time or watching cartoons, my friends, though, were bitten by her bug, big time.

She was the fashion diva of little girls. Everyone wanted to look like Barbie.

I see women here on the west coast still trying to look like her.

It is almost laughable, but there are woman running around with perfectly perkies and perfectly long skinny legs with permanently arched feet. ;-D

Can you hear me now?? Pic from Margaux’s website http://www.margauxlange.com/

Margaux also has an Esty store here http://www.etsy.com/shop/margauxlange 

Margaux’s website http://www.margauxlange.com/

See Margaux amongst the parts http://www.margauxlange.com/profile-contact/profile/about/

Margaux’s blog http://midgesmind.blogspot.com/

Places and Galleries where you can buy Margaux http://www.margauxlange.com/shop/

Read my lips? Pic from Margaux’s web site http://www.margauxlange.com/

Give Margaux a hand, she is recycling and she is making art with a non- traditional mediums.

This pic is from Maurgaux’s Etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/margauxlange

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