Wednesday Wonder- Jumpin’ Joe

Now this is something that makes me smile. Smiling is good.

I got this picture from a cute little blog “Much Ado About Nothing”

When I first stared in polymer clay, I was told that is was child’s toy and that it would never be big in America or anywhere, that I was dreaming and didn’t know what I was talking about.

It was an uphill battle all of the time.

Things sure have changed, haven’t they?

Once you, the artist, make it a viable medium by using it, teaching it, and selling it, then comes the “marketing team” (who get paid the big bucks) to take over and show everyone how to use it, how it is sold and tell you what you need, when the artists have built up the need and customer base in the first place.

And this one from Briannarama

My answer then and my answer today is “It is not the medium, but what the artist does with that medium or (not an art medium) medium that makes it art and it also makes it a medium.”

Every thing has the potential to be an art medium.

Just type in “Coffee Art” in You tube.

Remember “poopy pets”? They were garden fertilizer pets that had beans for eyes and were completely biodegradable and would feed your plants at the same time, they were even cute.

Here at Coffee Geek they will show you how to froth

Check out Web Designer Depot’s collection

Then there was this artist…read this blog post at artopia for a glimpse, LOL!!

I love this one more than you will ever know for so many reasons. Talk about making a statement!!

If you are easily offended, please do not follow this link.

So, it is with great pleasure and a sideways smile on my face that I present “Coffee Art”.

Baristas all over the world are playing with your coffee and making faces and images in your foam.

Right on!

And you must really go visit Andrew Saur and Angel Sarkela-Saur at just coffee art and see their amazing work using only coffee.

It is our job as artists to live outside our boxes, to make you think, and to push the meaning on standards throughout society, one of them being what we can use to create with.

Go on, get out there, and create something, anything.

In the spring, mow crop circles in your lawn, faces, or obscenities to your neighbor.

Make that lawn mower your brush and that lawn your canvas.

Just sayin’ ☺


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