Christmas tree ornament

These are fast and easy and might be just the ticket for a quick gift.

Cernit in pearl green and Verdi gris

Aztec gold Pearl-ex

Blade or craft knife

Christmas tree stamp- mine is old and from Stampin’ up

3 hot set red rhinestones

18 or 16 gauge red colored copper wire

Clay machine

Bamboo skewer or knitting needle

Side cutters

chain nose pliers

round nose pliers

Nylon jaw pliers

Condition and roll out 1 1″ ball of each Verdi gris and pearl green.

Roll into short coils about 1 3/4″ long.

Twist together.

Pancake the clay.

Stamp the clay sheet with your christmas tree stamp of choice. Press in well, but not too much to cut through the clay.

Cut around the tree with your blade or craft knife leave at least an 1/8″ all the way around the tree.

Poke a hole in the star at the top with your bamboo skewer.

Widen the hole,by picking the tree up gently and drilling in to the hole.

Poke at the bottom too and widen the hole too.

Open the jar of pearl-ex and put a small bit in the lid. Rub your finger in the lid, get the clumps off and rub on to the tree. Do not press hard but rub in circles. Completely cover the tree.

Add red rhinestones.

Bake in your oven at 275 degree F. for 25 minutes and shut off the oven and let cool in the oven.

This a great project for kids.

Come back for the wire parts!!

To be continued.

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