Oh, wooden it be lovely? a diy story part 2


The one on the left is Ivory and the one on the right is wood.

Ivory is done the same way, the colors are just different.

Continued from part 1

All links will lead to my Hubby’s on line store Clay Factory.

I endorse this blatant plug. ;-D

You will need:

2 blocks of Opaque White Cernit

1 block of White Porcelain Cernit

1 block of Caramel Cernit

1 block of Champagne Cernit

Clay Machine

Acrylic roller

Clay Slicing Blade

12. This is the picture and step12 from the last post, part 1.

Here is the stack from the side so you can see the thickness.

Roll the length of the whole stacked sheets through clay machine on the thickest setting.

You will have a big long strip.

13. Hold both of the ends of the sheet up so that you can find the middle of the sheet and cut in half.

14. Turn one of the halves 180 degrees and stack on top of the other sheet so both cut edges are on the same side of the stack. The caramel side of the top sheet will go on to the Opaque white side of the other.

Press them together or roll with your roller. Not a lot just to tack them together.

15. Roll these two stacked sheets together lengthwise through the machine on the thickest setting.

Cut the sheet in half and then rotate one of the sheets horizontally 180 degrees so the cut edges are on the same side.

16. Now stack these sheets and roll with the acrylic roller to tack them together.

Roll the length of the sheets through the clay machine again.

17. Cut this sheet in half as before and stack the same way by rotating one of the sheets and stacking with the cut edges on the same side.

18. Here is the stacked sheet. Do not roll through the machine this time. You are not going to roll it through again until you get to the end.

Cut in half again. Stack one on top of the other.

I have a lot of cracks because I am stopping and photographing in between each shot and step. But… cracks are good, and this is some of the best faux wood I have ever made.

I was getting upset and I thought I’d have to re-shoot this all over again, but I decided to show you what really happens and when I was done it was gorgeous.

When I am doing this technique I am going through the steps one after the other and I have a lot less cracking.

The Cernit is really wonderful for these layered techniques because of the depth the porcelain effect adds to the technique.


19. OK, I have stacked one half on top of the other again. See this little tab.

Cut it off.

20. Place it on top of the stack anywhere you want. It will add yet more variation.

21. Here is what all those little layers look like on the side.

Stay tuned to part 3…


2 Responses to “Oh, wooden it be lovely? a diy story part 2”

  1. November 9, 2010 at 8:31 am

    These are wonderful! I love it when you give us the “recipes” too. Now I have…wood,…ivory… What else you got?!
    Thanks! Tina

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