The 17th giveaway-Victorian Angels and My birthday

Next week is my birthday and I wanted to spice things up for myself, so I am having an angel giveaway.

It is also the gratitude month and I am grateful that you read my blog, come here and comment, and sign up to follow, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


I was making some of these angels for an order and I made 3 before I realized I had forgotten the bee.

If you don’t mind that the bee is missing, then these are for you!

angel 1a

The angels wanted to fly away I guess.

angel 1b

It is also coming up to Christmas and maybe this might be the right thing for someone you know.

Maybe it will help you out with some of your shopping and save you a little money!

angel 2

If I get enough people I will give away all 3.

First 50 comments- one angel

100 comments- two angels

and if by chance I get 150 comments I will give away all 3 angels.

angel 2a

I am also going to use the rules I used last time because I enjoyed them so much, it is after all my birthday.

angel 2b


1. Leave a word or “words of wisdom” for one entry. That is a comment on my blog.

To get more entries, leave a comment for each one of these next rules.  2. Go to my Shop “Art from my Heart” in Etsy and leave a comment on this post only, with the piece you like best there. 

3. Be a follower, already or become one, and leave a comment on this post only saying so.

4. Post about my giveaway in your blog and leave a comment on this post only, with the link.

5. Place the angel in your side bar on your blog with a link and leave a comment on this post only.

6. Tell me about an angel in your life and leave a comment on this post only.

7. Tell me why you have to win this contest. It won’t help you win, it will be the luck of the draw (or random number generator) but I am curious to know why!

angel 3


 Remember you have to leave a comment for each rule if you want the extra entries. If you leave all of the answers on one comment you will only get one entry! 

angel 3a

 This contest will close on December 4th at 6 pm pst. 

angel 3b

 I will be out and about all weekend, so if your comments don’t post right away, don’t freak. I will post them as soon as I get back. I have comment moderation on!!Have a wonderful weekend my pretties and, say, do, or be something nice to someone!The world needs and wants your light!


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