Playing with my food again-episode 5, part 3

This is a 3 part saga and you can see the other installments



and here


After we had the fence and the tree placed, we added the house. It looked good so we added some tombstones.

I marbled black and white fondant together and cut out the shape with my blade. I used the green tool(the one with a pointed end) and drew around the outside. I used the knife ended one to make cracks in one of the stones.  I “wrote” RIP on the front of one.

The leaves you see are pushed in to one of the leaves on the floral push mold. I did several different kinds of leaves to change it up a little. The leaf you see is really one of the flowers though. ;-D

We covered a cupcake with fondant and placed it on the end of the skewer and on top of the trunk. If it is a long skewer you have to cut it with cutters so I will not stick out the top of the cupcake.

We placed some of the frosting on the back of the leaves and “glued” them to the cupcake covered in fondant.

I also took 1″ balls of orange fondant that I had colored myself with gel food coloring which you can also get at Pila’s, made lines all the way around them with the knife-like green tool and with the pointed-end tool I poked a hole in the top where the lines met.

I took a very small ball (3/16″) of chocolate fondant and rolled it into a small teardrop and placed it in the hole in the top of the pumpkin for a stem.

I then roll 2- 3/16″ balls of green fondant in to tear drops and flattened them for each pumpkin and made leaves. I then placed those on top of each pumpkin with a tiny, tiny bit of water (remember from previous episodes, that water breaks down fondant), to “glue” them in place.

Here you can see how we are painting the inside of the windows with chocolate frosting so that pink marshmallows do not show. Pink marshmallows do not really go well with this cake. ;-D

I decided to put in a little ghost in the doorway.  I took a 1 1/2″ ball of white and rolled it in to a teardrop with a rounded point and the on the thicker end, flatten it out, then add two small 1/2″ balls of white fondant for the arms. Roll them in to tear drops and place the thick ends against the ghosty’s body. I made a mark for the mouth withe pointed end tool and painted chocolate frosting eyes.

This is the cake after everything was added.

We brushed the leaves of the trees with the green metallic powder.

Pretty spooky, eh?

Here is a close up of the leaves.

I wonder if Duff is hiring?

This concludes the 5th episode.


1 Response to “Playing with my food again-episode 5, part 3”

  1. October 29, 2010 at 7:22 am

    This whole project is so cool. I have never done anything like this. You made it look so easy. I may try someday. When is the eatting part! Gee, I don’t think I would be able to eat it after all that work.
    Hugs, Tina

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