From Plain to Fabulous- a step by step story, part 2

This is continued from Part 1 here http://mariesegal.blogspot.com/2010/10/from-plain-to-fabulous-step-by-step.html

We are making this box

Stamp in to the surface of the clay with a rubber stamp. I place my hand on the underside of the lid and then press the stamp against my hand to make a deep impression. If you have put too much glue on at this point you will know. The clay will start sliding around. Let it sit for a bit and the continue. Press the stamp straight down.

Stamp the whole surface of the clay.

Place the believe banner on the surface and arc it up a little.

Roll out some more black clay on the thickest setting and cut out 3 of the oak like leaves in the cutter set. With the back of your clay slicing blade make the center vein in the leaves and then mark the outside veins. I have placed one leaf right under each side of the banner and then I placed one in the bottom point of the heart which will show in the next picture.

Take 2- 1/8″ balls of clay and place one on each side of the banner. Using the handle of a paint brush or the end of a small crochet hook make a indent right in the middle of the balls.

Place a smaller ball in each indented ball.

Make a mark in the center of the smaller ball to make it look like a screw.

Cut out 5 of the petal shape you see here. The one that sort of looks like heart.

Bend the petal over your finger like this. This will put a little curve in the petal.

Make lines with a dull knife or the back of the blade on each petal in a fan shape to the point of the petal. 

I used a 1/2 ball of clay for the center and it shows that I used the screen piece to make texture in the center after I placed it in the flower, but it is much easier to press the 1/2″ ball in to the screen and then place it in the center of the flower.

Paint the powders on with a soft, soft brush or your finger on the lid and bake in a 275 degree pre-heated over for 30 minutes and shut off and let cool in oven.

Once cool paint the lid and the box inside and out with several coats of True Gold Lumiere, letting each coat dry before applying the next one.

Tah- dah!!


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