Oh, wooden it be lovely? a diy story part 1


Changed pictures, this one is so much better. A little more light today than yesterday.

Here is a close up, you can click on the pic to make it bigger

There is that heart box again. Did I tell you I love those inexpensive mache boxes

I am using a technique of layering colors together to make faux wood.

I also make bone and Ivory this way. More on that later.

I use 4 colors of Cernit to do this. Opaque white, White, Caramel, and Champagne.

All links will lead to my Hubby’s on line store Clay Factory.

I endorse this blatant plug. ;-D

You will need:

2 blocks of Opaque White Cernit

1 block of White Porcelain Cernit

1 block of Caramel Cernit

1 block of Champagne Cernit

Clay Machine

Acrylic roller

Clay Slicing Blade

1. Condition the Opaque White and then condition the Caramel.

2. Mix 4 parts of White with 1 part of Caramel until one color and roll out on the thickest setting in your Clay Machine. Or 1 block Opaque white mixed with 1/4 block Caramel.

The sheets that I made for this technique were about 4 1/2″ by 3 1/8″. You can make them smaller if you wish. A little over 1/2 a block will make a sheet this size.

3.Condition all of the other colors, including more Opaque White.

4. Start with a caramel sheet.

5. Now make a sheet of the mixed caramel and opaque white.

Cut it to fit the caramel sheet. You do not need everything to be perfect, in fact the more irregular everything is the better the wood looks so I do not trim away ragged edges, they are an asset.

6. The next color to go in the stack is the champagne.

Trim away excess.

7. The next sheet to go in the stack is the white porcelain.

Trim away the excess. See how perfect and even my sheets are. NOT!

But you, you must be perfect, hahahaha!!

8. The final sheet will be the Opaque white.

Trim away the excess.

9. This is what the stack will look like from the side.

10. Roll the whole stack out with the acrylic rolling pin till it is about 1/4″ thick. Always roll the length of the stack, so not roll the width out.

11. Here is the sheet on the other side it is getting thinner and longer. The width has expanded a little from rolling but not much. The length though is a lot longer.

12. Here is the stack from the side so you can see the thickness.

Stay tuned to part 2…


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